Mai Otome Ep7

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Ahhh, we're going out soon ... so i figured i gotta make this a fast post XD. Ha, i finally made it in time to do up Mai Otome Ep7's summary. So i reckon the next 4-5 days would be on Mai Otome Eps. Then it's to Blood+~

Chibi Mashiro.The Bed Looks Wayyyyy Too Big For One LOL.XD.
XD.Ah, Mashiro's Into S&M Now.PEACE To The World.

- Mashiro's dreaming, Mashiro's childhood gets pawned by adults gossiping that Mashiro might not be the real princess after all. Poor Mashiro. Seems like Nagi and Mashiro knew each other from young and called Mashiro, the fake princess. As blunt as ever Nagi. KYAAHHHH Shizuru's playing the piano, while Natsuki's relaxing, reading a book with a HUGE bed ... in the background XD HAHA. [See screenshot 2]

- Arika got a part time job [That is fixing the castle lol] to pay Mr Sir for the school fees. Arika got pissed off when Mashiro demanded that they rebuilt the whole castle to another form and doubted if Mashiro's the real queen or not. Mashiro got pissed and slapped Arika. [Manz, can't blame her ... she got pawned when she's a child that she wasn't the real princess, guess that old wounds reopened huh.]

- Arika learnt about the rumour about Mashiro from Sergay and also the background of Windbloom 14 years ago. Arika regreted her words and ran in the castle to probably apologized to Mashiro. Nagi had a little flirt with Mashiro XD and proposed to Mashiro XD. Arika barged in uninvited ha and stopped Nagi and Mashiro from kissing XD. Oh, Arika saw the portrait of the formal king and his Otome ... Rena Sayers.

- Arika noticed that Rena's ear stud's the Azure Sapphire and related it to her pendant. After the interruption from Arika, Nagi walked out ... leaving Mashiro and Arika in the room. Suddenly Mikoto jumped on Arika and she accidentally pushed a trap door and they fell inside. [I think Nagi purposely did this ... i juz got this feeling] The rest then searched frantically for Mashiro.

- Meanwhile Mashiro and Arika ventured in the place where they had dropped. The place looked like an abandoned ... part of the castle and the new part is juz built over it. Arika and Mashiro had some heart to heart talk ... about their names and stuff. Ha. Still Mashiro is grateful to Arika for Arika's attempt to cheer her up. Suddenly they ran to this place and Arika activated this ... round ball thingy ...

- The ball thingy opened and an organ was in front of them, Mashiro pressed one of the keys and the louuud sound broke Mashiro's GEM ring and Arika's ear GEM. [Ohhh then we see a glimpse of Miyu~] Suddenly a shadow of Mikoto showed up and said ... it's not enough and if they wish to gain the Harmonium power ... they must combined singer's melody, organ's player and protector's charm.

- I got this feeling that the neko Mikoto is awaken to this human Mikoto le. Anyways after saying that, shadow Mikoto disappeared. Another Mr baddie appeared again, i presumed another person from Swartz organization. He pricked his finger, the blood flowed to the dark black crystal thingy and summoned out a Slave to attack Mashiro and Arika. Arika grabbed Mashiro away from the Slave's attack.

- Arika's pendent suddenly glowed and two GEMs appeared from it. Arika grabbed the Azure Sapphires GEMs, related it to the portrait when she saw the 'Blue Jewel of Heaven' Otome. Placed one of the GEMs on her ear stud and the other on Mashiro's ring. They fit perfectly. Arika then told Mashiro to make the contract lol and Arika went 'Materialize!'. [Kyyyyaaahhhh~]

- Arika then fought with the Slave with a little trouble at first, cos she didn't know how to control her powers. When Arika got a hit, Mashiro felt it too cos the Master and Meister Otome are linked, like what Natsuki said a few Eps ago. Arika got pumped up and her weapon appeared from nowhere then later the GEM powered up and Arika's weapon ... got an expansion, grew bigger and cooler.

- LoL, the attack Arika's issuing straight towards the Slave is 'Bolt From The Blue', Arika won her first Slave battle and ended with a cool 'Peace' sign~ Scene changed to the rest worried over the disappearance of Mashiro and Arika. Suddenly, they fell down and in front of them from the fireplace thingy hahaha ... Later Mashiro and Arika were whispering to each other abt keeping the contract a secret.

- Haha, they might pretend to dislike each other ... but Mashiro and Arika ... really are concern abt each other after all =). Arika's Materializing is cool too, nice battle scenes. But of course Shizuru-sama's more cooler and sexier in her Otome suit XD. I knew that darn pendent got some use de lol. And god, i love neko Mikoto's expression alot LOL, makes me laugh so much. Nice Ending~ Oh i juz realized something.

- But i guess most of you shld know abt it XP. The Pillars' GEMs' names got to do with the names of the most precious gems in the world. We have the 'Ruby', probably taken by Mai. 'Sapphire', by Arika. 'Diamond', probably Natsuki, cos her's silvery in colour, so I can pretty safely assumed it's 'Diamond'. 'Topaz' by Haruka and lastly Shizuru-sama's 'Amethyst'. Coral and Pearl are precious gems too. And there are others too, like 'Emerald', 'Onyx', 'Jade', 'Opal', 'Turquoise' and more.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Soo cool~ Mashiro and Arika made a contract!]
Characters: 7/10 [Poor Mashiro-chan.]
Overall: 7/10

Downloading School Rumble OVA 1 and 2 right now and i'm blogging abt it after i finish downloading them XD. Yay so stay tune. Heh.

I need to catch up on Gokujou Seitokai Eps ... i got Ep17-Ep21 waiting for me to blog ha. Later after the Mai Otome Eps ba ... then after Blood+, then i'll go in Gokujou Seitokai ... but do i have the time? My LAM test is next week ... that means i got only 3 days more to study~ And i haven't touched any of my notes yet.

And i'm proud of it.

HEH HEH HEH. Oh i got Pani Poni Dash! too ... hahaha god, it's getting funnier and funnier each Ep LOL. I'm always roaring with laughter when i watch PPD. Heh. Good. I need laughter.

Oh i watched FMA and Detective Loki on Channel U juz now~ Kyyyaahhhh Loki's sooo cool, i like the ED, it's pretty rock. I prefered red-eyed Loki than green-eyed XD. Adult and young Loki looks hot and cool~~~ Heh. Oh the doll in Ep1 ... is pretty scary. I dislike Dolls. Even barbie dolls, i dun play with dolls when i'm young. I play with bicycles, cars, bikes and mud. LOL. So NEVER NEVER NEVER buy dolls for me. Plushy animal toys are always welcome. Ha. Especially White Tiger / Teddy Bear kinds~ I get so mushy when i hug them.

