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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep8

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LoL, I can’t stop laughing when I watch this episode of Strawberry Panic! Chikaru-sama~

Rain Falling On My Face.Nagisa Onee-sama~Ashibaru's Gonna Be Wet.

It’s the rainy season, Shizuma’s alone in her greenhouse watering the flowers, [Hydrangeas to be exact] when suddenly it began to rain. As the raindrops pattered down on the glasses of the greenhouse, Shizuma began her interior soliloquy about the flowers in the greenhouse not given the chance to be watered by the rain. Whereas the flowers outside had their fill with the rain. Both are flowers but who is the luckier one? If flowers could talk, what will they respond? A St Lulim girl holding her teddy bear was sheltering from the rain under a tree, she’s Byakudan Kagome. Chiyo happened to be on duty in the library and Nagisa wanted to check out some books at the counter. Chiyo noticed Nagisa looking out the window and told her that the library provides umbrellas. Nagisa took her out her bluish purple umbrella and said she has one and moreover, it’s her favourite one. Chiyo began daydreaming of walking under that umbrella with Nagisa lol but snapped out of it when Nagisa said that there’s a line of people waiting to check out books lol. Kagome’s worried that her wittle teddy bear, Ashibaru will get wet, took off her overcoat and wrapped it around Ashibaru. Just then, Nagisa saw Kagome and suggested that they share the umbrella together. Kagome didn’t respond well, merely said that Ashibaru will get wet. Nagisa gave the umbrella to Kagome so that Ashibaru won’t get wet and ran off in the rain.

Back in the Ichigo-sha, Nagisa told Tamao about the umbrella lending incident. Tamao said if Nagisa knew the name of the girl, Nagisa replied that she forgot to ask lol. Nagisa began worrying what would she do if it rains tomorrow. Tamao saw the chance and offered to share her umbrella with Nagisa. In Tamao’s mind, she’s visioning herself and Nagisa under the Raburabu Umbrella lol. The next day, there’s no rain, Tamao’s looking really dejected as they walked to school LOL. Tamao tried hinting the cause of the unhappiness by saying that it’s a great weather isn’t it, Nagisa densely replied, yeah, isn’t it great? LOL. Meanwhile, Kagome’s sitting under the tree, hoping to meet Nagisa and return the umbrella. Kizuna and Lemon saw Kagome there and asked what happened. Kagome replied she’s waiting for Ashibaru’s friend, Kizuna and Lemon then looked at Ashibaru [Cos Kagome asked Ashibaru if it knew] for answers. A moment later, Kizuna said ‘Oh I see’. Lemon went ‘Eh?’. Kizuna then related that while sheltering from the rain yesterday, someone lend her umbrella to Kagome and now she’s bothered by how she’s going to return it. Lemon replied, ‘Oh, then that’s going to be a problem ...’ ‘?!, Kizuna-chan, you could actually understand what Ashibaru [A teddy bear] said?!’ Kizuna had a serious expression on and nodded LOL.

Raburabu Umbrella.She's About THIS Tall.LOL.

In the Transformation Club room, Kizuna, Lemon and Kagome asked Chikaru for her help. Chikaru asked Kagome what kind of person was the one who lend her the umbrella. Kagome replied, ‘Ashibaru’s friend.’ Chikaru asked another question, ‘How tall is that friend?’ Kagome replied, ‘Taller than Ashibaru.’ After a series of ask and answer, they’re really going no where lol. Using normal methods will not get us anywhere, said Chikaru, and so she went in from ‘Student Council President’ mode to ‘Transformation Club President’ to finally ‘Secret Investigation President’ LOL! Then she donned on a pair of white gloves, used her magnifying glass to look at the umbrella and took pictures of it. While Kizuna’s taking photos, she accidentally snapped a shot of a U.F.O sighting =O LOL. [That was really random] Alright, time to set off when Kizuna asked where, Chikaru did a dramatic chalk snapped while writing on the blackboard scene, ‘Investigate the crime scene for a hundred times!’ LOL. Chikaru did a model pose with one of her legs on the chair and added that legs are the basic essential for investigating. LOL. So they left for the library. At the library, like a typical detective, Chikaru began scrutinizing every single thing with her magnifying glass even the librarian there lol.

