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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep7

[Posted @ 4:30 PM]
The first words I uttered when I saw this episode was ‘Holy Sweet Mother of God!’ LOL. Alright, Evil Lesbians™ anyone?

Princess Meets Prince.=OEvil Lesbians™

Amane fangirls were as usual squealing for Amane at the training grounds and Amane galloping around on Star Bright. However, Amane’s mind was not at peace, in fact she’s feeling a little unsettled, no, lonely, no idea. It’s nothing she had encountered before and then, she saw Hikari half-hiding behind a tree trunk looking at her. That point, she felt something in her heart. In class, Tamao was whispering to Nagisa that she’s getting vibes from Amane and Hikari. Densely, Nagisa replied, so? LOL Tamao, probably a little frustrated from the lack of response, explained that Amane was never used to be that close to anyone before. Tamao deduced that it must be ‘LOVE’ lol, Amane’s L-O-V-E. Tamao then made this lovey dovey face lol. Nagisa uncomfortably replied ‘Oh, is that so?’ LOL. However, it doesn’t seem that only Tamao had noticed it, Kenjou Kaname, Vice-President of St Spica too. [Hm, in the manga, Kiyashiki Momomi’s the Vice-President and there’s no such person as Kenjou Kaname in the manga so she’s a new character. Sorry I made a serious mistake, there IS a Kenjou Kaname in the manga lol but she's entirely different from the Kenjou Kaname in the anime. In the anime, Kaname's a villain but in the manga she seems to be an admirer of Amane lol. Whoa.]

Kaname told her possibility of Amane in love with Hikari to Kiyashiki Momomi, Secretary of St Spica over at the rooftop. Kaname regarded Hikari to be Amane’s Achilles’ heel. Momomi’s impressed at Kaname’s keen observations, Kaname replied that since she considered Amane to be her rival, it’s natural for her to keep track. Momomi ended the conversation with a kinda evil under meaning of what will happen to the flower under the sun if it gets blown away by the wind. [Kinda mean the sun, Amane couldn’t do anything to protect the flower, Hikari if it got blown away by the wind, Evil Lesbians™ lol] Hikari and Amane met up, it appeared that a tournament’s coming up and Amane’s even practicing during lunch breaks. Amane asked if Hikari would be there to send her off to the tournament, Hikari replied of course and had this serious expression. It appeared that Hikari had a present for Amane but before she could give it to Amane, they were interrupted by noisy fangirls and Amane had to go. Little did they know that they were watched by Shion, President of St Spica.

Shower scene! Amane’s bathing in the shower and after she finished, she noticed that Shion waiting for her outside. Shion asked if Amane had considered her suggestion. [Competing in the Etoile Battle] Amane returned that she had already rejected that suggestion. When Shion asked why, Amane refrained from responding. Shion reckoned that due to the fact that there’s a line of girls dying to give presents to Amane outside the clubhouse, this will affect her qualifications to compete in the Etoile battle. Amane smiled and replied that it’s not that, but if she accepts one present, she would have to accept even more future presents. Shion told Amane that she should choose a girl and problem solved. Amane said that she doesn’t have anyone in mind. Shion pushed on, saying out Hikari’s name and said that if Hikari were to give Amane a present, will she accept it? Amane was rendered speechless. Shion knew she hit the jackpot, approached Amane, did the Marimite ‘Your necktie’s crooked’ thingy and left.

Kannazuki no Miko!Double =OYou're The One Who Wrote The Letter?

Meanwhile, Hikari’s praying and Yaya noticed that Hikari had not given Amane the present. The reason why Hikari’s hesitating was because of the rumour that Amane would not accept any presents. Yaya asked if Hikari likes Amane. Hikari nodded. Yaya, like what a best friend would do, encouraged Hikari to go for it if not she wouldn’t be able to express her feelings across to Amane. In the St Spica student council room, Kaname told Shion to give up on Amane. Momomi agreed and said that they’re wasting their time. Besides, Amane had no interest and furthermore Amane’s rough around the edges. Shion however still thinks that Amane had the qualifications to compete in the Etoile battle after the conversation she had with Amane earlier. A while later, after Shion left, Kaname and Momomi plotted up a little evil plan by taking down the flower [Hikari]. Kaname planned to seduce Hikari over to her side and thus making Amane helpless. Momomi buttered up to Kaname but commenting that the little girl would not be able to resist the charms of Kaname. Smirking, Kaname said that things were getting interesting.