Anyways gtg i reckon. I'll post up the foody pics tomorrow ba, that is if i'm not shy to take the pics of the foody heh. CYA.

[Signing off 7:17 PM]

PS: Ooohh, Hollow Man's showing at 10pm on Channel 5 tonight yay. And Happy New Year all~

What Are The Keys To Your Heart?

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Whoa, i juz visiting HQ's site and she did this 'What Are The Keys To Your Heart?' quiz ... so i figured i'll do it too. Looks fun. XD. Besides, the questions are mostly abt choosing animals u like XD.

Here's my results;

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.

Your ideal relationship is comforting. You crave a relationship where you always feel warmth and love.

Your risk of cheating is 100%. You are not suited for a monogamous relationship.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

Comments for the results; lol, yeah i guess i like people who're free and stuff =)
Next, yeah straight forward is wat i like, like means like. Dun like means dun like. Dun beat abt the freaking bush.
3rd, hmm loyal and faithful? Maybe. I kinda dun like changes, they're botthhersome but i can do it.
4th, Yeah emotional, moody and difficult to pleasur.. uh i mean please LOL. cos i'm one emotional, moody and difficult to please le, i dun need another one of me in my life XD.
5th, Yep love, warmth~
6th, LOL 100% ... so sure meh, i'm such a flirt XD, Librans are supposed to be flirts right? Bleh. But i'm not romantically interested in any life human beings yet ... so i can't really judge this.
7th, yep yep precious ... sacred, and kawaii like the white tiger~
8th, SHESSH! LOVE is like the LASTTTT thing on my mind right now. I won't do anything for love and i won't fall for it easily either. Heh.

Brb later for Mai Otome Ep7 summary~

[Signing off @ 12:31 PM]

Mai Otome Ep6

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I finally kicked my butt into finish typing up Mai Otome Ep6's brief summary. Since Mai Otome Ep13's not airing till next week, i'll take this chance to catch up the Eps ... hope i can get my butt working again tomorrow.

So They're Finally Into S&M.Looks Like Nina's Enjoying It LOL!Does This Even Look Like A CPR Scene To You?!
Erstin! How Dare You Betray Me!Guess Big Busty Girls Get Better Treatments XD.Cool Nao Doing Her Stuff.

- Damn short, a few light points here and there. U know where to go to get good summaries hm?

- LOL This Ep's rocks lol, so kawaii~ Nina's actually ticklish LoL, while Arika's tickling Nina, Erstin looked on =O. [LoL, Nina's voice sounds so darn erotic. XO Even to a girl like me.] And manz, Nina gave a darn good whacking to Arika after that LOL. Yukariko-sensei then assigned both Nina and Arika to be Nao's helpers LOL. [Nao's Pearl Number 4] While in the changing room, Arika sorta told 'everyone' Nina's weakness lol. Irina was like 'really'? Then she tried it out by ... sliding a finger down Nina's back and making Nina do tat erotic sound again LOL. Everyone in the changing room heard LOL. Irina was like 'Whoa sexy~' LOL. Nina's pissed and kicked Arika's butt lol after that.

- Shiho learnt of Nina's and Arika's weaknesses ... and was planning some evil scheme ...using her MAKI MAKI!!! LOL. Nina got 7 maki maki, Arika got 3 maki maki LOL. Freaking damn funny, i was chanting maki maki for a few mins after that lol. So ... the swimming lesson began ... Mashiro's there to rub on Arika's inability to swim lol. Meanwhile, Shiho's maki maki chants summoned some weird ... naughty ... invisible snake-like ... creepys LoL. And those little creeps snaked through the girls in the pool, making them shriek erotic sounds XD. Haha.

- One particular scene is that Erstin thought it was Nina who was standing behind her, touching her. Hahaa. Erstin turned back and said ... 'That won't do, we're both girls ... but if it's Nina-chan then i'll gladly ...' LOL!!!!!~!!!! [So ... Seems like Erstin got a crush on Nina~ ha kawaii~] Next ... ah, Shiho's snake-like friends get ... too friendly with Nina ... haha Arika tried to save the drowning Nina but forgetting that she couldn't swim as well -.-||| ha. =O Erstin gave Nina CPR. Nina seems upset that her first kiss is not given to Sergay ...

- Awww manz, Erstin's expression's so ... sad, like she had done something wrong. Oh Nina got this ... flashback of Rena [MUST HER LA!] looking down at her ... [Manz, Arika or Nina's Rena's child?! Or Rena's not even their mum ... ?] Arika heard from Nao that Nao and Nina are from the same country, Artai. Shiho's happy that she got her revenge and tried to get rid of the evidence but was stopped by Ms Maria ha. Nina then found out that Shiho's snake-like friends will appear when they are exposed to salt. However, someone changed the tag of Salt to Sugar ...

- Bet it's Tomoe ... ha. So Nina, Arika, Nina and Erstin poured 'salt' into the pool ... hoping the snakey friends will come out ... but later discovered they poured sugar and sugar happens to increase the size of the snakey friends to ... big tentacles monster that rapes little virgins MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH .... [Drags the crazy akayuki out] ... eh excuse me for that out-burst. LoL, ok the big tentacles monster that gropes ... lol. Pretty ecchi moments ... that i'm lazy to describe. LOL how come the tentacles monster is so biased?

- LOL It was almost choking Shiho ... but groping Erstin? LOL. BIASED! BIASED! BIASED! LOL! Anyways, Nina and Arika teamed up to take down tentacles monster, but failed, Nina got pawned. However got saved by Nao Onee-sama~~~~ LOL! So damn cool, the way Nao zooms in in her Robe and freed Erstin and Nina from tentacles monster. Shiho's still stuck with tentacles monster lol and Nao made sure Shiho begged to be saved before slicing tentacles monster into little little little bits lol. HAHAHA. Nao's soooo cool! Scene changed to Arika writing a letter to Mr Sir, anonymous person who provided her school fees.

- Arika fell asleep on the table and Nina used a blanket over Arika and commented that Arika's handwriting's ugly LOL!!!! Nina's soooo sweet hahaha XD.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [More of fan-service ba ...]
Characters: 7/10 [HAHAHA Nina's ticklish!!! KAWAII~~~~]
Overall: 7/10

I cut my hair juz now. Yep so it's back to short again. YAY. I feel cooler already heh. I researched a little on Little India this afternoon. So what got LAM common test next tuesday? What is LAM sia lol. I read the LAM reading guides dutifully each tutorial ... so all i had to do it juz skim through the second time. No worries. Ha. But i guess my groupmates need to study, well i dun blame them really, it's their way of studying. I'm a lazy person. I dun study for test till the day before. Yes, i'm that lazy.

