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Friday, May 19, 2006

[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 7

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I re-sized the scans on this chapter because the original scans were way too big, 1.5MB each ... it's crazy.

Oh, and to Hikari x Yaya fans, get ready your tissues for more action XD. [Psst, to stop your nose from bleeding.]


I do not scan, so i don't claim credit for it, i got the scans from Yamibo, so please do not ask me where i got my scans again. PLEASE.

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Strawberry Panic! 1. Strawberry Panic! 2.

In Chapter 7 of StoPani!, 'Cinderella', the 'HER' is none other than Kenjou Kaname, 4th Grader, one of St Spica Top Five Idols. In the manga, Kaname admires Amane alot to the extent of even saying that their hearts are connected lol. [I see jaws dropping from those who watched/read StoPani! Ep7 lol. If you haven't, click here to read Ep7.] I'm not sure she's lying or what and probably there'll be a twist in later chapters but let's assume for now that she's really truthful. Shion had called Kaname out to meet Amane in the student council room. Amane made a really great fuss of Kaname being her partner for the Etoile Battle, saying she would never enter the Etoile Battle if Kaname is her partner.

Strawberry Panic! 3. Strawberry Panic! 4.

Shion told Amane that Kaname's the best candidate to be her partner based on her research. 'Just what do you see in her that is the best for me?!', Amane retorted. Then she added, 'It's like two males putting up a show!' LOL. Shion replied, 'That's the point, Amane fangirls would not want another GIRL snatching their Prince away ...' LOL. So, with the equally popular Kaname, they would make a great match. Amane tried to imagine herself and Kaname in the Etoile Battle lol and thought to herself, 'No way!'. Kaname eventually got hurt at Amane's refusals and asked Amane if she really disliked her so. Amane said that she doesn't dislike Kaname and asked Shion if she could choose her own partner. Although the feelings might be one sided ... Amane still wish to give it a shot. Everyone [Shion, Kaname and Tsubomi. Tsubomi's the Secretary of St Spica Student Council.] in the room got a shock that Amane has a love interest and a one sided love affair to boot lol. When Shion asked for the name, Amane shyly [and CUTELY!] said it's 'Konohana Hikari.'

Strawberry Panic! 5. Strawberry Panic! 6.

EDIT: I dunno what in the hell on Page 6 violated any rules of Photobucket lol. Maybe it's, BAD BAD Yaya-chan lol, peeking under Hikari's skirt is badddd. I've hosted it on Imageshack.

Meanwhile, Hikari's in the changing room, while she's changing, Yaya told her that her bra's crooked and offered to straighten it. Did Yaya straighten it? Of course not, she undid the bra and faked carelessness lol. Yaya proceed to saying how cute Hikari's bra is and said that if that set of bra was the one she wore at the library lol. [See Chapter 3] Yaya then checked Hikari's uh underwear.

Strawberry Panic! 7. Strawberry Panic! 8.

Yaya praised Hikari for having so many cute underwears. Although it's a bit childish lol she added lol making Hikari blush. Using Amane as an excuse, Yaya offered to tell Hikari more about sexy lingeries lol. Suddenly, someone rushed in the changing room, yelling about some big news. Hikari and Yaya went to the notice board and they read the news of Amane and Kaname pairing up for the Etoile Battle. Yaya said, well it can't be help then, since it's important for St Spica to get the Etoile title this year. Yaya suggested to Hikari to go see Amane on the day of the Etoile Battle to support her beloved Amane then and Amane would be very happy to see her there too. Hikari nodded but seemed upset.

Strawberry Panic! 9. Strawberry Panic! 10.

Tsubomi rushed in and asked if it's really true that Hikari's pairing up with Amane for the Etoile Battle. Hikari and Yaya were stunned lol. On the other side, St Miator, Nagisa and Tamao were staying back to clean up because they missed the time to perform their duties as they were running away from Shizuma fangirls. Tamao began to blame Shizuma for pulling her innocent cute Nagisa into the Etoile Battle lol. Tamao said that for the round 1 of the Etoile Battle, pairs would be tested on the history of Astraea and most of the pairs had been studying in the respective schools since kindergarden. So for the newly transferred Nagisa, it seems impossible. Tamao reckoned that maybe Shizuma doesn't want to win the Etoile title this year and just wanted to show everyone, 'Alright, this is my cute Nagisa~' end of story lol.

Strawberry Panic! 11. Strawberry Panic! 12.

Nagisa puts up a brave front and said that, ah is that so, I see, then I wouldn't be so stressed up if St Miator should lost and create trouble for Shizuma. It's alright for make a fool of herself but it wouldn't be nice if she created trouble for people around her. So it's not real, it's impossible for a transferred student like her to represent the school. Then Nagisa thought to herself, even so, she still feels a little happiness, because this is the time she could see Shizuma. The more Nagisa thought, she thinks it's impossible between her and Shizuma and just thinking about it makes her heart hurt and her nose wet. Suddenly, Chiyo barged in from the door and told Nagisa to run away because a bunch of Shizuma fangirls were coming to teach Nagisa a lesson =O.

Strawberry Panic! 13. Strawberry Panic! 14.

Meanwhile, Shizuma's confronted by her classmates, Tougi Hitomi and Kanou Mizuho on Shizuma's decision on Nagisa being her partner in the Etoile Battle. Hitomi said that last year, Shizuma and Mizuho competed in the Etoile Battle and won. Mizuho had placed much effort in the Etoile Battle and this is what she gets? A no name tranferred student replacing her? Mizuho tried to stop Hitomi from saying more, but Hitomi continued, saying that it must be because Kaori's irreplaceable. Shizuma evaded answering and thought to herself that till now, she keeps thinking about it although it hurts. Slowly, come to think of it, it might be a good thing after all. Shizuma ended the chapter by thinking about Sakuragi Kaori peacefully lying among her favourite green patches. - END -

I'm not sure how to translate the last few pages of C7 where Hitomi's talking about replacing and stuff. But i think basically Hitomi's just pissed that Shizuma's making Nagisa her partner and forsaking Mizuho then she brought up the issue of Sakuragi Kaori.

And, kyyyyaaahh~ shy Amane is just soooo cute!!! LoL. Yaya in the manga's not as supportive in the anime ... in fact she seemed to be turning everything to her own advantage. But I like lol. Kaname might be the villain in the manga too, someone's stealing her prince away, will she let it slip so easily? But it's still too early to say. Never underestimate the power of fangirls ... and Shizuma's past ... will she be able to let go?

Well, hm Tours Mai HiME V4 doujinshi tommorow, last two pages.

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