When they got a clue that the librarian on duty was from St Miator, they left, leaving the most important clue, Nagisa’s umbrella behind LOL. Suddenly, it started raining heavily again, troubling Nagisa because Tamao had something on and left. At that moment, Shizuma showed up and offered to share her umbrella with Nagisa. From the window, Tamao saw Shizuma and Nagisa walking in the rain, sharing an umbrella and displayed a distressed expression. Amane’s wearing the yellow scarf around her neck and probably thinking of Hikari. Meanwhile, Hikari and Yaya were running away from rain and took shelter in the church. [Ah, always the church] In the church, Hikari’s drenched and cold, Yaya wondered out loud if Hikari should get a cold, would Amane visit her? Hikari replied that it won’t happen. Yaya hugged Hikari from behind in attempt to probably console her and said, ‘Is that so?’ A moment later, Hikari asked Yaya if there’s anyone she likes. Yaya gave a ‘to say or not to say’ expression for a moment then whispered that it’s a secret. Yaya inched closer probably wanting to kiss Hikari when Hikari suddenly got up and said that they should go to the library to borrow umbrellas and walked off, leaving Yaya crestfallen at the effort.

Dammit!Seductive Model Pose.MY Nagisa And Shizuma Onee-sama Together?!

In the library, Hikari and Yaya took the umbrella [Nagisa’s umbrella] the St Lulim girls left behind and left. At an intersection, Nagisa saw Hikari and Yaya running in the rain with the umbrella they borrowed. Nagisa said that ‘Ah, my umbrella’s that kind of colour too.’ Little did she know that that IS her umbrella lol. Looking at Hikari and Yaya so close together under the umbrella, Shizuma said, ‘This won’t do, my umbrella’s too big/wide.’ and had a disappointed expression on lol. at Ichigo-sha, Tsubomi’s lecturing Hikari and Yaya for getting drenched by the rain. [It’s surprising to think that Yaya’s actually the ace of the St Spica choir.] Hikari thanked Tsubomi for waiting for them with towels. Tsubomi blushed and replied that it’s by coincidence that she had towels with her when she passed by here. Yaya went how could anyone have towels by coincidence? LoL. With that, Yaya and Hikari went in their room to shower, as Tsubomi’s about to enter, Yaya closed the door causing Tsubomi to bang her face against the door lol. Yaya opened the door and said that she and Hikari are going to shower together. Tsubomi went in again and retorted that if Yaya wants to shower, she can shower on her own. Yaya repeated that she’s going to shower with Hikari and pushed Tsubomi outta the door. Tsubomi actually banged her face against the opposite door LOL. Tsubomi tried to enter again but Yaya slammed the door and Tsubomi smashed her face against the door for the third time lol.

Chikaru and the Secret Investigation club members finally realized that they had forgotten to take the umbrella with them and went back to the library to investigate again. Nagisa and Tamao were having a tea party in Hikari and Yaya’s room that night and they’re having Lavender tea. Both Tamao and Yaya looked unusually relaxed after drinking Lavender tea. Yaya said that Lavender tea gives a peaceful feeling and helps one relax, Tamao agreed and added that it’s like I’ve forgotten today’s stress. LOL. [Both Tamao and Yaya experienced rejection that day with Nagisa under an umbrella with Shizuma and Hikari suddenly bolting up from a hug respectively] Taking a moment to enjoy the rain and the girls prayed. Hikari asked Nagisa if she likes the rain, Nagisa replied that she don’t dislike the rain if she has her favourite umbrella with her. Yaya said that if only there is no bossy first year around lol. Tamao added that if only she could share a Raburabu umbrella with her love one. Hikari said that she doesn’t like the rain, Yaya teased Hikari that because it will upset the sister. [I don’t really understand the joke lol but the real reason why Hikari doesn’t like the rain was because she won’t be able to see Amane-sama practicing at the horse ranch.]

Cool Amane.Hikari ...Yaya-Chan, Is There Anyone You Like?

The next day, Kizuna, Lemon and Chikaru assured Kagome that they will find the owner of the umbrella. Tamao and Nagisa were heading to school and intending to return the library books after school, as they’re setting off, Tamao realized she had forgotten a book and looked blushingly at Nagisa implying that they will share an umbrella this time right? Nagisa agreed and Tamao’s filled with happiness~, Raburabu umbrella~~~ LoL. When Tamao met Nagisa at the entrance, she dropped her bag when she saw Nagisa sharing an umbrella with Chiyo LOL. Nagisa did a ‘sorry’ sign and so they left with Tamao looking on, sighing. After school, Chiyo’s helping Nagisa asking around for the umbrella. Scene switched to the Secret Investigation club members in action and they left for the library because the ones who borrowed the umbrella will return it back. Hikari, Tsubomi and Yaya were also heading to the library to return the umbrella. Tamao pissed with her string of bad luck, exclaimed that she will never let go of Nagisa till they step out of the entrance under the same umbrella lol. ‘Ah, Nagisa’s just too popular’ Haha. Chiyo’s in the library asking for information again. The Secret Investigation club members were going undercover in the library lol hiding behind a newspaper, a book and umbrella lol.

