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Thursday, June 8, 2006

[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 9

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It's been more than month ... the time has finally arrived ... here's StoPani! Chapter 9! [Insert Evil Laugh].


I do not scan, so i don't claim credit for it, i got the scans from Yamibo, so please do not ask me where i got my scans again. PLEASE.

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Strawberry Panic! 1. Strawberry Panic! 2.

In Chapter 9 of Strawberry Panic!, 'Etoile's Truth', it's the night before the Etoile Battle and it's also the time for the St Lulim side to shine. As Chikaru goes all out on transforming her little sisters, Kizuna, Lemon and Kagome in lacy maid uniforms XD. Kizuna even said that her uniform looks 'hen' [Hen = Strange/Weird in Japanese] right? Lemon protested that it doesn't look strange. Chikaru said that the club members of the Transformation Club need to be in the spotlight on their 'Late Night Meeting'. Fangirls around began to squeal at the Transformation Club member's cute dressing. [I really like Chikaru's black dress, so gothic!]

Strawberry Panic! 3. Strawberry Panic! 4.

Chikaru went into 'fufufu' mode and she introduced the daring and revealing design of hers Kizuna was wearing lol. Kizuna asked Chikaru if it's alright of them to do this kind of thing? Besides the students from the other schools were high from partying before the Etoile Battle night. Chikaru replied, that she's looking forward to this year Etoile Battle because St Spica's Prince, Amane's participating. Kizuna went 'Ah, Chikaru Onee-sama mentioned Amane again, I knew it, you like Amane right?' [LoL.] 'Why don't Chikaru Onee-sama and Amane join the Etoile Battle togther?', Kizuna suggested. Chikaru just smiled and looked on, in her mind she's thinking that it's not a Prince that she's pinning for but a princess ... no, or should she say the cute little sisters in front of her =). Chikaru continued that she has so many cute girls here and they ain't really that bad compared to St Miator or St Spica so it's time for them to step out.

Even though there's a small margin, it makes it even more sweet to win the battle because the smaller the chances of winning, the more interesting it gets ... fufufufu~~~ [LoL! Chikaru really likes challenging stuff =)] Looking on at St Miator and St Spica battling out with each other ... the dark horse St Lulim shall rise and winning the Etoile Title won't be a problem then ne? [Chikaru's thinking like a real strategist lol, reminds me the time when I watched this insects documentary on TV, two male beetles battled each other for the privilege to mate with the female, whereas this small male beetle creep up from behind and mated with the female. LoL, I was like laughing at the two stupid male beetles wondering where the hell the female had gone to after she had been mated.]

Strawberry Panic! 5. Strawberry Panic! 6.

Kizuna and Lemon found Kagome asleep under the tree and tried to wake her up. Chikaru commented that Kagome has a cute sleeping expression =) besides it's time for Kagome's bed time. Chikaru added that if Kagome doesn't wake up, she'll get kidnapped by the big bear~ Kagome smiled in her sleep lol. [I think Kagome loves bears, with the teddy bear she's holding every where she goes ... kawaii~] That morning of the Etoile Battle, Nagisa and Tamao were in the big open bath. [The same bath Rokujou and Shizuma were in in Chapter 5] Nagisa's getting jittery over the Etoile Battle, she had momentarily forgotten about it when she was with Shizuma last night but the fears came back this morning and her limbs were shaking.

Strawberry Panic! 7. Strawberry Panic! 8.

Tamao walked over and comforted Nagisa, saying she'll support Nagisa no matter what even though she doesn’t want Nagisa to be paired up with Shizuma. [=O Tamao spoke!] Tamao added that she’s a St Miator student afterall, so she’ll definitely support the St Miator couple. Nagisa smiled awkwardly and said she'll try her best. Tamao, staring at Nagisa's back so conveniently in front of her, began to chuckle and kissed Nagisa's back. [GASP!] Tamao proceed on to asking Nagisa if she want a 'Calming Spell'? Fufufufu [LOL!] Nagisa thought, 'Spell?, I have a bad feeling about this ...', excused herself and ran off lol. [Poor Tamao~] However, Nagisa's grateful to Tamao because she felt more relax now. Reaching for her clothes, Nagisa found a letter among her clothes. The letter said that there's something Nagisa should know about, so please wait for the writer of the letter at the library before the Etoile Battle. Do you know the past of Shizuma? the letter ended.

Strawberry Panic! 9. Strawberry Panic! 10.

It's almost time for the participants of the Etoile Battle to gather, Shizuma and Chiyo were wondering why Nagisa has not arrived yet. Chiyo's worried that Nagisa might get lost on her way, Shizuma added, yeah, I should had went to pick her up ... is partnering with Nagisa for the Etoile Battle my mistake?, she mused lol. Chiyo told Shizuma that even so, Shizuma-sama's still firm in her decision was surprising and the photo when Shizuma won the Etoile title last year from the book in the library was beautiful. Chiyo also mentioned that last year Shizuma had said that she would participate the Etoile Battle only this one time so why now? ... Chiyo got flustered that she might mentioned the wrong words and apologized that Shizuma must had been really want to join the Battle with Nagisa. Shizuma brushed it off. From afar, Shizuma's classmate, Tougi Hitomi looked on. [I'm reckoning that it's Hitomi that wrote the letter to Nagisa. From the way Hitomi's acting in Chapter 7, mentioning about Sakuragi Kaori, surely she would want Nagisa to know Shizuma's past.]

