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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep10

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Strawberry Panic! Ep10~ Let’s study French together?

Shizuma's Secret To Stardom : Always Start With A Angsty Face.... French Baka Baka Baka~It's None Of Your Business Who I'm Going Screw, Miyuki.

A Shizuma soliloquy again, she remembered the time when she first saw Nagisa and thought of her as another ‘cute girl’. One of the many ‘cute girls’ in her passing, really Shizuma had seriously thought so at first. During lunchtime, Chihaya, Nagisa, Noriko and Tamao were chatting about Ichigo-sha’s Summer School, especially Nagisa, she was very excited about it because they get to go to the beach and late night exploring. Chihaya reminded Nagisa of the term exams starting in 10 days and dampened Nagisa’s mood in particular her most hated, French was the first paper. Nagisa asked Tamao who don’t even have to study so hard but still top the class to teach her French, Tamao of course glad accepted the ‘mission’ lol. You can’t blame Nagisa for being bad in French, because she transferred in at Grade 4 while the others students had started taking up French at Grade 1. Tamao added that if you failed one of the subjects, you have to stay back for holiday remedial lessons and worse of all, no more Summer School! LOL. That night, Chiyo came over to Nagisa and Tamao’s room to study too because it’s the senpai’s [Senior] duty to help the kouhai [Junior] in their studies.

Nagisa’s frustrated that her knowledge of French was even worse than the First Grader, Chiyo lol, so Tamao suggested that Nagisa to take a walk outside. Nagisa went out alone and saw students from all the three schools hard at work. Meanwhile, Shizuma’s sitting on a bench, looking up the sky and sighing. Nagisa walked in whining about French, calling ‘French’ baka baka baka [Stupid] lol and beating the poor tree truck which happened to be in front of her lol so cute. As Nagisa turned around, she saw Shizuma staring at her and began babbling about her nemesis French and not able to go to Summer School if she fails. Nagisa realized that she’s jabbering her troubles to Shizuma, apologized and started to left. Shizuma called for Nagisa and offered to help Nagisa in her French since helping troubled students is one of Etoile’s duties too. [Since when?! LoL] Nagisa returned to the dorm room and told Tamao about Shizuma’s offer. Nagisa continued that she rejected Shizuma’s offer since she had Tamao to teach her already. Chiyo said that Shizuma’s grade in French was the best in the school, Tamao suggested to Nagisa to let Shizuma teach her French instead of her. For the sake of Nagisa, Tamao further persuaded by saying that if Nagisa were to fail and not going to Summer School, she won’t go too.

This Is ... That Is ...Kissing The Sleeping Nagisa Or Not?Nagisa On My Lap ... Fufufu.

The next day, Shizuma started tutoring Nagisa but she’s having extreme troubles with even Grade 2’s French questions lol. Nagisa started talking about working hard so that she could go with everyone to the Summer School, all the while Shizuma’s staring at Nagisa with sparkling eyes haha. Shizuma assured Nagisa that it’ll be okay, don’t be so impatient and continue to work hard. That night, Nagisa’s still working hard with her French and even burning the midnight oil. That morning, Rokujou-kaichou had a little talk with Shizuma about her helping Nagisa in French. Shizuma asked if there’s a problem with it. Rokujou replied no, instead she was happy and besides there’s no St Miator students living in Ichigo-sha to not get a pass. Shizuma answered that it’s not because of Ichigo-sha or St Miator that she’s tutoring Nagisa, it’s because that Nagisa’s troubled that’s why she had decided to help her. Rokujou responded, is that really the reason? Shizuma retorted, would I have any other reasons? and she left. Shizuma found Nagisa asleep on the table, a while later, Nagisa woke up, Shizuma asked if Nagisa’s tired. Nagisa said no and they continued studying. Tamao told Shizuma that Nagisa had been doing late night studying, studying after school, during lunch breaks and even when she’s bathing. [HOW THE HELL DID TAMAO KNOW?! Unless ... they bathed together?! LoL]

Shizuma’s followers, Mizuho and Hitomi looked on as Nagisa and Shizuma had their little session together. They noticed that Shizuma looked pretty happy, happier than since then. Rokujou was also looking on from afar. The day before the paper, Shizuma suggested that they stop for the day as she knew Nagisa didn’t managed to sleep much during the week. Nagisa refused and said that she knows her body well, so it’s no problem, just has to bear with it. After the French paper, Nagisa looked so relieved, Tamao reminded Nagisa that there’s other papers to go too lol. So that night, Nagisa spent the night studying and kept encouraging herself that after this, she would be able to attend Summer School with everyone. Finally, it’s the end of the exams, because Tamao had club activities, Nagisa left first. While walking back to the dorm, Nagisa decided to take the short cut and walked to the lakeside. Suddenly, Nagisa felt so tired, that she sat down and slept while leaning against the tree. [-.-|||] A while later, Nagisa woke up for a while and saw Shizuma’s smiling face lingering in front of her and went back to sleep again. Little did she know that she’s sleeping on Shizuma’s lap lol. Shizuma commented that Nagisa’s sleeping face looks adorable and attempted to kiss Nagisa’s cheeks but kinda stopped. [?!]

