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Thursday, May 25, 2006

[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 2

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I slept the afternoon away because it was raining and it was so cooling ... that I just blanked out on bed lol.

Oh yeah, i got my TCZ 21 #3 this noon =O, I wanna go to the bookfair on saturday and get my stuff autographed!!! lol.


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Strawberry Panic! 1. Strawberry Panic! 2.

In Chapter 2 of Strawberry Panic!, 'Sisters' Promise', it's the end of school and the teacher ended the session by having the students sing a hymn. Nagisa got flustered when she couldn't find the page to the hymn they're singing. Suzumi Tamao, Nagisa's classmate who was sitting beside Nagisa looked on, thinking to herself how cute Nagisa looked when she's flustered lol.

Strawberry Panic! 3. Strawberry Panic! 4.

Tapping on Nagisa's shoulders, Tamao showed Nagisa the page. However, Tamao had showed Nagisa the wrong page on purpose. Looking at Nagisa's fuming face, Tamao can't help but think that Nagisa's soooo cute and fun to tease. Initially, Tamao had wanted to spend a low profile time in St Miator, but looking at the gullible Nagisa, she can't help but want to make fun of her. All of a sudden, Tamao realized she's thinking like a pervert but seemed to be quite content about it lol. The door slided open, the girls in class began squealing out Shizuma's name. Shizuma had came to get the person in charge for the transferring of the Holy Water. And so, the person's Nagisa and the other girls stared at her ... probably jealous lol. Shizuma went up to Nagisa and extended out her hand just like in Chapter 1. Nagisa realized that Shizuma is none other than the one who guided her when she was lost in Chapter 1. -Flash Back- [Continuation of what happened in Chapter 1] Shizuma had extended out her hand, hoping to get Nagisa to hold her hand so that she can lead her away. Nagisa stared at Shizuma's hand dumbly at first but realized the purpose behind it but thought to herself that she's not a kid, why would Shizuma want to hold her hand? To take or not to take? Nagisa finally grabbed hold of Shizuma's hand tightly, feeling a little weird.

Strawberry Panic! 5. Strawberry Panic! 6.

Shizuma was stunned by Nagisa's actions as the other girls always touched her timidly but Nagisa had been quite forceful and direct. As time passed, Nagisa was thinking that Shizuma must be shocked by her actions. Whereas Shizuma's feeling a little warm at Nagisa's actions. -Back to present- Shizuma realized that the person in charge is none other than the girl who held her hand so forcefully back in Chapter 1. Shizuma caressed Nagisa's cheeks and asked Nagisa if she had forgotten her. Nagisa replied, of course not, how could I had forgotten such beautiful and goddness-like person. As the two girls interacted with each other, Tamao looked on thinking how could Shizuma know Nagisa and the way they are gazing lovingly at each other. Staring at Shizuma's face closely, Nagisa thought to herself, I knew it, she's beautiful. While Shizuma's thinking how beautiful and clear were Nagisa's eyes. Tamao suddenly had a bad feeling about it.

Strawberry Panic! 7. Strawberry Panic! 8.

Shizuma lean forward and kissed Nagisa on the forehead. The girls around began shrieking at what their Shizuma Onee-sama did. Nagisa was stunned and was confused about what had happened lol. Shizuma realizing what she had done, grabbed Nagisa's hand and dashed off.

Strawberry Panic! 9. Strawberry Panic! 10.

Leaving Tamao and the girls can't believing what had happened. After running for a while, they [Actually only Nagisa] stopped to catch their breaths. Nagisa thought to herself that something amazing had happened to her. Nagisa told Shizuma that Shizuma must be really popular to cause such a big hoo-ha. Shizuma told Nagisa not to call her senpai [Senior], instead she should call her Onee-sama.

Strawberry Panic! 11. Strawberry Panic! 12.

Shizuma stroked Nagisa's face and praised Nagisa for having such smooth, soft skin. Nagisa said Shizuma's skin's more beautiful. Shizuma smiled and brought Nagisa's hand to her face and asked her to stroke her. Shizuma said she will care and treat Nagisa like her only sister in the world so from today, Nagisa is her little sister and she must call her Shizuma Onee-sama.

Strawberry Panic! 13. Strawberry Panic! 14.

And if Nagisa should break her promise ... Shizuma bit Nagisa's index finger lightly and added, 'I'll punish you~' =O Meanwhile, Tsukidate Chiyo, a kouhai [Junior] was thinking about Nagisa. Back to Nagisa and Shizuma, Shizuma's explaining about the duites of a Holy Water Monitor, about Easter Day and the 'Secret Garden' =O [Fufufu]. Then, the subject went to Shizuma suggesting that they enjoy a date in the 'Maiden's Garden'.

Ohhh, great art as usual, lol, love the part where Shizuma bit Nagisa's index finger and told her 'I'll punish you~~' Kyaaahhhh, you can punish me anytime Shizuma Onee-sama~~~~ LOL. If you think Shizuma's really aggressive in the anime, you should really read the manga ... XD. Uh, well you're reading it now lol.

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