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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep6

[Posted @ 3:49 PM]
I dropped into some man hole and got myself lost there for 3 days, so here I am back now with Strawberry Panic! Ep6 XD. Ok, I lied, I got lazy ok?

Mizushima Noriko.Are You A Sick Patient?Rokujou-Kaichou.

Chikaru started the Ep by narrating the different [and weird] extracurricular activities in St Lulim and not to mention, she’s also the president of her club too. Scene changed to Chikaru in a room, with a knitting machine and some kinda cosplay costumes around her. [Is she in the cosplay club?! LoL.]

After class, Nagisa’s friends, Chikaya, Noriko and Tamao had to go for their extracurricular activities, leaving Nagisa alone to return back to the dorm room. Feeling a little left out, Nagisa went around in search of a suitable club to join. First she went to the Japanese Tea Ceremony club and thought to herself that she couldn’t sit in Seiza [Where one first kneels on the floor, and then rests the butt on the heels, with the tops of the feet flat on the floor.] position for too long lol. Next, the Art club but she wasn’t that good in art since young, and then the Theater club, Nagisa felt bashful on acting in front of everyone. Dance club was a no-no too as she had no dancing genes in her lol. Then it’s on to Cooking club, which I presume that Nagisa knows how to eat only XD. [Like me] After looking at the club activities, Kendo, Classical Ballet, Fencing etc, all those above doesn’t really suit Nagisa at all. [Neither could I imagine Nagisa in any of those clubs too lol] Nagisa saw Noriko hitting a bull’s eye in the Archery club, exclaimed out loud and much to her embarrassment, she ran away.

Seems like Nagisa had ran to the St Lulim’s compound and thought to herself that the St Lulim extracurricular activities looked more fun. As Nagisa was looking at the students having fun, two girls cosplaying as nurses approached her and introduced themselves. They’re Hyuuga Kizuna and Natsume Remon [The one with megane XD] whom I had already introduced in Ep1 and for now they made a brief real entrance as Chikaru’s cosplaying toys uh club members. Just then, Chikaru ran up towards them and placed a finishing touch on Kizuna’s costume before the two girls ran away looking for sick patients lol. Ah, I was right, Chikaru’s the president of the cosplay uh Transformation club and Kizuna and Remon were the only members lol. [LOL, Chikaru’s wolfish smile’s da best when she said there’s only three members in her club.] Chikaru then described that in St Lulim, anyone could form clubs but if they got bored, they could just close the clubs. Chikaru then invited Nagisa to join her club since anyone from the three schools could be accepted. Nagisa didn’t really give a reply, probably said she’ll consider about it or some sort. [Chikaru kinda reminded me of Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura haha]

Your Face's Dirty.These Flowers Are So Pretty, Like You.Shizuma Playing The Piano.

As Nagisa was walking back, she came across a greenhouse she had been noticing for quite a while and went in. Nagisa was amazed to be surrounded by so many flowers and noticed one of the flowers had fallen out of place so she straightened it up. As Nagisa finished washing her hands, Shizuma offered Nagisa her handkerchief to wipe up. As Nagisa reached out to take Shizuma’s handkerchief, their hands touched briefly, causing Nagisa to be all flustered. Mistaking Shizuma to be some Gardening club because of the greenhouse and all, Shizuma’s followers explained that the greenhouse was actually for Shizuma’s personal use. Shizuma’s the one who had been growing the flowers they see around St Miator, St Lulim and St Spica, including special events too. [So the bouquet of roses Shizuma gave to Amane in Ep4 was grown by her too? Cool!] Embarrassed by her mistake, Nagisa apologized and ran off, taking Shizuma’s handkerchief with her.

Back in the dorm room, Nagisa told Tamao about the happenings that afternoon and they were having a tea party again with Noriko and Chihaya. The next day, Nagisa went to Shizuma’s room to return the handkerchief but she wasn’t in. Wondering where Shizuma had gone, Nagisa chanced upon the single bed room that she had went in before in Ep3 and tried to open the door. [I’m betting it’s Shizuma and her lover’s tryst room lol] Anyways, when Nagisa tried to open the door, it was locked. Suddenly Rokujou-kaichou appeared from nowhere and lectured Nagisa for trying to open the door and told her it’s an empty room. Dejected, Nagisa returned back to her room then remembered the only place Shizuma could be. No cookies for those who guessed right XD. Nagisa returned to the greenhouse and Shizuma was indeed there. Nagisa tried to return the handkerchief to Shizuma but Shizuma probably didn’t want her to and requested Nagisa to help her plant the flowers. Shizuma then began talked about if one placed careful caring, the plants would bloom into beautiful flowers. [Hm, a side of Shizuma we have never seen before]

Shizuma noticed Nagisa had some dirt on her face and used her apron to clean it off. Shizuma thanked Nagisa for helping her out. As Shizuma looked at Nagisa, she realized that Shizuma’s eyes were so deep but snapped out of it when Shizuma blinked. Shizuma’s followers saw the interaction. Shizuma then asked the followers that they were not needed and went off with Nagisa to place the flowers in the main entrance. Nagisa thought to herself that it’s strange that she could actually see Shizuma’s face now lol. Unlike the times when Nagisa always seemed to be weak in the knees whenever Shizuma looked at her.