Manz, the Shizuru-ism is really kicking in these days. Now i know what to fill in when people ask what is my religion ... 'Shizuruism' LOLLL! LOL i even dreamt of Shizuru-sama this morning KYYYYYAAAHHHH~ She's soooo cool!!!~ I want red contacts! Do they sell red contacts? LoL. Bet it'll scare people away sia haha. Ohh my display pic on MSN is a really cool pic of Shizuru and really brings out the crimson eyes of Shizuru-sama really well. My bro kept insisting that Shizuru-sama's eyes are not red but rusty brownish red. Ok. Yeah, some pictures Shizuru-sama's eyes are that colour but i like crimson red best muaha. So there!

God, i'm feeling so excited these days ... cos YANZI'S CONCERT'S COMING SOON!!! In 15 days!! Whoa, it means it's like 2 weeks more! KYYYYYAAAHHHHHHHH~ And her advertisment on TV keeps showing up lol, i think around 10 over times a day~ Woot. I love it. But it's only on Central ... other channels ah, seldom ba. Manz, i'm so excittttteddd~ I juz hope that day got nothing related to school stuff. If not ... i'll go hang myself hahahaha. I mean i spent S$198 bucks ok ... uh ok it's not S$198 ... it's S$170.30 LOL. Let me rephrase, ok i mean i spent on a S$198 ticket ok! LoL and waited like 4 years for it. Every YanZi fan waited k. Ha. Ever since the Start 2002 concert ... manz, i've been dreaming to watch it again. Now's the freaking chance and no way, i mean NO WAY in HELL i'm going to miss it. Even if i die, my spirit will go there i tell u LOL. Ok this is getting way too creepy.

I'm so happy. I'm so happy. CAN YOU FEEEEEELLLLL IT?! Yay, i can't wait for 2006. Usually i would ~whine~ and ~grumble~ that a new year's approaching at full steam ahead but ... not this time. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. YanZi~ YanZi~ YanZi~

Well now i got hm IB tutorial to do ... i wonder doing which question is best le ... i think i'll inform my groupmates abt it on LAM Common Test day ba ... i feel like i'm pushing my groupmates too hard. Dunno. I dun like to feel too demanding. But do what must be done! LoL. I gotta go watch Animes too~ Whee. Right now downloading School Rumble OVA 1. Heh. I've been thinking of downloading Azumanga Daioh and Noir ... but lappy has no space. And they're licensed anyways ... but i really wanna watch them.

OOOOOOOH YES! I remembered! Sat and Sun, 4pm-5pm, Channel U got animes!!! Sat, 4pm, we have Full Metal Alchemist. Sat, 4.30pm we have The Mythical Detective Loki. Sun, 4pm, D.N Angel. Sun, 4.30pm, Saiyuki Reload. WHEEE I love channel U lol. Well, i love Art Central too ... as long as they air animes XD. Hope the two new titles are subbed. Uh.

Ok. I dun think i got anything to say anymore, i wanna go watch Blood+! MUAHA MUAHA and read fanfics! MUAHA MUAHA and ... HM oh i read Fruits Basket #14 juz now ... awwww Haru and Rin's love is sooo sweet ... hope they get back together again =D. And god, i'm feeling Tohru's in love with Kyou ... and vice versa. NOOOOO! Don't. Destroy. My. Fantasy. Of. Yuki. And. Tohru. Together. NOOOO! I hate this manz. But ah, i can't change anything if Takaya Natsuki-sensei want it THAT way. I juz have to drown in the world of fanfics~ ... ha

Oh back to Mai Otome, there's a new OP for Mai Otome~ titled Crystal Energy by Minami Kuribayashi once again. Then i juz downloaded this NetRadio broadcast video clip from Animesuki forum. LoL, we have the seiyuus of Nina and Arika chatting about Mai Otome's uh it's not subbed so i dun really know what the hell they're chatting about LOL. But manz, Nina's seiyuu's really hyper haha, really different from the feeling we get from Nina in Mai Otome. While the seiyuu for Arika, Mika ... well she's ok, not as hyper as Ami <- Nina's seiyuu's name. LoL, they were busy laughing in half of the ten mins video. Ha. Pretty cute and funny.

Ok, long post. Cya tomorrow ... heh heh heh i think i'm gonna take pics for the food tomorrow ... cos going to my cousin's home to party, eat, drink and get drunk~ Nah. My cousins are all younger than me ... and not 1 or 2 or 3 years ... but 5 and more years lol.

[Signing off @ 9:50 PM]

PS: [Spots Shizuru-sama pic in a website] SHIZURU-SAMAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~ [Runs like the wind]

Sardine/Tuna Puffs!

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Well, i did say i'm not going to blog animes/mangas stuff right. But i didn't say i'm going to blog other stuff right? LoL, so here's pics of the Sardine/Tuna Puffs i had juz now yay!

Well sorry i named the pic names currypuffs ... i juz realized they are not curry puffs lol ... anyways yeah from the names u shld know what they're stuffed with right. Duh. Sardine. Tuna.

Mircowave It Goes.

Out it comes, crispy ... brown ... and yummmy~

Out It Comes.

Filled with sardines + tomatoes .... i love cooked tomatoes ... so soft, yummy and full of tomato juice ... that sweet and chewy feeling simply warms my heart. YUM. But fresh tomatoes are nice too ... but if it's cooked and soft, it's even better~


Sooo yummy~ I've been posting food related stuff lately. Well sorry for having GREAT YUMMY FOOD around in my house. Thank you very much. LoL.

This sat, we're going to party in my cousin's house, cos it's his birthday and the last day of 2005. HA. So look out for MORE GREAT YUMMY FOOD pics! LOL. I juz love rubbing it in huh? Well, sorry for living in Singapore, where all kinds of GREAT YUMMY FOOD are everywhere muahahaha. [Ohhh i'm so sarcastic tonight! LoL and i'm loving every single moment of it.]

Oh, i wanna show everyone my Shizuru-sama wallpaper too~ I mentioned it 3 days ago. But i was too pissed to screenshoot and post it up. So i'm feeling pretty relaxed now i submited IB report ... yeah still got SMM report to edit and go through. Sigh.


Isn't Shizuru-sama simply heavenly? Ahhh. Haha. If she's a real person, i would want to be her friend. And be a member of her fanclub MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes, I'm the kaichou of the Shizuru-sama ROCKS MY WORLD Fanclub!

