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Saturday, June 3, 2006

Thailand - Chiang Mai Trip, Day 3

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Day 3 stuff.

Hot Spring ...Cashew NutsCashew Fruits/Apple.

Got up at 5.30 AM [Chiang Mai Time] because we're going to Chiang Rai on Day 3, took us around 4 hours to reach there. Along the way, we stopped by the so call hot spring at Maekajan ... lol, they sell eggs boiled in the murky dirty hot spring for tourists too ... but I'm already freaking sick of eating eggs for breakfast. After that we went to this Cashew Nuts plantation =O, it's the first time i saw a real life cashew nut tree. The cashew fruit is shaped like a pear then the cashew nut is below the fruit. VERY NICE. XD.

Going To The BoatGolden Triangle.On Board.

Then we went down to Mae Khong River in the heart of Chiang Rai to visit the famous Golden Triangle where the borders of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos meet.

Buddha On Dragon Boat.Whee.Nice.

Then we sat a long tail boat and sailed in the Mae Khong River.

Almost There.We're At Laos!Eww ... Snake Wine.

We even stopped by Laos and posted some postcards to ourselves LOL. But, it'll take a month for them to reach us -.-|||.

EDIT: We finally got them on 22nd June 2006 lol. Here's a photo of them XD.


Here's A Map Of The Four Countries sharing the same river. From China, Laos, Vietnam to Thailand.


Away we go~

Yummy?Boom Boom Boom.=O. M-18.

After that, we went to a market, walking around for 45 mins ... boringgg. A while later, we went to the Akha and Yao hilltribe villages, see them do their little dance, paid them some money ... then went off to see the Palong long-neck hilltribe =O.

Along the way into each tribe, we saw a so call union between a male wooden puppet [Cos of the long ahem] and a female wooden puppet. See above. LoL. The kids were like 'Ewwwwwwwwwww.' LOL. Chuz told me, whoa, so precise ah. I replied huh, really THAT BIG and LONG meh?! It's really freaking big ... poor girls. Then he went on babbling about erection and stuff ... i don't wanna remember lol. But he got a little egoistic, so I shut him up by saying how painful it will be for the girls if such a big freaking thing was stuffed in. Wanna try? LoL.

GREAT SHOT! 4 Way Swing!

Oh did i mentioned that we played the 4-way swing there?! LOL SO FREAKING COOL! Two kids managed to get up, but it's really too dangerous for more than 2 to sit on the swing la ... what if they fell? LoL. Very thrilling. Btw, the clouds looked so heavenly ... so beautiful.

Lalala.Palong Long Necked.=O!

Oh yes, we walked a god damn freaking long route [At least hm 500m? Up slope, down slope kaoz, freaking tiring lol. I saw the sign 100-200m to Palong Tribe, i was like WTF?!] to the Palong long-neck hilltribe. Whoa, I have never saw a real life long neck till that day ... so it's pretty cool. Took some pictures with them too ... I wonder if it hurts ... ouch my neck haha.

After that it's back to hotel, i had planned to watch MI:3 that night, but when we got home, it's already 11 PM =O, way too late. So, too bad sigh.

Next post~

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