Just then, Hikari, Tsubomi and Yaya walked in, returning the umbrella at the counter. Before Chiyo could say anything, Chikaru, Kizuna and Lemon burst out of their hiding place lol. [Kizuna appeared from above, trying to do the ‘Singing in the rain’ thingy but failed as she dropped and fell. LoL] At that moment, Nagisa walked in the library and said that the umbrella’s hers. Kagome returned the umbrella to Nagisa and they introduced themselves to each other. All well, ends well. So the girls walked in the rain as a big group, Nagisa shared her umbrella with Kagome, Tamao and Chiyo, Chikaru alone, Yaya and Tsubomi fighting to share the umbrella with Hikari and Kizuna and Lemon under a crooked umbrella lol. Somewhere, Shizuma shared her umbrella with Amane, wondering about her umbrella being too big for one person. Amane commented that it’s for two persons then. Shizuma smiled and replied that well it doesn’t concern Amane does it? Amane looked at the yellow scarf Hikari gave her and replied, that might not be the case. - END -

Himitsuyo ... Hikari-Chan.To The Library!Over. 007 Here. Target Sighted. Ambush And Eliminate.

A truly enjoyable episode, never expect Chikaru to be such an extreme person with that overly dramatic gestures and tones. Love the part where she pulled on her gloves and did this unladylike action by placing one of her legs on a chair lol. It’s hilarious how she could transform from a neutral person to a passionate and wacky detective haha. [=O she’s from the Transformation Club] At least there’s a little development on the St Lulim side lol, interesting, funny characters they have there.

I like the starting, with Shizuma wondering about whether the flowers in the greenhouse or in the wild would be happy. Is there any meaning to it? Is Shizuma ‘trapped’ in her little personal greenhouse for a reason? Glad to see Tamao feeling a little threatened by Shizuma’s presence in this episode. LoL, really weird, Shizuma in the manga felt threatened by Tamao's presence but in the anime, it's Tamao who felt that way lol. The look on Tamao’s face when Nagisa went off with Shizuma was so heart wrenching, it’s like looking at your lover going off with another person. Tamao’s possessive nature is slowly creeping out, so I’m feeling a little happy that there’s development in this love triangle, no more friendly hugs XD and Miss Nice Lady lol. Oh yeah, Nagisa looked especially pretty, matured in this episode.

Oh yeah, I love the church scene between Hikari and Yaya, although I’m a AmaHika fan but I can’t help but feel sadness for poor Yaya. It’s like having a chocolate cake for someone else in front of you and you can’t help but want to eat it. I wonder if Hikari knows that Yaya likes her or was it just a coincidence that Hikari broke free from Yaya’s hug as she’s about to kinda kiss her? Amane and Hikari thinking of each other, Hikari with the ‘I hate rain because I won’t be able to see Amane-senpai.’ and Amane every now and then touching the yellow scarf Hikari gave. Expect even more angst for this love triangle.

BOOYEAH!Hikari's Mine!!A Start Of A Beautiful Friendship?

The last part where Shizuma shared her umbrella with Amane was amusing too lol. It's pretty unexpected, a new coupling in the making? I don't think so, I think Shizuma will make a great friend for Amane. Shizuma's quite a sensitive person too when she noticed Amane's feeling unsettled in Ep7. I think those two will form a beautiful friendship ... XD. Probably giving each other tips on their respective love interest.

A great combination, comical wacky development in St Lulim, possessive development in St Miator and a bowl full of angst in St Spica. It keeps getting better and better. Next ep, ‘Memories’, =O, Shizuma’s memories up next?!

=O, saw some screenshots of the Strawberry Panic! ED - Himitsu Dolls by Nakahara Mai and Shimizu PV late last night on 2chan, I was like OMFG, is that photoshop or was it real?! A real kiss in the end! Is that foreshadowing the ending for Nagisa x Shizuma? Does this mean that Tamao has no hope? =O

Art: 7/10
Story: 7.5/10 [More Chikaru-sama funny moments please]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Chikaru-sama LoL]
Overall: 7.5/10

Whoa, alot of screenshots ... from 6 ... to 18 lol ... I can't help myself, Chikaru-sama's way too cute lol. Anyways, Strawberry Panic! ED Single is out by Nipponsei, grab them now!!

[Signing off @ 7:46 PM]

PS: I feel like dropping School Rumble Ni Gakki. Any protest?

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