Well. Ok going back, eh i got SMM report to edit. IB tutorial to do ... about Starbucks. C spoilt my mood by smsing me about it. LOL. But it's all thanks to C that i survived the 'Sunday Blues' 3 days ago. He saved my neck by sending me what he did for the IB report and told me it was done, except for executive summary. I was totally stunned. Ha. But i'm really grateful to him. Who knows what i will do on that sunday ...[Shivers] probably jump outta my home.

Wait a darn min.

I'm not living in a HDB flat. LoL even if i jump and roll down the road, i won't even get a little bruise ba hahaha. God, i told u i'm a rural girl. Ha. Hardly any outsiders come my home, except customers of course. But they dun go up. Bleh. That explains why S didn't know i live up there ha. [Sounds like heaven to me XD]

I tried typing summary for Mai Otome Ep6 juz now, but failed. Cos i was too busy repeating the part where Irina slides her finger down Nina's back and Nina made this damn erotic ahhh sound.



Damn funny. I tell ya. I'm reading fanfics right now. I read 5 books outta the 6 i bought last week. AND YES AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL IS SHOWING AT 10.30 PM LATER! YAY! I dunno why i start enjoying watching it. Bleh. I mean the dresses are nice ... ladies are nice ... places are nice ... dresses are nice ... nice eyes ... yeah. Case close.

Manz, i cried when i read Chrno Crusade juz now ... god. #6 ... is so ... heart ... wrenching. WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! The way Chrno shielded Magdalene from Aion is like so ... desperate looking. I could feel it ... and the hand of Aion piercing through Chrno's chest to Magdalene's ... and blood spurted out of their mouths. GOD. And the subtle but pure innocent love between Chrno and Magdalene ... is so sweet. Ah. Sigh.

I haven't open my Fruits Basket #14 yet. I couldn't bare. I read a sad story and i couldn't take it if #14's a sad one lol. But manz, Fruits Basket's plot fascinated me the most. Makes me think alot. And god, i couldn't help but feel so ... enlightened when Tohru described everyone as rice balls and the sour plums are pasted on their backs that's why they couldn't see their good points and think they're useless. But other people could see each other's sour plums. God. I can't help but feel it's so true. Such a simple and easy description. But it sends such a deep and rumbling feeling in my heart.

Speaking of mangas, 5 books are out by ChuangYi English Department. HA! Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #4 [YYYYAAAYYY! RIMUDO! TAKIKO!!!], X #14 [Another sad story], The Mythical Detective Loki #7 [END, so fast?! Nooo!], Ouran High School Club #3 [Ha~~ I like =)] and Mar #1 [New title, heard it's nice so i'm buying it.]

Oh i wanna tok abt Vampire Knights #1 i bought i think 2 weeks ago? Ha, so damn cool ha. I like Kaname alot. Love at first sight. Saw. Spotted. Loved. Ha. Juz like atashi no Shizuru-sama~ Ha. And Chikane-chan~ And Shizuru-sama [From Godannar] and .. ah it's almost 10.30 PM soon ... so cya. I'll try to blog Mai Otome Ep6 tomorrow.

But i gotta do SMM report editing ... and start on LAM report soon. Damn. And study LAM test. Damn. HELL WITH THEM! LoL.

[Signing off @ 10:25 PM]

PS: ... something crapped up with the wallpaper thingy ... manz then ANTM was on tv so i flew to watch ... now i'm back i could only use two words to describe what i saw on tv juz now on ANTM. 'Holy Shit' GOD FREAKIN! That house is like SO BIG, so nice so great so oh my god. I can't help but exclaim holy shit for the last 10mins and so lol. SO GREAT~

Goodbye All.

[Posted 9:53 PM]
I'm going to hell. I'm so stressed up with IB. I'm sick and tired but my brain is not working. I doubt i'll AM NOT doing any anime/manga summaries/reviews/comments for this week. Maybe next week, i got like 6eps of Mai Otome waiting for me. Dun expect much, i'm probably juz gonna slack through them.

I need to work on IB report ... today and tomorrow ... and then on SMM project then on LAM project ... pissed off with myself, why can't i work? Why can't i concentrate? Why? Why the hell am i even blogging? I dunno.

I need to calm down. I know i know. I need to bang my head against the wall. I know i know. I've been repeating 'MATERIALISE' for goodness knows how many times. God. I love it so much shit lol.

I changed my wallpaper to Shizuru-sama to hope tat my mood can get into gear. But it's backfiring. I'm ... getting too hyped up, i go 'Kyaaaaaaaahh' whenever i see my desktop. Shit manz. And the GIF i placed. Manz, it's even worse. I'm going so crazy. Am i stressed? Am i sad? Am i nuts? Am i a lunatic? I've been posting food pics these few days ...

Pissed. Pissed. Pissed. I've been reading fanfics ... not working ... why i need to write down my thoughts and organized them. I dun wanna do things anymore. I can't even find the peace to sleep. I keep thinking i got alot of stuff to do. But what? I have no idea. I have no darn idea.

Yes, i need to do IB ... i ...

[Signing off @ 10:00 PM]

PS: Oh merry christmas all.

EDIT PS: I juz read this great paragraph on a fanfic i was reading and it damn reflected my feeling right now. So i'll juz post it over here.

'You fucking stole them from me you fucking bitch! Now they’re both fucking dead! I don’t fucking know who did it but I fucking bet you fucking know! I’m giving you a fucking warning, you fucking whore, stay the fuck away from XXX. She’s my fucking sister, I won’t let you fucking hurt her, understand, you slut? Stay the fuck away from XXX; I won’t let you fucking steal her away from me too. I fucking hope you go to fucking Hell, XXX. A fucking whore like you deserves to fucking die, bitch.'

LOL, i feel so darn great after reading it out LOUD LOL. I never saw so much 'fucking' words in a paragraph before lol. So i reckon now i'm ready to rumble after i finish the fanfic ... time to fucking kill IB report!!!

Xmas Buffet~

[Posted @ 10:38 PM]
Juz came home not long ago, i was busy trying to put up a format for IB report. Doing up an annual report kinda format, i got too many ideas lol shessh. [Throws ideas away, content more important] Anyways here's some pictures i took for the xmas buffet i had juz now at dad's landscape at Choa Chu Kang =).

Ok, we had this 'Indian-style' kinda buffet, lol cos for my dad's indian workers mah, so all cooked in indian style. Not bad la, juz tat the taste is pretty darn strong, alot of spices and stuff but nice. And look pretty darn colourful huh, i like the presentation alot lol.

First Round Of Plate.