Back in the dorm room of Tamao and Nagisa, Tamao’s worried over the almost no development between Amane and Hikari as both parties were really shy with each other. Tamao began agonizing over that matter and Nagisa muttered ‘It’s difficult.’ Tamao agreed, however Nagisa’s referring to her French book LOL. In Hikari and Yaya’s room, Hikari’s really happy humming as she was taking a bath while Yaya’s sitting on her bed recalling the advice she gave to Hikari which was ‘Not able to communicate the feelings across’. Yaya seemed bothered with herself for giving that advice. Meanwhile, in Kaname and Momomi’s room, Kaname’s writing a fake love letter to Hikari. After Kaname finished, she advanced towards Momomi who sat up on bed and slotted the letter in between Momomi’s breasts. [LOL! KANNADUKI NO MIKO!] Kaname then asked Momomi to be the ‘Bee’ in their plan, the bee that delivers the pollen [Letter] to the flower [Hikari]. Momomi agreed to do it. Blushing and eyes sparkling, Momomi said that but then, whenever bees deliver pollens to the flowers, they would need to drink water. Kaname replied water or whatever, drink as much as you like and lunged forward, catching Momomi in a kiss? And Momomi giggling as the scene faded out. Hahaha, kinda like the Shizuru and Tomoe scene in Mai Otome with the ripping sound XD. Very suggestive, little doubt that they didn’t do it.

Amane laid on bed, thinking about Shion’s words if Hikari were to give the present, would she accept it? The next day, Momomi delivered the letter to Hikari saying it’s from someone special, hinting it to be Amane and left. Hikari thanked Momomi, Momomi grinned and said don’t mention it, as she’s the bee after all lol. Hikari opened the letter and blushed upon reading the contents. The next day, the whole of St Spica were at Amane’s departing ceremony and this amazed Nagisa. Tamao said that it’s of course as St Spica’s sports were all top class. Yaya walked among the crowd and recalled last night’s events where Hikari told her that she’s meeting Amane before the ceremony and this time she would give the present to Amane. At the meeting place, Hikari was surprised to see Kaname walking towards her and apologizing for making her wait. Back at the ceremony, Shizuma was there to send Amane off too and Shion was wondering where Kaname and Momomi had gone to. Moving back to Hikari, Hikari realized she had been fooled. There’s no way Amane could had met her as the ceremony was about to begin.

You May Touch Me Little Flower.HEH HEH HEH.Submit To Me!

At the ceremony, Amane strolled in on Star Bright with Hikari nowhere in sight, Yaya sensed that something’s wrong and left to find her. Kaname clutched Hikari on the shoulder causing her to drop the letter and her present. Kaname told Hikari that Amane wouldn’t even notice if she didn’t attend the ceremony and asked if Hikari knows Icarus from the Greek Mythology. Icarus had flown too near the sun resulting the wax on his wings to melt and hence plunging into the ocean. Using this metaphor, Kaname warned Hikari to avoid the sun [Amane]. However, Kaname added that she’s a sun too that Hikari may approach and Kaname confessed her love for Hikari. Remembering her promise to Amane to attend the ceremony, Hikari wriggled free from Kaname’s grasp, picked up her present and dashed off. Like a true villain, Kaname smirked and said this would be even worthy of her pursue and go after Hikari. Back at the ceremony, Nagisa and Tamao were wondering where was Hikari. Now, even Shizuma noticed that Amane’s feeling unsettled. Amane said she’s alright but couldn’t help but scan around for Hikari when she remembered Hikari said she would come. Shion’s still wondering what happened to Hikari, Kaname and Momomi. Little did she know Hikari had been cornered by Kaname and Momomi. Yaya went in search of Hikari in the meeting place and saw the crushed letter on the ground.

While running away, Hikari tripped and fell, scrapping her knees and laid on the ground unable to move giving a chance for Kaname and Momomi to catch up. Preparing to leave, Amane’s mind kept refreshing to Hikari. Meanwhile, Yaya told Nagisa and Tamao about Hikari’s disappearance and they split to search. Kaname forced herself on Hikari and like all villains do, they talk way too much with little action LOL. Kaname seemed confident in herself, saying that her love’s the greatest and soon, Hikari will forget all about Amane. Terrified, Hikari screamed. Nagisa, Tamao, Yaya, Amane and Star Bride all heard Hikari’s scream. Getting off the bus, Amane got on Star Bright and went after Hikari. Hikari’s still struggling against Kaname while Momomi’s looking on. Nagisa was running towards Hikari and saw Amane on Star Bright going the same direction too. Hikari stopped struggling and as Kaname’s about to ‘give her love’ lol, Amane arrived. Hikari magically got up and ran behind Amane. Amane demanded an answer, Kaname shrugged and replied that they’re lovers. Amane looked at Hikari for confirmation but found rejection instead. Kaname knew she had lost and retreated, telling Amane to put a collar on Hikari if she’s afraid of her stealing Hikari away.

