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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Summaries of Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric I, Miator Compilation [2]

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Here's the summaries of tracks 7 to 12, I managed to understand and pick up from here and there ... pardon me if they're not accurate or wrong and please correct me. Some parts I would leave out or I'll mention a little bit because I don't understand, so if anyone wants to add stuff I've missed out, which I think would be alot [=P], tell me about it k? Then I'll add it in =), thanks.

Strawberry Panic! Drama CD Lyric I Cover.

Track 7 : 誤解 [Misunderstanding]
Tamao's soothing the sleeping Nagisa and was apparently relieved that Nagisa's fine. [Tamao sounded really motherly here, she really cared for Nagisa a lot.] There was knock on the door, Shizuma came to visit Nagisa. Nagisa awoke and saw Shizuma beside her and thought she was dreaming. Shizuma was holding Nagisa's hand and told her not to get up then eased Nagisa back to bed again. Nagisa asked for Tamao, Shizuma replied that she's out [Probably to get Nagisa's uniform to the laundary room]. Shizuma said that Nagisa saw it is it not? [It refers to the scene where Shizuma kissed the junior in Track 5.] Nagisa nodded, Shizuma told her that Tamao confronted her before, telling her not to hurt Nagisa.

Shizuma asked Nagisa something I don't understand even after listening it to 20 times lol, but Nagisa said yes. Shizuma told Nagisa that yes, that time the junior had confess to her but Shizuma rejected her. So Shizuma had tried to comfort the crying junior by hugging and giving her a goodbye kiss. 'I'm a bad Onee-sama huh ...', Shizuma added. Shizuma told Nagisa to forgive her as that was her way of showing affections. Nagisa tried to reply to Shizuma but Shizuma told Nagisa to get well soon so that they could meet in the greenhouse. Nagisa agreed happily. Shizuma told Nagisa to sleep well as she would be holding her hand. - END of Track 7 -

Track 8 : 玉青の告白 [Tamao's Confession]
Tamao let her heart-felt words out as she described Nagisa's cute look, told her to please get well soon and she would be able to see her favourite liveliness smile of Nagisa. [I don't understand the later but I know Tamao's confessing something.] Tamao added that as long as she could see Nagisa's smile, she would feel this happiness and gentle feeling. So Nagisa-chan, please get well soon, my irreplaceable Nagisa-chan. [Thanks to Runte for the explaination =)] ???, Nagisa. [<- I don't know what Tamao called Nagisa, I repeated 10 over times but I still understand and couldn't find the meaning.]

Nagisa awoke and found Tamao beside her. Tamao asked how was she feeling and Nagisa said she's better now. Tamao's relieved, Nagisa thanked Tamao for taking care of her. Tamao told Nagisa not to thank her. Nagisa described Tamao's gentle and kind ministrations then something about a kiss, I don't really understand. Thanks to Runte again, Tamao kissed Nagisa's back while undressing her. [LoL Like in the manga ... XD] I think Nagisa gave Tamao a grateful kiss on the cheek. - END of Track 8 -

Track 9 : 白馬の静馬 [White Horse, Shizuma]
Kizuna and Lemon were shocked when they heard that Shizuma swims naked in the pool at night. [LoL] Lemon remarked how bold Shizuma was while Kizuna said she want to see, Lemon said she wanted too, Shizuma's proportions [LOL]. Kizuna asked Chikaru wanted to see too right?, Chikaru said no, [I don't understand what reason she said but I think she said that no one had seen Shizuma swimming naked in the pool at night yet so it might be a rumour?] then Lemon said we have to check it out then! Suddenly, Chikaru said that eh, I wonder where Nagisa's going ... Tamao and Chiyo too. So it's up to the Secret Investigation Club to check it out, let's go! Kizuna and Lemon went 'Yes~!'. - Scene at horse ranch - We automatically thought it would be Amane but this time, Shizuma's galloping on a horse.

Hikari and Yaya were amazed by Shizuma's riding skills, even Amane was too as she said it would be terrible if Shizuma's her rival. Chiyo, Nagisa and Tamao arrived at the scene and they were too amazed by Shizuma. It's the first time they witnessed Shizuma riding. [It was also hinted in the Novel that Shizuma knew how to ride XD] Shizuma stopped in front of the girls, suddenly grabbed Nagisa's hand to mount the horse and rided off. The girls were like, 'Ah?! Nagisa-chan!'. The St Lulim girls arrived just in time to see Nagisa and Shizuma leaving the school on horse. Shizuma told Nagisa she's fulfilling the promise they made to go to the sea. The St Lulim girls chased after those two.

