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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep12 Screenshot Spoiler

[Posted @ 6:56 PM]
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOILER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't say I didn't warn YOU!

Just saw this at a Japanese Strawberry Panic! blog. The 2 screenshots below are taken from Mori's Ichigo Gari =O.

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Spoiler 1. Spoiler 2.

Please tell me I'm not dreaming. *Pinches* OUCHIE! ... Alright, after 11 episodes of 'hit and miss', Shizuma finally hit the bull's eye this time!!!! And probably got even more than a kiss ... maybe *grins* can't wait for Tuesday for the sub to come out~~~ AHHHH!

Edit: [Something random, if you're bored, scroll down =)]

Bonus pics =)
It's Fathers' Day tomorrow but it's my daddy's birthday today ... we had steamboat and self-baked cake tonight to celebrate both at the same time lol. Here's some pics of the self-baked cake ...

Without Candles ...My Daddy's 50 This Year!Ah~~! This Is The Life =).

Eh it's brownies or whatever, actually it's what we make usually la haha, click here ; see any differences? No? Toldja! LoL. Oh, as for the 5 candles, my daddy ain't 5 year old ... he's 50 already! ... Holy crap.

Oh yeah, btw, tomorrow I'm going to my cousin's house-warming, birthday, uh registration of marriage and fathers' day celebration all at the same time LOL! Freaking nuts. So I'll probably post the Mai Otome doujinshi a little later ... =).

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  1. Nope u are not dreaming. Shizuma did finally seal her lips with Nagisa in the pool( its more romantic this way. Nice idea~)
    And then after the kiss, Nagisa was in Shizuma's room taking a bath not together with shizuma though just using her shower room. To make things more interesting Shizuma approach Nagisa after the bath and almost make nagisa's hers, until...
    well watch this episode for later stuff i'm not saying it spoilers are not fun sometimes ^^
    but this is indeed a very interesting episode to watch, we get to see shizuma x nagisa, nagisa x amane also a little of shizuma vs amane scenes. You can even see jealous n angry face of shizuma when it involves around Nagisa~ Tamao is funny in this episode as well...

  2. AH!! My Eyes! O_O i didnt know it was going to be this bad until i looked at the pictures! i cant believe shizuma finally got her kiss with nagisa. and the other picture really is a shocker! ^-^

  3. thanks jeffng9 for the spoilers lol. A jealous Shizuma? Ah, kawaii ne~ heh

  4. to FujinoKuga lol, I can't too, I had to even pinch myself XD.

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  6. What is with the usage of "Strawberry" in recent anime titles? First "I My Me Strawberry Eggs," now "Strawberry Panic!" Does it have some cultural significance, or do the Japanese just like strawberries...?

    Just wondering...

  7. Back to this episode, poor nagisa is emotionally shock if u ask me. Ever since she kissed shizuma, she has been asking herself about what is she doing and she is sad or stunned for some reasons. When tamao came back she just kept on saying sorry to tamao because she lost the ribbon that tamao tied around nagisa's wrist before she left.

    I wish Nagisa a speedy recovery if she is mentally and emotionally stunned from this incident...

    Well next episode is all about spica's best~ So for those Amane x Hikari fans. Look forward to next week~ it might be a stunning episode if anything like this happen between amane and hikari ^^ (in amane style) but i don't think so it will. ^^;

  8. to Kneon Transitt, I don't think so, probably strawberries sound sexy ... can't be Watermelon Panic! could it? LoL.

  9. to jeffng9, I agree that Nagisa seemed disturbing traumatized by the whole incident. Shizuma moved way too fast as she was blinded by jealousy.

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to next episode too, Amane x Hikari's my fave couple. However, our fave villians, Kaname and Momomi would be back too lol.

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  11. To akayuki :our favourite villians? XD
    Momomi is fine with me but if you ask me about Kanami, i seriously hate HER!!!! Amane should tell her in the way like Shizuma told Amane to find her own princess in spica. XD

    They should stop what they are doing, Amane owned Hikari in any way... She will become her knight when hikari is in trouble!!!

    Even though i support amane x Hikari, but i still wanna see a possible yaya x hikari ending even is its not possible XD. Just like other people who would like to see a tamao x nagisa ending or thier favourite character end with the ones they like... XD

  12. Haha, I'm ok with both Kaname and Momomi ... I mean those two must be paired to together to make it more interesting isn't it? Haha remember the bee and the honey thingy? ... manz, that rockz.

    As for the Hikari x Yaya pairing, not that I don't like it but i would REALLY prefer an Amane x Hikari ending lol. The Night might like the Light but does the Light like the Night in romantic sense? Ahh angst angst haha. I really like the Night x Light [Yaya=Night, Hikari=Light] thingy going on ... it sounds really forbidden muahaha.

  13. erm...
    I will support yaya!!!
    she should have confess to hikari when hikari ask yaya if she has someone special in mind... she should have said "its you hikari, i'm in love with you~!" rather than "its a secret". sigh...