Strawberry Panic! 11. Strawberry Panic! 12.

Meanwhile, Nagisa arrived at the library and the whole place was quiet. 'They were all at the Etoile Battle gathering.', someone replied. That girl's Kanou Mizuho, she's currently on duty in the library. Nagisa asked Mizuho if someone's looking for her and stated her name. Mizuho seemed surprised that she's the Aoi Nagisa. Nagisa noticed a slip of paper with her name on it slotted in a book. She flipped open the book. Mizuho thought to herself, so, this is Shizuma's ... Mizuho asked Nagisa why isn't she at the Etoile Battle gathering? Nagisa replied that she had something she just had to look at.

Strawberry Panic! 13. Strawberry Panic! 14.

Nagisa flipped to the page where the piece of paper was slotted in and saw the photo of Shizuma and Mizuho winning the Etoile title last year. The writings on the book said, 'The winners of the Etoile Battle are Etoile Ene* St Miator's Grade 5, Snow Class, Hanazono Shizuma and Kadeshito** St Miator's Grade 5, Snow Class, Kanou Mizuho.' Mizuho saw Nagisa looking at that page and explained that Shizuma couldn't find a suitable partner and just then she was conveniently there so she was partnered with Shizuma. Mizuho added that she's not suitable for Shizuma and asked Nagisa not to mind it. Nagisa continued reading the article, 'The story of Hanazono Shizuma brought tears to the whole of St Miator.' 'This Etoile title of Kadeshito** should be truely given to my beloved irreplaceable deceased sister, Sakuragi Kaori ... Kaori, I give you all my love ...' Nagisa was stunned at what she had read as she flashed back to what the letter said, 'Do you know the past of Shizuma?' - END -

* 'Ene', in Katakana, I don't understand what it means ... -.-||| it's in French isn't it? Anyone who understands French, please tell me what is it then I'll update.

** 'Kadeshito', in Katakana, similarly, I don't understand as well lol, I tried searching for the meaning, but failed, it's in Japanese after all.

Update on 28th July 2006 : Thanks to Rin, click here. He/she explained that the titles for the Etoile pair in the manga, the Older is 'Aînée' and the Younger is 'Cadette'. 'Aînée' is French for 'Older' when referring to someone's sister. 'Cadette' is, likewise, French for 'Younger' when referring to someone's sister. Ahh, now it makes sense haha.

Update: Ok, I started searching the meaning of 'Ene' from a English to French online translator, it gives me no meaning lol. With the help of anonymous, I tried searching for 'Older Star', 'Une etoile plus ancienne' came out. Since Shizuma is 'Older', I tried with 'Younger Star' = 'Une plus jeune étoile'. Then I figured, maybe the 'Une' and 'Ene' are the same so I keyed in 'Une' then 'Une' = One. So I tried 'Two' = 'Deux' and 'Three' = 'Trois'. Not wanting to give up, I keyed in 'First' = 'Premiere' and 'Second' = 'Deuxieme' ... From what I can safely assume, 'Ene' or more correctly 'Une' might mean 'Older/One'.

I'm still curious what could 'Kadeshito' in Katakana stands for ... the Younger? the Second? I dunno ... haha.

Other crazy keywords I tried, 'Husband' = 'Mari', 'Wife' = 'Epouse', 'King' = 'Roi', 'Queen' = 'Reine', 'Emperor,' = 'Empereur', 'Empress' = 'Impératrice', 'Moon' = 'Lune', 'Sun' = 'Le soleil', 'Partner' = 'Associe', 'Spouse' = 'Conjoint'.
Thinking back ... it was funny haha.

It's the same with Etoile, in Japanese it's 'Etowaru' but it's 'EtoILE' in French ... oh btw, 'Etoile' means 'Star' in French =). Hope you enjoyed Chapter 9, I did, because will Nagisa return to the Etoile Battle with Shizuma after she learnt the past of Shizuma? Nagisa must be thinking, 'I'm just one of Shizuma's replacement dolls right? The one she loves is not me ...' The plot thickens, will St Lulim take the Etoile title as St Miator and St Spica bickering with each other and underestimating the underdog? Go Chikaru-sama! =X.

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  1. Hm, i just typed out the exact katakana in the page ... so it's doubtful that there's an exact 'Ene' in french, maybe anything that sounds like 'Ene'? ... Anyways, it's not that important, i'm just curious to know what it means haha. Thanks for your help =).

  2. It's Ainee. Ainee and Cadette.