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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Whee Happy Mothers' Day To All Mothers!

[Posted @ 11:43 PM]
I don't wanna blog de but it's such a happy day LOL cos we won 2 prizes from the Lucky Draw and one from sabohing my aunt to join some games lol.

Anyways, first we reached the CC at around 7.15 PM, then we were served drinks and peanuts ... after a while, a DJ from 95.8FM was the host of the night so he chatted and stuff. Then the VIP was the MP of Ang Mo Kio GRC, Ms Lee Bee Wah and others ... i don't know their names because it's not stated on the banner on stage LOL. We were treated with some performance and stuff, our tables were 13, 14 and 15.

I was seating in Table 14 along with my freaking crazy 3 male cousins, my 2 bros, Fish and Chuz, the 3 maids and my kid cousin. It's like WAR there lol. When the food was served, the freaking crazy 3 cousins started scooping the food away lol, i was dammit, i gotta move faster if not i have NOTHING to eat lol. While eating, the host entertained us with games and stuff then my cousin sabohed his mother to go on stage LOL. Table 14 were like pointing at her while she ducked down LOL but too badddd, still kena upstage lol. Then in the end, she didn't win la, but got a tin can of cookies instead.

As for the lucky draw, we won the 13th prize, Chicken Essence and of course the 1st prize, SK JEWELLERY!!!!!!!! WHEE! LOL. Before the top ten was announced, my cousin, Benji jokingly said, 'No, don't worry, we will get first prize surely.' 10th-2nd was not ours, we became desperate, then i was like 'PLEASE YANZI GIMME STRENGTH!!!' So when the host was about to announce the first prize he said our side had no hope, so we were like 'Dammit' lol. When he said it's Table 15, we were like WTF! THAT'S OUR TABLE YOU DORK! LOL LOL. Benji went up stage to collect the prize, took pic and shook hands with the MP. LOL his freaking face was so disgusting lol, he looked like so uncomfortable making that 'Urk' face LOL. After that, i told him that his face might turn up on newspaper then that ugly face LOL, how's he gonna show his face ever again lol. Anyways, the lucky number is 145 ... go buy 4D la, 0145 lol. XD. If strike must treat me hor lol.

Hahaha, so here's the proof, i'm not lying k lol.

Mothers' Day SK Jewellery.

My grandma took away the Chicken Essence, i'm ok with that, then we ate the tin of cookies already lol so left this. Anyways, it's some Topaz necklace la, give it to mummy as another Mothers' Day present lol.

Cya then. WHEE, i had so much fun lol~

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