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Thursday, May 11, 2006

My African Grey Pics 1

[Posted 3:38 PM]
I got lazy again, so i'm posting my African Greys pics lol. I played with them this afternoon for an hour or so before the sky got dark ... so i better keep them back in the cage.

My African Greys On Wooden Stands.

See the feathers on their wings were chopped off lol. They wanna fly also cannot fly haha, if so, they could only flap less than 1m away from me lol so cute. Especially the way they walk on flat land haha. I fed them grapes and strawberries but they didn't like strawberries cos it's sour XP. We shared the grapes though, i bit half of it then gave the other half to them haha. They don't eat the skin of the grape, they just ate the flesh inside lol, so picky XD.

It's really tiring to play with them, everytime i went back in to get some water or surf the net, they climbed uh maybe slided down the wooden stand i left them on and walked in the house squeaking for me lol so CUTE! Now the back of my right palm is surrounded by scratches because of their claws la ... but nevertheless, i managed to kiss them, nuzzled them and breathed in their parroty scent lol. The way their feathers fluff up is the BEST! LOL SO Goddammit cute.

Close Up.

Haha, one of them use their right leg while the other use left leg to grab their food, so cute XD. They didn't like me snapping photos of them, cos if i did, they will act unnatural and the photo will look bad lol. Darn smarties. Now i'm teaching them to do this spaceship with the laser sound lol hahaha, can't wait XD.

I'll probably post some cookie baking pics later, this time, my bro didn't use any cookie mixture, solely hand made ... so cool huh! Flour, baking powder, butter, eggs and dunno wat la lol, later then you'll see. XD.

[Signing off @ 3:56 PM]

PS: Watashi no parrot-to kawaii desu ne? HAI desu!

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