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Friday, June 9, 2006

Releases By Chuang Yi [English] For 1st & 2nd Week Of June 2006

[Posted @ 10:27 PM]
From what I read from the Chuang Yi forum, that their webmaster has left the company, so a temp guy [poor guy] has been assigned this stressful task. The updates these weeks were either slow, wrong or just plain gone. I don't blame that guy, and I'm not complaining, I just wanna inform those who buy the english mangas from Chuang Yi [English] to know what were released. Btw, I think they fixed it up already ... =). Anyways, I'll just tell all of ya.

MAR #6. Midori Days #4. Fushigi Yuugi #16. X #17. Ouran High Host Club #7.

From Left to Right, MAR #6, Midori Days #4, Fushigi Yuugi #16, X #17, Ouran High Host Club #7.

The book covers were taken from the Chuang Yi English Website.

Next tuesday releases are, Fushigi Yuugi #17, My Fair Lady #7, Zig Zag #3 and Magister Negi Magi #13. WOOT! But they're not confirmed yet la ... haha.

Ok, let me describe my trip this afternoon. I went to North Point, Comics Connection in a happy mood to purchase my mangas. Usually I would had check the CY website for releases before I go because sometimes I forget what titles I'm supposed to buy and I worry that I might buy the same volumes for the titles I already had lol. But these few weeks, I've no idea what titles were on stock, so I just 'stupidly' went to CC and I had to ponder over what to buy for 15 mins ... usually I finish my purchase in less than 5mins!

When I strolled over to the 'Latest Releases' shelf, I was like, 'Hm', Ok i remembered that Ouran #7 was out ... then I saw Ouran #6 on shelf, I was like 'Huh', I got that already ... did I remember wrongly? ... I see the 'Collection' shelf then I saw #7 sandwiched in between #3 and #6 lol, so I quickly took it out. Then I glanced over to the 'Latest Releases' shelf again, I took out Midori Days #4 and MAR #6. Ok, here comes the 'Waste My 10 Mins Pondering and Pondering' part lol, I saw Fushigi Yuugi #16 then I wondered to myself ... 'When was the last volume I bought hm?' I looked at the cover ... uh I think I see it before ... eh, like no le ... like yes ... like no ... for around 5 mins lol. I hate it when the covers designs seemed the same to me -.-||| So smart me, turn the book over and read the summary LOL. Yep, never bought it ... ok 4 books down.

Still looking around, I noticed X #17 in a corner ... I was like 'OH GOD, X #17?! How could I missed it?! Then i went back to 'Uh I think I see it before ... eh, like no le ... like yes ... like no ...' for another 5 mins until I read the summary again ... but I still wasn't sure ... LoL. It's been a while since #16 was out. But at least I'm glad I didn't make any repeated purchases this afternoon.

Overall my trip lasted 45mins =O, usually it will only last for less than 30mins ... haha.

Ok, some random thoughts, I'm pretty tired cos having my 3 male teenage cousins staying over for 3 days and nights were hellish ... I was ok with them until they ate MYYYYYYY POCKY I WAS KEEPING FOR FREAKING 3 WEEKS!!! I was dieting so that I would look a little better on Graduation Ceremony [Although it was still useless lol] ... HOLY CRAP AND THEY JUST ATE IT LIKE THAT?! HOW COULD THEY?! THEY EVEN LEFT THE FREAKING EMPTY BOX IN THE FRIDGE!! I literally 'Fan Lian' [Turn Face LoL], banned them from accessing my wireless network and went to bed. [They were sucking my connection for the past 3 days ... with their WarCraft and StarCraft gaming.] MUAHAHA. That's for eating my precious little box of Chocolate Pocky ...

Moral of the story : NEVER NEVER eat snacks that belonged to a poor, hungry, dieting girl. ROAR!

[Signing off @ 11:32 PM]

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