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Thursday, May 18, 2006

[Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 6

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I've been sneezing every now and then today even in this scorching weather ... is someone talking behind my back?

Anyways, here's [Manga] Strawberry Panic! Chapter 6 since the latest chapter from Dynasty Scans was 5 so i'm just going on with the flow by posting C6 and C7. Then I'll go back to reviewing Chapter 1 since I see no point in starting from C1 and I know everyone's waiting in anticipation for this chapter lol. So on with it.


I do not scan, so i don't claim credit for it, i got the scans from Yamibo, so please do not ask me where i got my scans again. PLEASE.

If you want to download the translated chapters of Strawberry Panic! Manga, go to Dynasty Scans .

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Strawberry Panic! 1.

In Chapter 6 of Strawberry Panic!, 'Prince and Angel', Amane's feeling dizzy and uncomfortable from having to face the squealing fangirls every morning she goes to school. She even thought to herself why isn't there another gate where she can go through lol. But anyways, she puts up a 'Princely' manner and walked through. All the fangirls all lined up began to greet Amane.

Strawberry Panic! 2. Strawberry Panic! 3.

One of the fangirls, stumbled out of the crowd and present a gift to Amane in front of everyone. Amane accepted the gift, her fingers lightly brushing against the fangirl's fingers. Fangirl was sobbing and filled with happiness that she fainted lol. Amane moved forward to check if the fangirl's alright while the crowd of fangirls went wild with 'Amane-sama~', Kyyaah~', 'Noo~', 'So sneaky~' and stuff lol. Hikari was hidden behind the crowd of fangirls looking on and was amazed at the bold fangirl's actions. Yaya came to meet Hikari and praised Hikari for looking cute as usual today lol. Yaya then teased Hikari on being Amane's love interest as Amane had talked to Hikari before. Hikari brushed it off as 'because the situation called for it'. -Flashback- Then we were brought to a year ago when Hikari first transferred to St Spica. This was the first time Hikari had lived in a dorm and she's feeling useless and inferior compared to other 'cooler' girls in St Spica.

Strawberry Panic! 4. Strawberry Panic! 5.

Lost in her thoughts, Hikari got lost. She began looking around for an opening and saw a door that will lead her out to her home. She got all emotional and started crying. Just then, she heard someone walking up the stairs and started wiping her tears. As Hikari turned around, she saw Amane on her way up the stairs.

Strawberry Panic! 6. Strawberry Panic! 5.

The first thought that came to Hikari's mind was 'Prince' and Amane's mind was 'Angel'. Amane was stunned for a moment but recovered quickly and asked if Hikari's lost. Hikari nodded and told Amane that she's a newly transferred student and just moved in the dorm. Amane asked Hikari for her name and commented that her name's beautiful and suitable for Hikari.

Strawberry Panic! 8. Strawberry Panic! 9.

Amane then extended out her hand to Hikari and offered to bring her around the dorm. -Back to present- Hikari still can't believe that Amane would be so gentle with her and thought that it's because the situation had called for it that Amane treated her that way. Yaya tried to cheer Hikari up by saying that she'll always be there with Hikari every single moment since Hikari can't be with Amane ... Hikari looked defeated and faked happiness with Yaya. [Seems like Yaya's trying to make Amane look unattainable to Hikari here.] Meanwhile, at the St Lulim side, Kizuna and Lemon were reading the notice board about the Etoile Battle. A total of 17 pairs were competing in the Etoile Battle. From St Miator, we have the Hanazono Shizuma and Aoi Nagisa pair [Didn't state the others] while St Spica we have the Ootori Amane and Kenjou Kaname pair [Didn't state the others either]. As for the St Lulim, didn't say who, but from Kizuna and Lemon's conversation, St Lulim's sending out only 3 pairs lol because probably it's a lost case with the Prince of St Spica, Amane in the battle.

Strawberry Panic! 10. Strawberry Panic! 11.

Chikaru strolled in while Lemon's squealing the coolness of Amane and teased Lemon for showing interest in Amane. Chikaru said that it's true that St Spica's strong this year but ... it's still early to count the chicks before they hatch. Lemon thinks Chikaru's gonna compete in the Etoile Battle, Chikaru smiled and said well, this might be interesting. Chikaru then changed the subject into making Kizuna her cosplaying play toy lol. Lemon was stunned wondering about Chikaru's hobby lol.

Strawberry Panic! 12. Strawberry Panic! 13.

At St Spica, Amane stormed in the Student Council room demanding an explanation for the partner Shion had chosen in the Etoile Battle. Shion replied that she had only just chosen the most suitable person for Amane and for St Spica's good. Just as Amane was rumbling about why is it 'HER', 'HER' arrived, teasingly sad about Amane's unhappiness.

Note: If you read my review of Strawberry Panic! anime Ep7, you would know who is that 'HER' lol. If you still don't know, her name's Kenjou Kaname.

Ah, the flow and story's in the Manga is quite different from the Anime, even the characters' personalities have changed ... but i'm ok with it. I'll probably post up the differences between the Manga and Anime soon. Hmm, Chapter 7 tomorrow ... cya.

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