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Friday, May 26, 2006

Singapore World Book Fair 2006

[Posted @ 5:00 PM]
Too bad ChuangYi is not participating this year ... well i don't really mind cos my study room is a natural Book Fair cum Library on its on level LOL.

If you want more details about Singapore World Book Fair 2006, click here to go to their website. It will be held from;
Date: 26th May 2006 to 4th June 2006

Time: 2 ~ 10 pm [26.05.06]
11 am ~ 10 pm [27.05 ~ 04.06.06]

Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
Level 4, Hall 401 - 404.

Hm, I'm really torn between staying home and watch anime or go to the autograph session of WTB at the book fair tomorrow. I don't really give a hoot about getting my stuff signed ... although having my TCZ 21 #1 signed was cool but ... dunno. It just wasn't the same as getting YanZi to sign on my albums LOL.

I'm glad I saved much for tomorrow, heh, I think I'm gonna spend more than a S$100 ... with the Senba Zuru [IN RED KIMONO!!!!] banner, TCZ clock, TCZ II poster and TCZ I/II, TCZ 21 table mats. I'm only interested in anything with Chi Xue and Senba Zuru ... others ... see first ba.

Oh saw this over at TCZ website, so those going to the Book Fair and specifically TCZ's booth, please read, if not you'll be going in rounds lol.

TCZ Studio's Booth has RELOCATED.

EVENT: World Bk Fair 2006

BOOTH: SP 72 [Instead of SP 31]

Please take note lol. Dunno why it was changed ... but nevertheless ... go there k? Time to buy some TCZ merchandises~~~ tomorrow!

[Signing off @ 5:22 PM]

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