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Friday, May 5, 2006

School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep4

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Time for some School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep4 ne?

Boys Love!My Mai Dream~ *Winks*Akira.

Cute starting lol, with Mai transforming into a Magical Girl [Card Captor Sakura parody LOL] and advising viewers to watch TV from a distance and in a brightly lit room ne? [Winks] XD. Right, 2-C now needs suggestions for the play performance for the School Festival. Mai said that the writer cannot write himself/herself as the main character but could make another classmate a main character. So Mai and Yuki then went to the library to put the suggestions together and got uh many shocks when they read what their classmates wrote lol. First up, a scene where Yakumo confessing to Hanai under a tree with sakura petals floating around setting. Suddenly, Yakumo took off her uh his mask and revealed Harima’s face inside LOL. Hanai gulped and said he doesn’t mind and dived towards Hanai hence … a shounen-ai scene … lol.

Next, in a ballet class setting, ballerinas were training, doing the 1-2-3-4 thingy. The instructor, I bet it’s Imadori lol, dissed Ichijou and Mihara for under performing. Mikoto came to their rescue and did this girlish ballerina leap LOL. Imadori then went, man, this is the real deal, Level D lol. Jealous of Mikoto, Ichijou and Mihara placed thumbtacks on Mikoto’s ballerina shoes =O. [Whoa, kinda like Wishing Stairs?] Just then Mikoto appeared from behind Mai and Yuki to see how’s their progress lol and the story was left that way. Next script, Eri as a poor pauper and she entered Nishimoto’s shop for some cheap Soba. It appears that Nishimoto was Harima in disguise again lol. Mai and Yuki went, wasn’t that the same plot as the first script?

Lol and they thought Harima was trying to be the main character by disguising himself as others. Eri appeared from behind, read the script, appeared very calm on the surface but was boiling within haha. Next script, was Mai’s Magical Girl dream lol. In the end, both girls couldn’t put the scripts together and got Akira to help them instead since she looked so studious. Akira and Eri were having tea and seems like Akira told Eri about Mai and Yuki’s request. Eri remarked that Akira’s too uptight and trying to act all cool lol. The next day, Mai and Yuki gave the scripts for Akira to put it together. Akira was surprised to read a script about her written by Eri. Eri still thinks that the script of her being poor was written by Harima but the real culprit was Akira LOL.


Next part, 2-C had to stay back in school as they were behind preparations for the School Festival. Tenma mistaken Yakumo’s worried expression for worrying Harima might stray away lol. The next day, Tenma requested Eri to help her ask what were the likes and dislikes of Harima for her lol. Anyways, Eri did ask Harima by saying it’s a survey for the café menu. First question, do you prefer girls who can cook? Yes or no? Harima actually replied seriously no, as long there’s love, even cup noodles are enough. Second question, between girls who are good and bad in sports who do you prefer? Harima replied, it doesn’t matter but it will be cute if she couldn’t swim. Eri thought Harima was referring to her. [Remember the Ep that Eri refused to be taught swimming by Harima?] Third question, what kind of hairstyle do you like on a girl? Harima noticed Tenma’s lol moving hair behind the props and thought Tenma wanted to know his preferences.

So Harima proudly declared that a girl with her hair tied on both sides of her head LOL. Eri happened to have that hairstyle too and thought Harima was referring to her. Just then, Yakumo appeared with her hair tied up on both sides of her head too lol. Tenma patted on Yakumo’s shoulders and said, hm, I’m glad for you lol. Nishimoto come into view and said that they’re going to the public bath house. The public bath house was owned by their classmate, Ayano lol. In the changing room, Eri wondered if Harima would had said if she doesn’t have the hairstyle Harima had described. In the males’ bathroom, Nara thought he saw a blonde girl washing her hair and it turned out to be Yoshidayama instead LOL. Over at the girls’ side, Yuki and Sagano asked Eri if she’s going out with Harima. At the boys’ side, Harima was having a little fantasy of Tenma waiting outside the public bathroom and them having a lovey-dovey scene but it turned out to be one of Yoshidayama’s pigtail hair he was grabbing LOL.

Back to the girls’ side, Yuki and Sagano were still pestering Eri about her relationship with Harima. Eri felt like herself when she’s with Harima as she doesn’t need to put on a mask or a fake smile. As Eri started to reply, Harima’s voice from the boys’ side echoed in ‘I totally hate blondies with their hair tied on both sides!’ LOL. In response to that, Eri told Yuki and Sagano that she hates him enough to kill him LOL. Before the part end, Tenma mistook the bashed up Yoshidayama as Eri lol.

LOL!*Horns Blowing*.Eyes Popping!.

Next part, the girls made Onigiris [Riceballs] for the boys to eat and every girl made a different one so if you’re lucky you will get to eat the good ones lol. Hanai ate Yuki’s riceball. Meanwhile, Harima was doing some serious thinking which riceballs were likely to be made by Tenma lol. He made his choice and confirmed to himself it must be Tenma’s and even gave Tenma a thumb up lol. Tenma was confused but returned the thumb up anyways. To get the bad taste outta his mouth, Harima chose another onigiri, this time a squarish one lol. It turns out to be worse than the first one and Harima thought to himself that Tenma’s not the worst cook afterall lol. But, but, the first onigiri was made by Eri and so the second one was made by Tenma lol, well in the end, Tenma’s the worst cook. Good luck Harima lol. [I love the image background, the volcano, mammoth and racing horses whenever Harima ate Eri or Tenma’s onigiri LOL]

A Hanai and Mikoto scene, Mikoto was glad to see Hanai finally back to his own self. It’s because Hanai knew that Harima x Yakumo coupling was just a misunderstanding. About Mikoto’s love life, she replied that she doesn’t have anyone in mind since that college guy. The two childhood friends then compete in who will get a lover first. And so, the preparation for the School Festival continues.

Art: 8/10
Story: 7/10
Characters: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

Going off to North Point to buy mangas ... I'll post Strawberry Panic! Ep5 probably in the late evening.

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