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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thailand - Chiang Mai Trip, Day 1

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Miss me?

Ok, I'm back from Thailand, went to Chiang Mai and a day trip to Chiang Rai. Can't say the trip was fun but it was not utterly boring too. It's a kinda cultural learning journey la. My idea of FUN is PLAY, PLAY, ROLLER COASTERS, THRILL, GO CRAAAZZZZY and EAT EAT EAT lol.

Anyways, the first day WAS DAMN LAME. From Singapore, it took around 3 hours for us to reach Chiang Mai airport. Our flight was at 1510 which is 3:10 PM [Singapore Time] so when we reached there, it's like almost 6 PM [Chiang Mai Time] so it's 7 PM in Singapore, as they're one hour later. Anyways, after that, we met the tour guide, sat the bus lol, the whole bus was for us, 23 of us went, one big family [Well, we're related in some way or other] =). Anyways, enjoy the photos taken from the plane

Airplane Food - Fish And Pasta.=O~Almost There.

We sat SilkAir, MI701, then during the flight, we encountered quite number of turbulence LOL. We were like, oh yeah this feels so good, like a roller coaster. Every kid in my family were shrieking ... [13 kids, not including me of course, I ain't a kid but i was shrieking too LOL] not in fear, but JOY LOL. Weird, crazy but true. We should be shaking with fear when the plane kinda wobbled up and down while we were having a late lunch LOL but nooooo, we were talking among ourselves excitingly lol. I was playing with my cup of Coke lol, staring at the liquid hovering around my cup LOL. Ah, but we made it safely ... =).

Nice =).=O~Our Hotel Room.

Then our first stop was the hotel, we stayed in this dark, gloomy, hotel called Lotus Hotel [3-4 stars] ... if I'm not wrong lol. The lightings were really dim ... too dim for my liking, kinda scary haha, it's like i'm expecting something to pop out and say 'BOO!' XD. But the room's biggg, Chuz and me in a room, Fish and mum in another room, aunt and grandma lol. After unpacking our stuff, we went to the nearby shopping centre beside the hotel. Half of us, mostly kids went to catch a movie, we watched X-Men 3: The Last Stand ... sooo cool and cheap, just 90 BAHT per person for public days and weekends ... and 60 BAHT per person for weekdays! It's like around $4 Singapore dollars ... oh my god. I can watch TWICE sia lol. The movie was good, great effects ... too bad Professor X died =O, spoilt ya LOL. Cyclops and Jean died too ... awww.

Here's the ticket =).

Logan Was So Darn Sexy In The Movie LoL.

Well, the theater was soso lor, the seats could be reclined so it's pretty comfortable. The funny thing that happened to us was that, while waiting for the movie to start, they aired some advertisements mah then suddenly, everyone stood up LOL. Like typical Singaporeans, we followed and stood up too. You know why? Because they were playing Thailand's national anthem on the screen, so we have to stand up lor. The Thais really respect their king alot and love their country alot ...

So i'm wondering, if Singapore were to air the national anthem before a movie, will we stand up? Will we sing the national anthem with pride? Ah, i wonder. As students, sometimes we don't even sing, we had to be FORCED to sing, if not we cannot return to the classrooms lol.

Anyways, after the movie, we went back, slept. That's all. Lame isn't it? One day wasted just like that lol. Wanted to watch another movie on the second day ... MI:3 ... but it's a story for another day.

I'll post Strawberry Panic Ep9 review tomorrow, I downloaded it just now ... I like St Spica's swimsuit, nice =). Hmm Yaya fanservice heh.

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