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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Malaysia Genting Highlands Trip Day 1 and 2

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Got up at 5 AM, bathed then left home at 6 AM to the bus stop where the bus would pick us up. We waited for around 30 mins there, I was feeling damn restless and tired cos I slept at 2 AM lol. Anyways, when the bus arrived, my mum's cousin asked me to help her fill up the form for entry to Malaysia ... i was like, wtf?! LoL.

The bus was like rocking, bumping up and down and you asked me to write for five persons somemore ... almost died. Anyways, I was in a 'ok la, anything la' mood that morning, so I didn't say anything, I was alright with it. So we reached the Tuas custom checkpoint at hm around 7 AM, did the usual thingy there ... then arrived at J.B at around 7.30 AM, it was pretty fast. Then we had our LONG AWAITED breakfast at around 8.30 AM, I was like freaking STARVING! We had chee cheong fun, wan ton noodles and kuey chup ... so niceeeee~

It was around 9:15 AM when we finished, so we board the bus and continued the journey but damn bus driver was smoking IN the bus also ... damn damn damn. So I moved to the back lol, so comfortable, two seats by myself heh. By the time we reached Genting Highlands, it was like 5 PM le ... by the time we checked in the hotel, placed our bags in the hotel room, it was 6 PM ... so we went around shopping and went to the arcade to play~~~!

First World Hotel~.Model Of Genting Highlands.Our Hotel Room.

I think we spent around 50RM that night, with the arcade games and I managed to get my bros to accompany me to sing to a song in the cute K-Box uh room there haha. One song for 1 RM, expensive? I dunno, I was just curious what, never see before hahaha. I chose 'Yuan Dian' by YanZi and Tanya~~ Haha, I sung both versions by myself, my brothers were like, 'It's boring, get me outta here.' Haha. After playing for a while, it was 7.30 PM so we went to KFC for our dinner~~

I love Malaysia's KFC because the chickens were so juicy and pretty much oil-free XD, sooo yummy. We bought the Combo B, then got 15 pieces of chicken, 2 mashed potatos, 1 cheese wedges, 1 coleslaw then I called another 2 cheese wedges and two large coke. I had three pieces, Chuz had four, Fish had three, Mum had three and the maid had two. Soo full~ haha. Anyways, after that, mum went shopping, we went to the arcade to play again~ because there're no good seats for the movies -.-|||. I wanted to watch 'Cars' but the seats left were the 1st and 2nd rows lol, see what shit la lol. X-Men 3, we watched before le, then 'The Omen' was at 11.15 PM, which was too late ... so we spent another 40RM on games till around 10 PM, we went back to the hotel room.

Mocha, Chocolate, Green Tea.

Along the way, we stopped by Starbucks and bought Ice Frappuccino®~~~ I had chocolate, Chuz had mocha while Fish had green tea lol. I think Fish regreted choosing green tea haha, dunno why he chose a drink he never drank before.

Morning Scene~.First Stop, Green House.Second Stop, Spinner!

The next morning, woke up at 8 AM, left the hotel room at around 9.15 AM to the outdoor theme park~~~~ Bought 3 adult tickets for 108RM then first stop was the Green House cos we were waiting for the Spinner to start hahaha. After that, we sat the Cyclone, funnn~. Next we sat the Pirate Train, boooooring, I recommend you NOT to sit, it's damn boring, not scary, just nothing. After that, I, myself, alone, went to the Space Shot LOL, SO FUN!!! Very intense, it's like my heart dropped down. The Space Shot used to be this rapid vertical ascent ride but now it's rapid descent ride, wah it's even more thrilling haha. The view was GREAT from the top, when I was going up, I was like, ehh why haven't we reached the top yet? Haha, the 6 seconds of slow ascent was like 6 hours to me. Then suddenly, it just fell, I can't even scream but my brain was going 'HOLY SHIT!' Hahaha.

Anyways, let me tell you this damn funny incident, my bros and I went going to the Corkscrew ride but it was closed at that time, then when I turned and looked up the sky, I saw 20+ pieces of MONEY [It's blue, so it's 50RM!] flying out of a man's shirt pocket while that guy was sitting the Space Shot LOL! I was like 'WAH It's RAINING MONEYYYYY!!!' LOL. My bros and I then went around where the money could had fell for money hunt but didn't managed to find any la lol. While there, we sat the Space Adventure, it was another quite boring ride.

NEW RIDE~.Flying Dragon.On The Monorail.

After that, it was kinda drizzling ... when we queued up for the Flying Dragon ride, damn, it was our turn next, the staff came up and said it's temporarily closed because of the rain. I was like WTF, I'm not leaving this freaking place till I sat the ride! LoL. Stupid rain, made us wait for 30mins then it was open again, so Chuz and I went up, Fish stayed behind cos he's scared. Anyways, the Flying Dragon would pass through the indoor theme park right above where the KFC, Burger King and Mac Donalds' were situated lol so I told Chuz to yell 'I LOVE KFC!' when we pass by there LOL!!!!! We did, and it's so freaking funny hahaha. After that, we wanted to go to the Rolling Thunder Mine Train but it was closed, so went back and sat the Monorail ... wait for around 20mins again before we got up and wasted another 15mins on it lol. It's all Fish's fault, he wanted to sit on it.

Flying Coaster!~.The Wrist Band For Outdoor Theme Park And Starbucks Receipt.Guide Map.

By the time we got off the Monorail, it was like 2 PM, so we rushed up to queue for the Corkscrew cos it's opened now, BUT, it rained HEAVILY and it was temporarily closed AGAIN! DAMN, why?! When it's our turn next again! WHY?! So we ran back to the shelters to wait for the rain to stop but after waiting for 30mins, it got heavier ... DAMN. So we left the theme park to have lunch at Burger King, had the family meal lol. After we finished it was 2.45 PM, we saw the Flying Dragon operating again but we haven't got time to walk back up to the Corkscrew ride so Chuz and I played the new ride, Flying Coaster, which was nearer to us, paid 10RM each but we still had to wait 20mins for it to test run and stuff. So when we got up the ride, it was 3.35 PM and the ride finished in less than 5mins LOL, so we rushed back to the hotel lobby to meet mummy. After that, we left at 5 PM ... damn I could HAD played the Corkscrew ... I was freaking pissed. Anyways, by the time we arrived home, it was like 1.30 AM ... bathed, went online, then slept at 4 AM haha.

Oh yeah, click here to see the list of rides in Genting Highland theme park XD.

That's all I guess, expect Doropanda Tours Mai Otome Page 9 and 10 tomorrow XD.

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