Someone I Like? *Blush**GASP!**Stare* To Kiss Or Not To Kiss.

During sunset, Nagisa finally awoke and thought that Shizuma’s appearance was a dream. Probably a few days later, Nagisa got back her results and of course she passed =D if not there’s Summer School next episode? LoL. After classes, Tamao had to go for club activities again, so Nagisa decided to go to the cooking class to get Chihaya to help her bake something for Shizuma. At the cooking class, Chikaru, Kizuna and Lemon were there to bake cookies for their cookies party and invited Nagisa to bake cookies too. As Nagisa took out her tray of cookies, Chikaru commented that Nagisa looked really happy, maybe she’s making the cookies for someone she likes? LoL, Kizuna and Lemon began pestering Nagisa on the identity of that person. Nagisa blushed and said she doesn’t have ... Chikaru giggled and said she’s just joking ne? [LoL Chikaru’s so evil~] After wrapping the cookies, Nagisa went to Shizuma’s room but she’s not there. Nagisa even waited outside the school gate to ask Rokujou on the whereabouts of Shizuma. Rokujou replied that she doesn’t know. Nagisa ran off to the greenhouse and on the way, she fell on her cookies =O. Looking dejected, Nagisa waited for Shizuma in the greenhouse and thought to herself why was she in a hurry to meet Shizuma, it’s just to give a present only ... right? Then she was reminded of what Chikaru said earlier and thought to herself that it’s not like that. Nagisa began to think of the times where she and Shizuma were studying together.

It was late evening, probably sunset, Shizuma finally showed up. Nagisa got up from her chair and said she wanted to thank Shizuma for everything by giving her something but it was ruin now. Shizuma took up the bag of cookies, Nagisa said that for Shizuma, she had worked so hard for it but ... Shizuma cut in and thanked Nagisa and said that she was happy =). Shizuma asked Nagisa for her results, Nagisa replied excitedly that she passed and was looking forward to having fun with everyone, swimming in the sea, campfire and setting off fireworks~ Just then, Nagisa accidentally knocked down the watering can, Nagisa rushed forward to capture it so did Shizuma and she fell on top of Nagisa in the process. Both of them stared at each other on that position for a while with Nagisa having this ‘KISS ME DAMMIT’ expression on before Shizuma leaned in just 3cm away … and captured Nagisa in a kiss and was foiled by Nagisa again who was exclaiming. Holy! What could be more freaking important?! Nagisa was more worried about her cookies -.-||| but Shizuma doesn’t mind them in bits and pieces and said it was tasty. Shizuma fed Nagisa a piece and Nagisa agreed and said it tasted much better in bits =).

Damn Those Kissable Lips ...Just 3 CM Away!!!!*Chuckle* You Look Like A Monkey Nagisa.

Looking at Nagisa’s blushing face, Shizuma actually giggled and laughed along with Nagisa. Rokujou saw the laughing Shizuma and was overcomed with mixed thoughts. Before they parted, Shizuma gave Nagisa a potted plant to express her thanks for helping out at the greenhouse. Returning to the dorm, Chiyo and Tamao were waiting for her, Chiyo hugged Nagisa and congratulated her for passing. At the greenhouse, Shizuma told Rokujou that Nagisa passed, Rokujou thanked Shizuma for it as no St Miator students would have to stay back for remedial. Shizuma replied that it’s not her efforts that Nagisa passed, it’s Nagisa’s own hardworking determination. - END -

Another kiss mission failed -.-|||. Shizuma, what are you doing?! LoL. Just as I was saying Nagisa x Shizuma interaction dropped to zero in Episode 9, it bounced back to 102% in episode 10! Tamao brownie points went down because of the stupid club activities lol. What Chikaru brought up was interesting too, Nagisa’s beginning to entertain her feelings for Shizuma ... very apparent when Nagisa's waiting for Shizuma in the greenhouse with the flashback of them studying together and her own doubts about it. No doubt Shizuma’s interested in Nagisa but it’s the problem of whether Nagisa’s interested in Shizuma. At least in the episode we know that Nagisa harboured some ‘interest’ in Shizuma too =). .

Ohh, next episode’s about sea, sun and swimsuits~ Chikaru in swimsuit =O. Hey, where is Shizuma going in that black limo?

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Interest Radar on.]
Characters: 7 /10 [Nagisa’s such a hardworking person~]
Overall: 7/10

=) good news, tomorrow’s Manga Strawberry Panic! Chapter 9 review, so look forward to it XD.

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