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Sunday, May 7, 2006

MTV Asia Awards 2006 Results

[Posted @ 6:31 PM]
Alright kids, show's over, YanZi lost. I won't be a sore loser and say MAA is a cheater or whatever because i am realistic so i hope YanZi fans out there, just ignore those whatever crappers and don't reply to those crappers in the MAA Forum.

A lost IS a lost. Ok?

YanZi will agree to me anyways. We, YanZi fans got sportsmanship ok. Hey, LOOK I'm even congratulating Taufik!

akayuki sincerely wishes : 'Congratulations Taufik! You got your award.'

HOWEVER, it's YanZi's turn next year again. Muahahahaha.

Anyways the results;

The winners of the MTV Asia Awards 2006

10 Favourite Music Artist Awards from Asia:
  • Favourite Artist Mainland China - Vicki Zhao
  • Favourite Artist Hong Kong - Twins
  • Favourite Artist India - Jal
  • Favourite Artist Indonesia - Peterpan
  • Favourite Artist Korea - Se7en
  • Favourite Artist Malaysia - Mawi
  • Favourite Artist Philippines - Rivermaya
  • Favourite Artist Singapore - Taufik Batisah
  • Favourite Artist Taiwan - Wang Leehom
  • Favourite Artist Thailand - Tata Young

    International Music Awards:
  • Favourite Male Artist - Ricky Martin
  • Favourite Female Artist - Kelly Clarkson
  • Favourite Pop Act - The Backstreet Boys
  • Favourite Rock Act - Green Day
  • Favourite Video - KOßN “Twisted Transistor”
  • Favourite Breakthrough Artist - Simon Webbe

  • The Style Awards - Jolin Tsai
  • Special Achievement In Popular Music - Destiny’s Child
  • The Inspiration Award - Bird Thongchai McIntyre
  • Breakthrough Collaboration Japan - TERIYAKI BOYZ

    Taken from here , the offical winners list in MAA website.

    Before you guys go cheering at the win of Taufik, please check if your own consciences are still there then click here

    Do you really think this is fair?

    I don't know, they know they're cheating but they still did it, why? I have no idea. Winning by this kind of method, i wonder how he's gonna show his face anywhere else again, poor thing.

    Anyways, congrats to YanZi on her Concert on Genting Highlands on 06/05/2006 and that's why she couldn't attend MAA 2006 last night. Ha, could this be one of the reasons too? You make the decision.

    [Signing off @ 7:00 PM]

    PS: Peace. I'll kill anyone who spams me. Trust me.
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