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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep11

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Strawberry Panic! Ep11, summer, sun, sea and swimsuits =O

Shizuma Onee-sama ...Hikari~ You're MINE For 3 Days ...Blushing Yaya~~!

The start of the three days, two nights Summer School episode, the girls were on their way there on bus. Tamao’s looking forward to it partly because she hopes to strengthen her friendship with Nagisa under a different atmosphere. Nagisa’s staring out through the window looking zoned out. Tamao told her that it feels a little lonely without Shizuma ne? Nagisa nodded. Tamao added that well it can’t be help because Shizuma has work to do during the summer vacation. Nagisa turned and asked if Tamao said anything lol. Tamao smiled and replied, nothing. It’s evident that Nagisa pinning for Shizuma from the start already =). Scene to the Ichigo-sha, poor Shizuma, as the Etoile, she has to stay back to welcome guests to their school. Meanwhile, the girls arrived at their Summer School, Nagisa’s still looking down so Tamao tried to cheer her up by showing her the beautiful sea their room was facing. Hikari’s in her room unpacking her stuff when suddenly Yaya hugged her from behind and said that it’s a pity that Amane can’t attend Summer School because of a competition. Unexpectedly, Hikari replied that it’s okay, because they made a promise to meet each other in private after that. Yaya looked crestfallen after Hikari said that [AWWWW!] but like any good friend, Yaya placed up a front and said, that’s great Hikari and ‘unhugged’ Hikari.

At the St Lulim side, Kagome, Kizuna and Lemon were roomed together, so there were three beds, two large beds on each side and one small bed in the middle. Kagome walked in and took the right bed, Kizuna hopped on the left bed and said, well Lemon-chan, you’ll take the middle bed then. Lemon looked confused for a moment then realized she’s being tricked lol and yelled, what is this?! At the Ichigo-sha, Rokujou-kaichou’s explaining the history of St Miator to the guests, while Shizuma was behind frowning and looking darn bored. Fanservice time~, the girls at the Summer School were changing into their swimsuits, first up, Nagisa in a blue and white stripes bikini. Tamao in a dark blue bikini, Yaya in hot pink =O staring down at the embarrassed Hikari in a white bikini, Lemon in sea green one piece swimsuit, Kizuna in orange one piece swimsuit, Kagome in light pink one piece. Chikaru in hot red bikini =O, Tsubomi in green one piece and lastly, Chiyo in blue with white polka dots, daydreaming if Nagisa would find her cute lol. [I love the interaction between Hikari and Yaya, Hikari realized Yaya’s staring at her, turned, looking shy saying what is it … Yaya blushed =O and looked away … so cute~~]

Iyaa~ Tamao-Chan~Sorry, Are We Too Cute?Nagisa ...

Back at the Ichigo-sha, Shizuma walked in the Student Council room as Rokujou-kaichou piled up a huge stack of papers for her to do lol. Shizuma frowned and stared up at Rokujou probably looking for some sympathy lol. Rokujou replied you have to do these work, Etoile-sama. Defeated, Shizuma picked up her pen and started writing. Scene changed to the girls in Summer School having fun at the beach =O, such contrast lol. Under one of the beach umbrellas, Tamao's looking serious and applying suntan lotion on Nagisa’s back while she’s whimpering how itchy it was. Chiyo’s staring at the scene in front of her wishing she could be under the same beach umbrella, applying lotion on Nagisa’s back too lol. Kizuna, Lemon and Tsubomi were making sandcastles, the scene moved to Kagome, building a BIG beautiful sandcastle all by herself. Not wanting to be defeated by Kagome, the three teamed up and build a sandcastle together while Chikaru’s looking on in her hot red bikini and sunglasses haha. Hikari, Nagisa, Tamao and Yaya played beach ball among themselves, shy Chiyo was hiding behind a beach umbrella looked on murmuring that this Summer School gave her a chance to be closer to Nagisa. The beach ball rolled in front of Chiyo, she picked it up and gave it to Nagisa who thanked her and left. Chiyo had tried to say something at that time but didn’t get a chance.

Nagisa turned back and invited Chiyo to join them in beach ball. Chiyo was shinning with happiness lol. [Yay for Chiyo-chan~] Kagome had finished her beautiful sandcastle while Kizuna, Lemon and Tsubomi were still putting on the finishing touches when the beach ball fell on their sandcastle and all efforts had gone to waste haha. As the girls return back to their rooms, Nagisa saw a piano at the hall and walked towards it. Meanwhile, Shizuma’s playing the piano, trying to probably ease her frustrations and making this angsty expression~ [Ah, I like~ haha] Similarly, Nagisa’s pressing the keys of the piano, probably reminded of the time she played the piano with Shizuma. The next day, Shizuma’s back the Student Council doing her work again but suddenly got up and went to her greenhouse to water her plants. Coincidently, Nagisa and Tamao were probably on some fieldtrip and looking at the beautiful flowers on the field. [Whoa, even the things they do even though they’re so far away were hauntingly similar lol] Anyways, that night, the girls queued up to be assigned in pairs. Tamao explained that in this starry night, if one should pray at the church in the woods, it can grant wishes. Nagisa looked at the dark path leading to the church and felt that it’s like a test of courage lol. Tamao added, well, it’s part of it. Tamao said some weird lines about strengthening friendship, gave an excuse saying she had something to do and left.

