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Monday, June 26, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep13 Screenshot Spoilers

[Posted @ 8:05 PM]
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't say I didn't warn YOU!


Figured I put this space, but sometimes I think, what's the use, you're still scrolling down anyways lol.

Thanks to Ran, I practically ran to my lappy when I came home and went to the Japanese Strawberry Panic! Offical Blog site. The 3 screenshots below are taken from Mori's Ichigo Gari =O.

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Spoiler 1. Spoiler 2. Spoiler 3.

My own assumption from the screenshots;
Amane and Hikari goes out on a date while jealous and angsty Yaya stays home and wait. The relationship between Amane and Hikari grew deeper. Hikari goes back, overjoyed and began blabbling about her date with Amane. Jealous Yaya couldn't stand it no more and kissed Hikari. - END - Ok, let's see how accurate my assumption is lol.

After Yaya kissed Hikari in Ep13, it brings us to the little estranged situation between Hikari and Yaya in Ep14, 'More Than Best Friends', OHHH CAN'T WAIT!!! XD. Will Yaya finally pour all her feelings out in Ep14? How will Hikari reply?

If you can read Japanese, here's a brief summary of Ep14 taken from here.

'ある事件がきっかけで、光莉と夜々(やや)が疎遠になってしまった。渚砂は2人を仲直りさせたいと思うが、どうしていいのかわからない。そんなとき渚砂は、ふと自分と玉青の関係を振り返り「光莉と夜々をつなぐ大事なものがあれば、仲直りできるのでは?」と考えるのだが... ...。'

I tried to translate it on an online tranlator, it gave me ... ;

'A certain incident with opportunity, light with at nights (a little) became estranged. The beach sand we would like to be reconciled 2, but you do not know whether why it is good. If such a time the beach sand suddenly by your look back at the relationship of ball blue and "light with are important ones which at nights are connected, with can be reconciled? "With you think, but .......'


Anyways, while surfing around for Strawberry Panic! stuff, I chanced upon a Strawberry Panic! Character quiz, curious, I took it ... guess who I turn out to be?! LoL.

Which Strawberry Panic! Character Are You Most Like?

You are Otori Amane! You race horses for St. Spica, as part of the Equestrian club. You are the Prince of the schools. Basically, you would make a better boy than girl, but who am I to judge? You are really suave with the ladies but you seem to have developed an attachment to Hikari-chan. She gave you a scarf, the only present you have accepted from one of your fans! You attend St. Spica.
Take this quiz!

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  1. OMG!!!!
    this is totally the episode to watch for a St Spica fans!!!
    Finally Yaya make a move but a rather too fast... sealing Hikari lips forcefully... !!! this isn't good at all !!!
    Finally Yaya make her move but
    this might make thier relationship drop to the worse point between yaya and hikari even if i don't wanna admit it. Sigh...

    Akayuki Amane-sama!!! Yaya just steal a kiss from ur girl!!! XD

    I will report more after watching the raw i guess...

    But i'm sure after this incident yaya and hikari won't be living in the same room anymore.

  2. Wow i cant beleive yayachan made her move!! Yeah i hope they dont lose there freindship!

    I wonder if amane will find out or maybe hikari will say somthing.

    AH! i have a feeling that this isnt going to go well with yaya and hikari.

  3. Spoilers!!!! *WARNING*

    I will be touching on the kissing scenes only... the dating scene of Amane with Hikari is simple and not very interesting. The only interesting thing happen in the date is finally Hikari and Amane is holding each others hands after Hikari state that she doesn't mind all the troubles kaname and momomi brought to her and she is happy as long as she is with Amane. This is the first time u get to see the blushing Amane. ^^

    Kissing scenes:
    Before Hikari comes back Yaya was practicing on how to give the button back to Hikari when she comes back in front of the window.
    Right after Hikari step into the room she thanked yaya for saving her from Kaname with a hug first and presented Yaya a small seashell that she picked up when she was on a date. I'm not really sure of what driven Yaya to suddenly kiss her since it’s not stated clearly. When Yaya is presented with the seashell by Hikari, she was so touched and happy and she suddenly holds on to Hikari, Innocent n cute Hikari is wondering and questioning about Yaya's action. Yaya just stood still looking at Hikari while holding her with both of hands and then... there goes the kiss. Hikari is shocked and widens her eyes with tears around it and she dropped the seashell that she pick up as a gift for Yaya to the ground... END

    What driven Yaya to kiss Hikari is still kind of blur and Yaya might state it in the next episode when she spoke to Tamao-chan...

    The possibilities:
    - Hikari is just too innocent and cute to resist? <--- hahaha... this is what I think because Hikari is really innocent at times
    - Because of the things Kaname said to her after she rescued Hikari?
    - Because of Yaya's silly wonderings of letting Hikari go out with Amane is a good thing when she is left alone in the room?

    The below 2 possibilities that I state happens in this episode...

    Oh! There is a little scenes of Nagisa playing the piano alone in the dark while tamao leaning on the door. (She is just playing around with the piano keys...)

    Next Episode is mainly on Hikari and Yaya, another St Spica episode. Nagisa and Tamao will be helping out to tie thier friendships back or maybe making both hikari and yaya into a couple? (i know its not possible but i wish Yaya could be together with Hikari)

    The Next Episode title is " More than best friends " i suppose...
    Tell me if i'm wrong ok ^^;

    sry i couldn't capture the scenes of hikari in tears she Yaya kiss her but i'm sure akayuki will get those scenes for you. ^^

    2 kissing scenes in a row will there be another kissing scene next week ? ^^

  4. Yep, it's 'More Than Best Friends', next ep would be more about Hikari and Yaya ... probably won't be any kissing scenes ... but who knows ... this is crazy. Haha.