At the sea, Nagisa was astonished by the beauty of the sea and began talking excitingly. Shizuma said that she's happy that Nagisa's happy with it and brought Nagisa to a beautiful place. All the girls finally arrived at the sea lol, they were panting hard and stuff and was excited to probably witness Shizuma swimming naked. Suddenly, there was Kagome's voice and everyone was like, 'Whoa?! When did you arrived?!' [LOL!]. Yaya was like whoa, the sea ... [Then she said something I don't understand, probably something about playing the sea would feel nice] Hikari told Yaya to be careful, suddenly Tsubomi's lecturing voice about them not going to choir practice but coming to the sea. Yaya was like 'Urk, the noisy kid's here.' [LOL] Tsubomi was like, 'Who are you calling noisy?!'.

While Nagisa and Shizuma were enjoying the sea breeze, the other girls were probably hiding somewhere expecting Shizuma to take off her clothes and swim naked lol. Chikaru and Yaya began to talk dirty about swimming naked where the water's great, no one would be around and also Shizuma's naked body [LOL, I'm not that sure what they talking about but it's funny.] Nagisa and Shizuma began picking beautiful seashells [KNM!!!!!]. Yaya was getting restless from waiting Shizuma to strip lol then she added that anyways, it's a nice day and told Hikari to go for a swim too. Hikari protested by saying that they didn't bring swimsuits with them. Yaya replied that it's okay as she wanted to try out swimming naked. Everyone went 'EHHHH?!'.

Yaya added, well Shizuma's swimming naked too, so it's no problem. Nagisa and Shizuma noticed the girls and asked what they were doing. Kizuna, in her panic blurted out that they heard rumours of her swimming naked so they had came to see [LOL!!!]. Nagisa also remembered about it and wondered if it's true. Shizuma sounded confused then she chuckled and said, 'Well, I've been swimming naked ...' Everyone went 'EHHHH?!' Shizuma added, '... not. It's a lie.' [LOL] Everyone let out a sigh of relief lol. Nagisa was relieved too [I wonder why XD]. Shizuma then told Nagisa secretly that they could swim naked when they're alone next time *grin*. Nagisa was like 'E-Etoile-sama!'.

Yaya's still on 'I wanna try swimming naked' and took off her clothes. Nagisa and Tamao were like shocked because Yaya's wearing the undergarments they saw in Track 3. [Purple, orange ... The students were supposed to only wear white coloured underwears.] Tsubomi was like, 'Yaya-senpai, aren't you shy?!' Yaya said something about protecting Hikari's colour of underwear? [Not sure] then Hikari was like, please don't say that! Then Tsubomi and Yaya said something I don't really understand but it ended in a funny way. - END of Track 9 -

Track 10 : 水平線の向こうに [On The Other Side Of The Horizon]
As the girls were playing at the sea, Nagisa and Shizuma were chatting with each other. Nagisa began describing about the orange sea [Probably it's sunset] and how beautiful it was. Nagisa said something about her liking the sea ... then saying about herself sounding like a child isn't it? Shizuma told Nagisa that someday she wants to take Nagisa to the other side of the horizon. Nagisa said something about the other side of the horizon which I don't really quite understand. - END of Track 10 -

Track 11 : キャストコメント [Casts' Comments]
The casts of Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD [Miator Compilation] - Older Sister and Underwear gave some little comments [Like thank you, please look forward to more or something like this, thank you for supporting.] in the production of Strawberry Panic! ;
- Mai Nakahara as Nagisa Aoi
- Hitomi Nabatame as Shizuma Hanazono [Sexy~~!]
- Ai Shimizu as Tamao Suzumi/Kizuna Hyuuga
- Chiwa Saito as Chiyo Tsukidate
- Junko Noda as Miyuki Rokujou [Whoa her normal voice was even deeper haha]
- Miyu Matsuki as Hikari Konohana
- Yuko Kaida as Amane Ootori
- Natsuko Kuwatani as Yaya Nanto
- Sakura Nogawa as Tsubomi Okuwaka
- Saki Nakajima as Chikaru Minamoto
- Ui Miyazaki as Lemon Natsume [Sexy voice?!]
- Yukari Fukui as Kagome Byakudan
- END of Track 11 -

Track 12 : スピカ編予告(BONUS TRACK) [Spica Compilation Notice]
Hikari and Yaya were talking the up coming physical examination in a week and they were running to prepare themselves for it. Looking at the hardworking Yaya, Hikari tried to catch up but failed as she was tired from the running [Bad in sports]. Then she went, 'I'm beat~~, I think it's enough for today, I'll just try harder tomorrow.' [LoL.] - Scene changed to Hikari in the shower - Suddenly the door opened, Hikari screamed, 'Kyaaa, Yaya-chan?!'. Yaya just went 'Ara, Hikari~, you're inside? Sorry ... but then why don't we shower together?' Hikari tried to protest but Yaya was like 'No~' and so they showered together.