Second Round lol, my second plate of food ... almost can't finished it, i was darn hungry cos i skipped lunch XP. Had A&W [Amburger & Wootbeer LOL!] too .. ahh~~ lol so shiok sia then watch my bro play Wolfenstein - Return To The Castle ... lol almost puked wat i ate cos it's darn graphic ... zombies and stuff lol. Ha.

Second Round Of Plate.

Yeah we played with the kittens there too~ so cute hahaha, got white, brown&white, black&white and brown&white&black cats lol. Hmmm then yeah i had a fall before i left. Sigh i scraped my knee ... and a little cut below my knee but i'm ok, cos i used my left palm to support myself lol.

HMMM, then i smsed 30 over people while there lol, wishing everyone merry christmas. Hmmm, then yeah nothing much le. Ok, gotta go chiong for IB report le. Think i'm going to do it into the night le, wat a great xmas night ... sweating blood for IB report. Damn i hate IB, so many crap to do ... sianz.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH, i juz downloaded Mai Otome OST 1!!! KYAYYYAHAHHHH, first track i listened was 'MATERIALISE' WHOA, i was like 'haaaaaa, heeeii, ye, loooo, yaaaaaa, oooooo, laaaaaaa, heiiiii, la, heiiiiiiiieee' for the last 20mins LOL!!! [I keep repeating] ... god so damn creepy good. I love it, then i imagine Shizuru-sama going 'MATERIALISE' WHOA, so cool ... [Shieks like fangirl~ lol] So cya, i'm going to 'la heeeeiii' into the night, instead of going 'ho ho ho' LOL.

[Signing off @ 10:52 PM]


Chalet @ Pasir Ris

[Posted @ 10:37 PM]
Yeah my aunt booked a chalet in Pasir Ris so we went this morning at around 9+am. Sat a van and left lol, then in the van got like around 12 people sitting in the van ... excluding driver.

Yeah didn't feel like swimming so i slept half the day there while the others went swimming but ... lol they swam halfway then rain LOL. Luckily i didn't go sia, if not run here and there so bothersome ha.

Here's a pic i took, lol lazy to take, was eating and sleeping like crazy there haha.

Heh The Chalet.

Yeah so can't BBQ, since it's raining and there's no shelter there to cover the rain ... so we went home and BBQ instead ha.


Chicken wings, Satays and stingray~


Actually got hotdogs and stuff but i lazy to take la lol.

Oh before we left the chalet, i went to buy the S$2 McChicken sandwich from McDonalds LOL. Bought 10, the person serving me kena shocked lol. Hey i got like 15 people to serve at home ya know? Mum and dad went for wedding dinner ... so yeah. The place is pretty ours and ours alone heh.

Time to take a good night sleep after watching Hellsing and POT later ... then i'll blog Mai Otome Ep6 tomorrow k? Cya then!

Oh juz to remind myself, i need to do SMM for MIS part E ah ... lol lazy to do sia. Oh need to start IB report le ... next tues must hand in le. Sianz.

[Signing off @ 10:46 PM]

PS: Drinking Bandung~ yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy~

Becos I'm Lazy.

[Posted @ 11:43 PM]
Becos i'm lazy i dun wanna post anything tonight and go watch Simple Life on Channel 5 right now LOL! Driving a police car LOL! And the lol boss was like 'I can't take this anymore!' LOLLLLL SO FREAKING DAMN FUNNY.

Oh let me just type down what i did today. First, woke up, then was about to leave home at 10am when suddenly this Singtel guy from Singtel ... duh came and said he's from Singtel [LOL!] and is here to upgrade my home connection. So yep, 1500KB modem ... yes download stuff is fast lol ... too scary when i downloaded a scanlation from a web XP.

Then went to sch to do SMM project, was supposed to meet at 11am but cos the unexpected visit of the Singtel guy, i pushed the time to 12 noon. Yep. But i was still a little late ... sorry ZY!
Hahaha then did till around 5pm ba then i sit 184 .. 171 then go Northpoint and purchased 6 mangas!! Chrno Crusade #6, Fruits Basket #14, Girls Bravo! #4, Mai HiME #2 [Kyyyahh Natsuki!], The Mythical Detective Loki #6 and Full Metal Alchemist #4. I forgot to buy TCZ II #14 [Black & White Version]. Sigh. I'll buy next time ba lol. A whopping $48 bucks for 6 mangas! Wasn't shocked, i paid by NETS lol.

Ah then this morning i re-read Fruits Basket #2 again ... so touching, i almost cried. Kana ... Hatori love ... sigh.

Ah gtg le, cya.

[Signing off @ 11:58 PM]

Blood+ Ep6

[Posted @ 9:39 PM]
Because i promised, i deliver. LoL here's Blood+ Ep6 screenshots~

Ah Ha! I've Finally Found akayuki's Secret Stash Pics Of Shizuru-sama!NANI! akayuki Loves Shizuru-sama More Than Me?!It's Raining Blood!
DIE akayuki! How Dare You Love Shizuru-sama More Than Me!Nooo~ Don't Die On Me!Prepare To Get Slaughted.

- Recapturing from the previous Ep, David, Saya and Hagi went into the abandoned Yanbaru place to save George. They ventured slowly into the place and into the basement. The military decided to blow up Yanbaru anyways and set off. After hacking into series of metal doors, David, Say and Hagi went deeper into the basement and began searching for George's location using a PC. Scene changed to Riku and Kai worrying for Saya and company. Just then Julia got a call from the US military that they're blowing up Yanbaru and tried to contact David and etc but failed. Kai suggested that he'll go inform them riding on his bike and left. Meanwhile, David's hacking into the military's data and found out that the Yanbaru was used as a place to run experiments to artificially create Chiropteras. The US military was also linked to the many war, Chiropteras' increasing appearances and finally Okinawa.

- Suddenly a Chiroptera jumped down from above and attacked them. Saya was in state of shock and stood rooted to the ground, the Chiroptera lunged forwards and Hagi pushed Saya away. David took this chance to tackle the Chiroptera and took off. Saya felt sorry and helpless that she didn't fight just now. Saya got out her blade, pricked her fingers and let the blood flow on the blade. David then pushed the open button to open the door, as David shot at the Chiroptera waiting for then outside, another Chiroptera appeared behind Saya. Saya used the blade and stabbed into the Chiroptera. The cut wasn't deep enough to stone the Chiroptera. Suddenly George appeared and rammed towards the Chiroptera forcing the blade to slide deeper into the Chiroptera's stomach and stoning it. [Saya's blood got this effect of stoning the Chiropteras and using her blood, she could kill Chiropteras]

- Kai ran into the Yanbaru place to inform Saya and company. Saya and company were cornered by many Chiropteras and Saya still wasn't doing much to fight. A Chiroptera suddenly attacked Saya, George rushed forward to save Saya and got slashed across his chest. However, George used his left [beasty] fist to punch a hole in the Chiroptera's stomach. Saya yelled and stabbed the Chiroptera using her blade. Kai burst through the door and told them that the military's blowing up the place. George's blood's flowing so rapidly lol like water ... and seemed like dying, no, he's turning into a Chiroptera ... as the wounds on his chest healed. George told Saya to kill him before he turned into a Chiroptera like Forest. Sobbing, Saya grabbed hold of her blade and made a cut on her palm. George held to Saya's bleeding hand and slowly stoning George.

