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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Thailand - Chiang Mai Trip, Day 4

[Posted @ 5:15 PM]
Day 4 -.-|||, before you know it, it's time to go home.

Inside The Hotel.Airplane Food - Chicken Pasta. I LOVE THE SAUCE!!!!We Keep On Fallin' In And Out~

Woke up at around 8 AM [Chiang Mai Time], it's time to go home lol. Kinda lame, probably the best moments I had were watching X-Men 3, watching Channel Star Movies thriller movies on TV and soaking in the bathtub. That's all.

That morning I didn't had any eggs, too sick and disgusted by the taste le ... i'm not too fond of eggs, once a month is enough for me. Anyways, I had ham, lettuce, tomato sandwich XD i made by myself lol, used the ingredients for salad to make my sandwich heh, very very nice. After that, 9 AM, went to the Chiang Mai Airport, sat SilkAir MI701 back. I love the airplane food, yummy, the sauce was heavenly ... maybe because I was craving for some Italian food? I dunno lol. I want pizza~~~ but didn't managed to have Pizza Hut in Chiang Mai ... saw Sizzler there too ... manz, I want STEAK~~~ sigh.

Malaysia?Landing!Airplane Tickets And Airport Tax ...

Anyways ... the first thing I did when I got home was to drink from the tap LOL! I love the tap water in Singapore ... so yummy, so different from mineral water ... ahaha. I miss Singapore's water ... ~

Ok that's all I reckon. Time pass so fast when you're having fun. Sigh.

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