I MUST Make Nagisa Scream~BOO!Ah! Ah! Nagisa's Screaming Voice~~~

Hikari and Yaya were paired up, Yaya was like ‘I knew it, we’re destined to be paired together and bonded by the red thread of fate~~’ Haha. ‘I wonder how our friendship will further develop~ Iyaaa~ *Insert dreamy look*’. Next trio bonded by red thread of fate were Kagome, Kizuna and Lemon haha. The last pair bonded by red thread of fate, Chiyo and Nagisa =). [Kinda reminded me of Kannazuki no Miko ... Chikane and Himeko bonded by the red thread of fate ... very touching] At the Ichigo-sha, Rokujou and Shizuma were staring at the beautiful star filled night. It’s Chiyo and Nagisa’s turn to proceed to the church, Tamao’s actually hiding among the bushes, planning to scare Nagisa and listening to her scream at the same time =O, such a weird fetish lol. Hearing Nagisa’s scream, Tamao actually praised Nagisa’s scream LOL. On the other side, it was Hikari and Yaya’s turn and Hikari’s getting scared, Yaya placed her hands on Hikari’s shoulder, saying it’s alright and vowed to protect her fufufufu. Kagome, Kizuna and Lemon’s turn, Kizuna said that if they see any ghost, they must play dead lol, Lemon replied, that’s for BEARS, isn’t it. Tamao further scared Chiyo and Nagisa with weird stuff, but Chiyo seemed to be enjoying it because she gets to hug her Nagisa Onee-sama lol.

Finally, Chiyo and Nagisa reached the church and they prayed silently. A while later, they walked back, Nagisa asked Chiyo what did she wished for. Chiyo replied that she wish that Nagisa Onee-sama to obtain happiness. Chiyo added that even though Nagisa obtained happiness already, she still wanted to wish. As long as Nagisa obtain happiness, she’s satisfied but Chiyo hoped Nagisa would still be her Onee-sama [Big sister]. Nagisa asked Chiyo how she knows Nagisa’s happy. Chiyo didn’t reply but in her mind, she thought, anyone would know that by looking at Nagisa and Shizuma together. At the Ichigo-sha, Rokujou and Shizuma were still doing their work, Rokujou told Shizuma that she’s coming back tomorrow isn’t it. Shizuma didn’t catch the meaning at first. Rokujou added, Summer School. Apparently, the ‘she’ referred to Nagisa, Shizuma smiled and replied yeah. Rokujou noticed that gentle smile Shizuma had on her face. Finally seeing the Summer School at sight, Nagisa rushed forward. Chiyo’s thinking of asking Nagisa to be her Onee-sama forever even though Nagisa’s going to be Etoile with Shizuma. But Chiyo didn’t do it. In the room, Tamao’s getting the shivers from listening to Nagisa’s recorded scream through her ear piece lol and rolling on the bed LOL. Nagisa came in and asked what happened, Tamao replied that she got another important collection =).

Angst Tamao...Shizuma-sama, I Want To See You ...Welcome Back, Nagisa.

Nagisa told Tamao that Chiyo said that she looked happy, why would she say that she asked. Tamao asked if Nagisa’s happy right now? Nagisa looked confused. Tamao continued that the feelings of Nagisa now and the feelings of the time she came to Summer School, only Nagisa knows the answer. After saying that, Tamao said she’s going to bath and asked if Nagisa wants to join her lol. Of course Nagisa blushed and refused. Nagisa draw open the curtains and stared at the starry night as she thought about what Chiyo and Tamao said about her own feelings. Nagisa suddenly felt probably a pain in her heart as she remembered the first time she met Shizuma. Meanwhile, Tamao’s looking angsty in the bathroom … [Whoa the next Princess of Angst’s born lol] Nagisa continued remembering the times she had with Shizuma in Episode 10 and felt lonely. Nagisa began to long for Shizuma and wanted to see Shizuma, outside the window, the meteor shower started, the girls in Summer School were looking at it too, including Rokujou and Shizuma who were walking towards the Ichigo-sha. Looking at the meteor shower, Nagisa decided she wanted to see Shizuma, wanted to see her smile and thinking about it made her blushed. I think Nagisa finally sorted out her feelings for Shizuma =), too bad for Chiyo and Tamao.

The next day, the girls return back to the Ichigo-sha, the first thing Nagisa did was to run out of the bus to search for Shizuma. After searching several places, Nagisa ran to the greenhouse and Shizuma was indeed there watering her plants. Nagisa paused for a moment to catch her breath and like a child looking for assurance, she told Shizuma that she’s back. Shizuma replied, welcome back =). - END -

Shizuma’s the Queen of Angst, Yaya’s the Princess of Angst, in this episode Tamao’s running for the next Princess of Angst haha. Hikari’s really leading Yaya on, but I think she doesn’t really mean it, Yaya doesn’t see much into it too. Probably just tasting the cake before the real owner takes it away =O hahaha. Actually there’s not much in this episode, probably I could sum this episode in this sentence, ‘Absence makes the heart fonder’ =). This pretty much confirmed Nagisa’s feelings towards Shizuma and Shizuma’s own feelings towards Nagisa. I like how they connect them together with the piano, flower and mentor shower scenes, it’s like telepathy haha. Now I’m looking forward to the Ep12 ... Shizuma looks so hot in that black dress~~ O_O Is she going to seduce Nagisa after realizing her feelings for her?!

Art: 6/10 [The St Miator characters were ok, Hikari looks a bit weird sometimes, Yaya looks ok but like a fox sometimes haha, Chikaru looks hot but Kizuna, Kagome and especially Lemon looks weird in the episode.]
Story: 7/10 [As I said, absence makes the heart fonder.]
Characters: 7/10 [Fanservice~]
Overall: 6.5/10

Hm, probably some tours mai otome doujinshi tomorrow, is anyone reading it? I need some reviews =) so that I have the motivation to work on page 3 and 4 tonight XD.

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  1. thanks for visiting =), ah the Mai Hime stuff referred to the Doropanda Tours Mai Otome doujinshi i presume? That, I'm not sure, I have my own life you see, but I'll make every effort to put up the translated pages as fast as possible.

    And yes, Strawberry Panic! rocks XD.