- George's last and stunning words to Saya is 'Live through today for tomorrow's sake'. After George died, Saya lost it and began slicing the Chiropteras into sushis when they appeared in front of them. [SOOOOO BLOODY!!!! WOOOT!!!! LOL Blood is like water around this Ep. LoL] Oh they managed to leave the place before the US military bombed the place. Manz, poor George, he still died in the end. Sigh. Manz, this Ep's really great! George's death finally made Saya realized that she had to fight ba. Very emotional but George died ... a little too fast, lol more draaaaaammaaa!!! LOL. But generally it's ok la. Heh.

Art: 6.5/10 [The animation is getting a little laggy~~~ LoL]
Characters: 7/10 [Saya's ready to rumble i reckon.]
Overall: 7/10

Well i'm really busy cos i haven't done my SMM project on MIS yet. Damn, i've done only like 1/10 of my part? LOL. Typed in the address only ... shit. I dunno abt the damn modes of payment of MIS ... nvm email to them. But i'll get the reply only tomorrow right? Shit. How am i going to answer to my groupmates?! NOOOOOO! Wow i cursed alot on this paragraph huh. I've really been slacking off, i didn't even record stuff for IB game lol. Damn.

I'm so slacky. I need to do ... SMM project must do must do. So cya.

[Signing off @ 9:42 PM]

PS: must do must do must do must not do must not do ... wat the hell? lol.

Otanjoubi Omedetou Shizuru-sama!

[Posted @ 11:14 PM]
All hail Shizuru-sama! It's her birthday today! 19th December 2005! ... Shizuru-sama's 18 this year ... if i'm not wrong lol.

I made this happy birthday pic especially for her =) and all Shizuru-sama worshipers! LOL.


Shizuru-sama will always be in my number 1 favourite 'Female Anime Character' list =).
Muahahaha. Well, time to read fanfics. LoL. CYA! I'll blog Blood+ tomorrow. I think.

[Signing off @ 11:22 PM]

PS: Kyaaaaaahhhhhhhh~

Mum's Prawn Mee Pics~

[Posted @ 10:36 PM]
Ha, didn't blog last night cos i was busying playing Wolfenstein 3D on my lappy lol. So fun, i finally can play the full version le. I used to play the Ep1 Demo version heh, now i got 6 Eps to play! And i won all and saved all 6 Eps' Last Levels lol. Yeah i spent around roughly 30-50mins on each Ep ... except Ep 4 i took around 70mins lol.

Then i wanna to type Mai Otome Ep6's summary this afternoon but got caught with fanfic then later my cousins came and brought their PS2 with them. So guess what? I spent the afternoon watching them play God of War and Naruto lol. Well except for 4pm-5pm which i spent watching D.N Angel and Saiyuki Reload. Heh. Without further ado, here's the pics of my mum's famous/yummy prawn mee~

My Mum's Bowl Of Prawn Noodles, i didn't managed to take a shot of mine cos i ... was hungry lol and didn't thought of taking photos. Blah.

My Mum's Bowl Of Prawn Noodles.

Fishball Soup ... haha, prawn stock + fishballs ... looks pretty.

Woo Fishball Soup.

By 9pm, only left like this lol.

Yep, The Stock.

My Aunt's Bowl Of Prawn Noodles. Looks nice lol, she even hurried me to take quickly so that she can eat lol. I was slowly adjusting the angles at that time XP.

My Aunt's Bowl Of Prawn Noodles.

Yeah, my aunt's bowl of soup.

Da Soup.

It's really nice, i drank around 4 bowls of soup LOL. I never drank that much soup before, not even sharks' fin soup. The most i drank was two bowls. heh. So can imagine how nice it is lol.

Didn't do much for animes, didn't watch, summarized nor ... do my SMM project ... lol shit i need to tell something to someone. Argh. Cya, time to read fanfics lol ...

[Signing off @ 10:47 PM]

PS: Woo, i actually hit daily visits of 100~ Yay, thanks everyone, i'm so touched that people are reading my blog lol.

Mai Otome Ep5

[Posted @ 10:33 PM]
Finally, manz i'm really slow ... i dun feel like typing stuff the last few days lol, lazy + no mood. I'm having mood swings pretty often these weeks. God i still gotta go to school tomorrow to do SMM ... sian. Anyways here's Mai Otome Ep5 screenshots.

LoL Butt Got Stunned.Ah, My Kind Of Shop LoL! Oh Did I Just Spot A Shizuru Onee-sama Poster Over There? *KYAAHHH!*What? There's No SMM Meeting Tomorrow?
Saw 3 : Attack Of Nao's Nails! LOLWhat Big Tongue You Have.Spot Tomoe's Green Hair.

Really really short summary, in point forms lol. I'm getting lazy.

- Arika's dream isn't what it seems to be lol. Arika had dreamt that she's all up and ready for her first day of school and waking up sleepy Nina lol. But in reality, she's the one still sleeping while Erstin's trying to get her up. Ha, i'm beginning to like Erstin's =D smile ha. First period of class and Arika's having biggg problems lol. [See screenshot 1] After class, Shiho came barging in LOL, then Arika was like 'Oh, that Maki Maki person.' LOL!!!! Shiho rushed over and covered Arika's mouth telling her to shut up lol.

- Shiho [One of the Top 3 Pearl Students aka The Trias, the other two are Akane and Chie] had called upon Arika cos Arika's uniform was found in this Backstage store. This Backstage store is a Otome-fan store which sells any items related to Otomes. [From Figuires, Used Otome uniforms, picture books, posters and blah lol See screenshot 2] And that Backstage store sold those items at very high prices ... so it's kinda like a black market lor. Arika's pissed off and yelled that she didn't sell her uniform while Shiho kept accusing her and stuff haha.