Momomi had hidden behind a tree trunk and went off unnoticed. After Kaname left, Amane asked if Hikari’s alright and told her to be wary of people because Hikari’s kawaii [Cute] after all. Hikari blushed and told this chance to give her present to Amane. Amane gladly accepted the present, opened it to reveal a yellow scarf and wore it around her neck on the spot. Nagisa, Tamao and Yaya looked at them behind the bushes. Yaya looked happy but at the same time anguished. That night, back in the dorm, Kaname’s feeling down that her plan had failed. Momomi whispered behind Kaname’s ears to take down the flower [Hikari] herself as bees have stings too and moreover it’s poisonous. Having said that, Momomi tipped Kaname’s chin up, proceeded to stick her digits in her mouth while licking her neck and later pulling Kaname backwards on the bed, giggling. [=O] Hikari’s asleep but that didn’t stop her from dreaming and whispering Amane’s name. Similarly, Amane who was on the bus to the tournament was thinking about Hikari too. - END -

Amane In Yellow Scarf XD.Tortured Expression On Yaya.Triple =O

Boy, this took longer than I thought lol. Hm, anyways my thoughts of Ep7? ABSOLUTELY WICKED! LoL. I love how Kaname and Momomi complement each other in their little evil plan. Hmm, really bold with the implied girlxgirl sex. We were treated to an aggressive Kaname and shy Momomi at first but in the end, Momomi got back at Kaname, so who’s the Uke and Seme? LoL. Everyone’s been comparing the similarities in Strawberry Panic! with Maria-sama ga Miteru from Ep1 and Kannazuki no Miko after this episode. Well, I’m not going to say what’s and where’s bad but I find it really amusing to see the same thing applied on different characters haha. But Ep7’s really cool with the ‘Read between the lines’ meaning, play of words ‘Drink all the water you want’ LOL I almost choked on my water, the metaphors Kaname used and the bee-flower-honey thing going on lol. Very interesting, Strawberry Panic! is not only about fan service after all.

Now let’s go on to the Amane x Hikari x Yaya love triangle, Yaya’s really playing the encouraging best friend here. Such irony, Yaya could advice Hikari to communicate the feelings across but would Yaya be able to do that? All the time, Yaya was behind the scenes, encouraging Hikari to pursue Amane and at the same time bringing much grief to herself. I almost cried at the scene where Yaya was looking on at the happiness of Hikari and Amane. She looked so tortured, so pained and yet so giving at the same time. Yaya in the anime’s really understanding but in the manga, Yaya’s really more aggressive and suggestive in her actions, taking every opportunity to grope Hikari lol. Great Ep, more Amane x Hikari x Yaya x Tsubomi love triangle please! I really prefer this coupling than others at this moment. Why you ask? First, Shizuma x Nagisa x Tamao x Chiyo, Tamao seems to be a clingy good friend who probably treated Nagisa nothing more than a cute play doll lol. Chiyo’s too shy and probably only admires Nagisa. Besides, Nagisa’s really dense. Shizuma x Nagisa wins hands down but you will never know what will happen next anyways. Hm, Chiharu x Kizuna x Remon x Kagome is quite vague la, nothing much about them in the manga and in the anime, we briefly knew that three of them were in the Transformation club. So I can’t say who will be with who at the moment. Lastly, the St Spica love triangle, with the addition of Tsubomi, it’s just more fun with a cute kouhai [Junior] for Yaya to make fun of haha. Amane x Hikari? Yaya x Hikari? You make the decision. I'm rooting for Amane x Hikari though XD.

Next Ep’s about SUMMER UNIFORMS! AHHHH! LoL. And probably a little of Kagome from St Lulim?

Art: 7/10 [I still prefer the Manga art]
Story: 8/10 [More evil plots~]
Characters: 8/10 [Evil Lesbians™]
Overall: 8/10

Alrighty, I’ll probably work on some manga chapter reviews or doujinshi tomorrow.

[Signing off @ 10:59 PM]

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