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Sunday, May 14, 2006

20 Things You Don't Know About Me

[Posted 5:00 PM]
I seriously am BORED and LAZY to do any more stuff. Anyways.


We're going to some CC later to celebrate Mothers' Day XD ... Anyways, on to the subject, 20 Things You Don't Know About Me,

20. In case you don't know, I'm a Kampong Girl.
19. The time i started cheating really hard in spelling tests and exams was when i was Primary 5 and 6.
18. However, i never cheated when i was in kindergarden even though i was accused to be.
17. I was spanked by a teacher on the palm in front of the class when i was Primary 2 for leaving the classroom without permission.
16. From then, i swore to myself to never grow up to be a teacher.
15. I forged my mother's signature not once, not twice but around 5-6 times when i failed my spelling tests in primary school.
14. I was caught, sent out of my house 4-5 times lol.
13. I tried to leave home once because of that. [Li Jia Chu Zou]
12. But i turned back home when i reached the main road.
11. I killed a chicken with my bare hands by throwing it, saw it choked, coughing out blood and slowly died.
10. I cried after that, learnt that life is so fragile and cursed myself that my death will be the same as the chicken.
9. I dunno how i did it but when my friend in primary school had her first period, i was the one who guided her, comforted her in the toilet and asked her to go home when i haven't even had my first menstruation. [A woman's intuition?]
8. The first crush i had was a girl. [She's really cool. I think she joined Miss Singapore Universe once heh.]
7. The first guy crush i had was a BIG jerk. [Till now i still regret it, i don't know what the freak i saw in him. Ok, maybe because he's handsome.]
6. I tried to kill myself once by slitting my wrist because i was depressed.
5. I didn't do it, because i'm a coward.
4. I used to like Fann Wong.
3. Now i don't, in fact, i hate her lol.
2. I don't think i'm capable of loving another person because i'm too selfish.
1. I have a split personality.

LoL, it's fun. Maybe i should do this kinda stuff more.

[Signing off 5:10 PM]

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