Yaya began tickling Hikari and she was giggling + some misleading sounds lol. Yaya reminded Hikari of the physical examination and said Hikari something I don't understand ... then Yaya told my Hikari should not to feel embarrassed about her body as it's beautiful ... for ... example ... - Yaya touched a place which made Hikari go 'No, n-not that place ...' Then Yaya talked something about Amane [Not sure]. Hikari then said ... you're right ... and something about Amane-senpai and measuring Hikari's bustline. [Not really sure, please clear my doubts XD] Hikari began fantasizing about Amane telling her to show her chest, not to be shy and all [LoL].

Back to present, Hikari was nearly hysterical with worry and was verrrrry determined to diet for the sake of Amane. While Yaya was like, this is my chance heh heh heh, as I would be able to see more of Hikari's body ... hohoho~ Meanwhile, Kaname and Momomi were having fun in the shower too lol, they were scheming something evil to tear Amane and Hikari's relationship during the physical examination. Look forward to it! - END of Track 12 -

Finally, phew~, it was hard work haha, but there seemed to be alot I'm unsure about ... those who were better in Japanese, please correct me~ =).

Thanks to everyone for supporting by buying the Drama CD, hope the summaries increased everyone's desire to buy it =P. Don't hesitate, just BUY it~ Alright, off to watch animes, cya.

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  1. lol

    after reading the summaries XD i could not stop laughing

    so funny XD

    especially, what shizuma said to Nagisa about swimming naked together

    XD and Yaya-chan is like another Tamao-chan!

    =O OMG they are multiplying!


  2. Oh oh... thank you so much again akayuki. I was wondering about track 9 as I know it's funny but don't get what's funny. And because of now now I'm starting to feel hot for yaya XD She's super funny and cool. I agree very much with you when you said that Shizuma's voice is SEXY. Well it does. Haha I'm in love with that sexy voice.

    Now that I've understood the whole drama, this could be concluded as Nagisa don't know what she feels for Shizuma, Shizuma loved Nagisa but not that much?, Tamao gets a kiss from Nagisa? WOW Tamao earned Nagisa? Chiyo is annoying to me. Yaya and hikari is so loveable. Ho!ho! Kagome has always been my favorite.

    Thank you so much for this again. Please accept my bow :) *bow*


  3. to Kasumi, lol yeah, Shizuma's really cheeky XD. Yaya's really hm, genki in the Drama CD, especially in the bonus track ... haha looking forward to the next Drama CD for St Spica XD.

    to Tagaru, welcome lol, yep Shizuma's voice's so sexy ... esp in the first track haha and also in track 7 ... sigh~ I'm sure Nagisa likes Shizuma but not to the extent of love or she haven't realized it yet =P.

    About Tamao, I really hope someone better in jap cos re-summarize Track 8, Tamao's Confession again, cos I don't really understood what Tamao's saying ... and it's seemed rather interesting ...

  4. In the manga and novel, Nagisa is aware she loves Shizuma though. Hooray for Shizuma X Nagisa!

  5. Really? XD Coz I never read the novel only manga. I'm so happy that you break this news, and my hopes are back. Coz lately I thought Tamao might win Nagisa's innocent/idiot heart.

    I so love shizuma/Nagisa pairing. I'll even trade the world to see them dating, holding hands and most of all kissing. Bed scene will be a bonus to me :D

  6. Runte said...

    I Loved the Drama-CD<3
    I've listened it now 6 or 7 times already..

    "So Nagisa-chan, please get well soon, my ???, Nagisa. [<- I don't know what Tamao called Nagisa, I repeated 10 over times but I still understand and couldn't find the meaning.]"

    She says: "please get well soon, my irreplaceable Nagisa-chan" ;)

  7. akayuki,,
    where else can i download the drama cd except yamibo,,i have no idea how to download it TT
    do you have any link for it?