Shizuma Looking Forlorn.Crying.Angst.

After placing the flowers, Shizuma brought Nagisa to the music room and played the piano in the room. After playing a pretty lonely and quiet piece, Shizuma invited Nagisa to join in and they played another happy piece together. [The animation scene where they were playing the piano sucks, I thought they were rowing a boat or something lol] Halfway, Nagisa pressed the wrong key but Shizuma doesn’t mind and they continued again. Throughout, Shizuma was looking at Nagisa, probably she used to play together with her lover before. Meanwhile, the followers of Shizuma in the greenhouse reported to Rokujou-kaichou that something seems to be developing between Shizuma and Nagisa. Rokujou brushed their suspicions off as Shizuma’s moment of folly. But the followers doesn’t think so as they had been with Shizuma since kindergarden and said that Shizuma seemed to have returned to what she was back then. [When was back then? When Shizuma’s with her lover?] Shizuma and Nagisa had returned to the greenhouse and Nagisa offered to get hot water while Shizuma prepared the utensils for red tea. When Nagisa walked into the greenhouse, she saw Shizuma’s forlorn expression while waiting.

When Shizuma noticed Nagisa, her expression changed and she was Etoile again. Nagisa praised Shizuma for making such great tea and could do anything, Shizuma replied that it’s not like that but if she could make tea for Nagisa anytime. It was getting late, Nagisa wanted to help clean up but Shizuma said she would do it so Nagisa left. After Nagisa left, Shizuma had this grim expression on her face. While walking back, Nagisa realized that she had forgotten to return the handkerchief to Shizuma and went back. But Shizuma was not at the table, walking further in, Nagisa saw Shizuma wearing this really far away look, crying while staring out of the window. When Shizuma turned around, Nagisa had already left after leaving the handkerchief on the table. Walking back to Ichigo-sha’s gate, Tamao was there waiting for Nagisa. Tamao gave Nagisa a hug and said she was worried about Nagisa. Nagisa forced a smile and apologized. In the night, Rokujou-kaichou confronted Shizuma and asked if Shizuma was serious about Nagisa, if not, she should just stop giving her ideas before she hurts Nagisa and left. [Rokujou-kaichou’s playing the baddie here lol] Shizuma kept quiet throughout and continued staring out of the window at the moon and the dark night clouds. I love angst! lol - END -

Ah, great character development for Shizuma, indeed made up the absence of her in Ep5 lol. And viola, Shizuma didn’t once groped Nagisa in the Ep6! LoL. Ok, except for that light brush of hands and stuff but Nagisa’s observation of the deepness of Shizuma’s eyes was great XD. Wish she could describe it more but it’s ok, Shizuma’s eyes were indeed penetrating to one’s soul haha. I was right about Shizuma playing around with the girls to fill her empty heart and so go go Nagisa, you’re halfway there! I'm beginning to like Shizuma, probably cos of the complex feelings or something. Not sure XD. Anyways, next Ep’s gonna be about the St Spica plot to snatch the Etoile title from St Miator.

Art: 7/10
Story: 8/10 [Shizuma~]
Characters: 8/10
Overall: 7.5/10

Got lazy, I slacked around, reading scanlations XD then reading mangas, now I’m done, I think I’ll get to work on School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep5 tomorrow. Hmm, i can get Strawberry Panic! Eps on tuesday night ... so tune in to SP every wednesdays k? If I don't get lazy that is heh. Cya.

[Signing off @ 9:17 PM]

PS: Cut my parrots' feathers today, so that they won't fly away if i let them outta the cage. Don't worry, cutting off the feather won't hurt them XD.


  1. After playing a pretty lonely and quiet piece...

    It's Ludwig van Beethoven's "Moonlight" Serenade ;-)

  2. oops, i mean Moonlight sonata ,-)

  3. Shizuma and Nagisa together on piano
    "Gebet einer Jungfrau"/"Modlitwa dziewicy"/"La prière d'une vierge"/"Virgin's Prayer" by Tekla Badarzewska