- While Shiho's screaming at Arika, Ms Maria and Natsuki walked in and said they'll take it from there. Natsuki gave Arika a letter and said that the person in the letter was in debt to Arika's mum, so wanted to help Arika in the school fees. Ms Maria then told Arika that they won't press for the 'selling uniform' incident anymore but would be put under suspension. In Arika's class, the 3 girls, Lille, Yayoi and Miya were gossiping about Arika. Nina recalled what Nao said to her before, that Arika may be destroyed soon ... and acted cold when Erstin asked what they should do lol. [Awwww~]

- LoL Mashiro heard about what happened to Arika, was basking with happiness and planned to rush to Arika and rub it in lol but was stopped by Aoi cos Mashiro still got paper work to finish up. Arika's reading the letter addressed to her, the person said that Arika's mum used to help her/him, so he/she wish that the money would help Arika be a good Otome. Arika's hesitating whether to believe the letter or not. Just then Nina walked in, Arika couldn't help but feel demoralized after the incident ... and told Nina that she shouldn't have come to this school.

- Nina got angry and told Arika if so, get the hell out then lol. Arika got pumped up after Nina's words, rushed off and asked Erstin and Irina to help her. Akane and Chie were there to help Arika too. Nina's pissed off and kicked a tree, Nao happened to sit on the tree's branch, fell off the tree and landed on her feet perfectly lol. Nina then asked a favour from Nao. Erstin, Irina and Arika got permission to go out of school and meet Kazu-kun~ LoL. [Woot Kazuya's a rich kid and pretty cool guy here lol]

- Seems like Erstin and Irina had asked Kazu-kun out to ask about who had sold Arika's uniform but didn't got much info from him. Meanwhile, Nao's in some pub ... and kicked the butt uh i mean slashed the butt of the guy who sold Arika's uniform. LoL. [Nina looks kawaii in the cute green getup~~~ LOL Oh Nina's with Nao's gang too. Seems like the favour Nina had asked from Nao is to find the guy who sold Arika's uniform ba.] Arika, Erstin, Irina sent Kazu-kun off. Sergay saw them, walked over and teased Arika for a while lol. The 3 girls walked back to school and was disappointed that they didn't find the real culprit.

- LoL, suddenly, Mashiro ran in and began rubbing in Arika's wound with salt, pepper and lemon juice by laughing in her face lollllll. So funny. Woot, some winking vibes from Aoi and Chie ... do they know each other here?! LoL. Mashiro then asked for Mikoto, Mikoto's biting a handkerchief and Irina was reminded of the time Tomoe had wiped Arika's uniform with that handkerchief and announced she solved the mystery. LoL. Irina aka Kindaichi pointed out that Mikoto's the culprit cos the day before Mikoto had spilled TOKIHA [NANIIIII!? LOL] mushroom soup over Arika's uniform. Tokiha mushroom soup happened to be Mikoto's favourite food.

- So Irina said that Mikoto picked up the smell from Arika's uniform in the laundry room and thus had taken it away. The evidence is the tear, the tear in both the uniform and handkerchief are the same, cos Mikoto had tore it when she tried to bring the cloth out. So when Mikoto had brought the uniform out, picked up by a man and got sold by him and not Arika. [Wooot, three claps for Irina!] LOL Arika made a sparkling, 'THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME, LOVE YOU' expression lol. Mashiro got pissed off that she lost and ran off lolllll~ Arika's glad and said she had made trusting friends from this incident and will believe the person who wrote the letter to her.

- Over dinner, Arika's thanking Irina, Erstin and also Nina although Arika didn't know why lol. One of the 3 gossiping girls, Miya was cornered by Nina in the toilet cos Nina knew Miya's the one who stole Arika's uniform and gave it to the man. As Miya ran out of the toilet, she met a person ... who scared the shit out of her lollll. Miya was confronted by Tomoe [Cos the person hiding in the dark has green hair! =O] and Tomoe even slapped Miya. Seems like Tomoe's the mastermind behind this uniform stealing incident. Woo, Tomoe's not as simple as we thought she is XP and i love it LOL. And holy crap ... Ep6's preview ... freaking rocked! LOL.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Woot Woot~!]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Thumbs up for Tomoe~ Lol the new evil villian]
Overall: 7/10

I'm going way too slow, i need to speed up ... probably tomorrow i'll type out Mai Otome Ep6's summary ... i wouldn't pressure myself to type a good review for it ... i know i can't do it anyways lol. Ah, juz go to Memento's blog for good Mai Otome reviews k? I'll juz do what i can do and try my best ba.

I'm pretty proud of myself today lol, i did up Blood+ Ep6 and Ep7 summaries just now~ Manz, it's getting pretty interesting lol. Saya's going into a girls' boarding school ... AH WHAT IS BLOOD+ GOING TO DO WITH SCHOOLS?! Stay tune lol.

I juz got TCZ II #36 this afternoon! WHEE! Bai Bing aka White Frost's da covergirl~ and also the metallic badge's her too! Now i'm wonder if i should go watch the rerun of Hellsing or juz stay here and watch POT and Naruto ... hmmm. Oh i watched 5 Eps of POT this afternoon too. Heh. Still haven't do up the data entry lol lazy. I'll do it later la, i think 30mins can finish le. Juz 14 right.

I need to prepare stuff for SMM discussion tomorrow too ... yes my notes ... i need notes ... god. My brain is full of animes right now and YanZi lol. AHHHHHHHHH~ Speaking of YanZi, let me edit the last time i say about YanZi's mum, she's not really fierce la ... probably juz a little loud? LoL. Teachers' voices are supposed to be loud right ... lol. Dunno la. Anyways i decided to not watch Hellsing and continue watch POT and Naruto. So cya.

[Signing off @ 10:49 PM]

PS: ... yawn. type type type.

LAM Local Attraction + KTV + SMM Project Trips Musings

[Posted 12:21 AM]
LoL longgg subject title and post this uh morning? LoL. I was doing my stupid SMM E-Learning tutorials ... then i did Qn1,2,3 when i was supposed to do only 2 lol. I did Qn2 le but got like 4 persons did that Qn le, so when i posted it, i saw wah the first 4 timing faster than me. So i no choice i jumped to do Qn3 ... sigh. So bad luck sia. After that i commented on Qn1 lol. Stupid me.

Ok first i'll talk abt the LAM Local Attraction trip. Ok we've been cheated!!! LOL! Lamer lor, i still feel so heartache sia, pay S$28 for this trip still need to wait around 10-15mins for the tour guide to arrive. Yeah so wat traffic jam, can't you come ealier? How could you let ur customers wait?! Ok wait nvm, wah ... the lunch provided is not ... really nice lol. Well i like the tomato slices of fish only. The fried rice sucks, and sucks more when you add the cubes of carrots, corns and peas. Yucks, i was like picking them out half the time lol. Then trip started at 10.30 AM then ended at 2.30 PM, 4 hrs for S$28?! WAT! WAT! LoL. Damn. Well let's see some pictures.

Poor parrot on the work lol. So cute le, hopping in and out of its cage ... wonder if it will fly away?


Oh this Indian temple is called Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. LoL. I took picture of the name ok lol.

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.

Ah, didn't managed to take pic of this name ... but it's a Malay Mosque.

Malay Mosque.

A Malay heritage place ... didn't managed to get the name also. Too lazy.

Nice Shot.

I also didn't take the name down lol ... getting slacky.

Another Indian Temple.

China Town! LoL. I striked a pose when i took this picture lol.

China Town!

Ok that's all lol, no more pictures le, these are the best of wat i took, the rest are ... juz anyhow snap shots lol.

Let's go to KTV trip! Yay. After the trup, we went to the nearby Party KTV to sing yay. Paid S$10 for 2.30 PM - 7.00 PM sia more worth it than ahem ahem le lol. 7 of us [S, XT, HQ, JX, SH, QW & Me] went and i as usual sang YanZi's songs la hahaha.

Cold Honey Drink + Snacks~ ha.

Cold Honey Drink + Snacks.

Ha, time to sing~ Place ur songs!


Wah you see, we paid S$10, still got sharks' fin soup to drink siaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! LOL.

Sharks' Fin Soup!

Yep that's all folks. After that we went home. And boy, i was beat hahaha.

Then today went to MIS with XT for SMM project ... lol so funny, we got down at the Hotel Rendezvous then i thought the MIS is behind the hotel and walked down ... then we got lost when a while. After i saw the stupid route of a nearby bus stop, i saw the wat NTUC Income thingy place behind then we walked back to the bus stop where we alighted LOL! We walked a round sia lol, we should had walked up when we alighted ... sorry la i didn't see and i dunno lol.

Then after that went to Raffles City to meet ZY and QW ... i watched the Teen Titans show ... man sucks, juz singing, dancing then end with a photographing session. I mean WHAT! THAT'S ALL?! LOL. Then blah blah 'pretended' to shop there ... G2000. Anyways nothing much to say la, i was bored. Never liked shopping.

After that we went to Ngee Ann City, then went to Puma and another shop name which i forgot. It was a gift shop lol. After finishing shopping, i went to Kinokuniya with ZY while the XY and QW went to Guess. LoL. Drooling at the mangas there ... ahhhh can touch, see ... but can't readdddddddddddd and buuuyyyy~ ... so sad.

Sat bus home, then had a late lunch at 4.45 PM lol, had BK~ Chicken Sandwich! Whee so nice. Hmm oh my nose was so sensitive this afternoon, when i sat 171 home, a bunch of army guys board the bus ... man i almost puked when i smell their smells lol. Really. I dun mean to insult but it's true and i dun blame them. Plus i'm having PMS, manz i was really pissed and giddy. But i managed to get home and watch SpongBob SquarePants! YaY. LoL.

Yeah i guess that's all le ba, oh did SMM E-learning tutorials and IB Quiz. ... got 30/40 only LoL. Soooo sad. But i tried my best i guess it's ok la, since i didn't even look at my notes LOLLLLLLL! MUAHAHAHAHA. I'm proud. Ok going to do Data Entry ... juz 14 nia. Or ... watch POT? I think i watch POT ba lol lappy no space le ahhhhhh~ CYA

[Signing off @ 12:56 AM]

PS: Ehhhh...

Malaysia Trip Musing

[Posted @ 9:36 PM]
I'm feeling so damn lazy. So tired ... manz, now my back feels weird. This morning i was as usual sitting 171 to school then i was standing, holding on to the railing and damn suddenly the bus braked then luckily my right hand was holding the rail at my back but my body was moving forward then i think my back twisted in such a way i could hear and feel the 'CRACK CRACK' sound LOL. Really. I was like ... god, did i break my back? But after a while i was feeling really relaxed and good lol. I wonder why. Must be the sitting on my butt in bus half the day Malaysia trip la.

I still dunno where i went lol. Ok let's see ... early in the morning woke up at 5.35 AM, then went to bath, after that watch TV, lol Wonderwoman's [Real-life drama] showing on Channel 5 at 6.00 AM!! LoL. So ... funny i dunno why i was laughing XP. Then yeah the usual stuff to Woodlands Checkpoint. Had breakfast in Malaysia at around 8.30 AM ba. Had Ipoh Prawn Mee and some Dim Sums. After that, sat on the bus for 2hrs and slept like a baby lol. After that it was freaking lunch time!!! LOL.

Here's the food i had for lunch, too shy to take pictures cos someone else is sitting on our table also lol. So i took my own plate of food =).


After lunch, went to this temple near a seaside and we took pictures too. Picked up some nice shells too. And we saw mudskippers lol they look so weird from what we saw in the picture books LOL.


Spot The Mudskipper!

After that, slept on the bus for an hr or so then reached this fruit farm, took a nice picture of this jack fruit tree with biggg jack fruits hanging =). Oh we saw a bull [My bro said it's a male cos he spotted and pointed to me its ahem ahem lol] munching grass nearby.


Finally, we went to this uh Waterfall Resort and went for a quick 30mins dip. The water's soooooooo cold!!! So cool also lol, hahaha almost got washed away by the strong water ... i was sitting near the place where the water was gushing out lol. Juz trying to massage my little old back. Then saw a couple of people slipped and fall LOL. [EviL!]

Kota Tinggi WaterFall Resort!


Well that was all, then sat another 2 hrs back to JB and reached Singapore at around 10.45 PM ba. By the time we reached home, it was around 11.30 PM le, so i went online, then went to bath, wait for hair to dry then yeah went to bed.

Cos i had this suddenly LAM guest talk this morning. Sigh. I shouldn't had went lol but we need to do IB Business Plan ... so i went anyways. Reached home at around 2 PM then i had lunch and then ... i think i went to watch Survivor lol then i go to bed. Heh. It's sooo damn hot. Woke up at 5.45 PM to watch Justice League Unlimited and SpongeBob SquarePants.

And blah blah blah. I tried to watch Mai Otome Ep5 juz now, watched halfway and i was sucked into Fanfic world lol. Manz, tomorrow got LAM Local Attractions trip ... meet in school at 8.30 AM ... need to wake up at ... hm 6.45 AM ... blah blah.

Still got E-learning tutorials to do ... sianz, tonight can't log in MEL cos dear MEL's screwed up lol. Sigh. SMM tut ... IB quiz ... BB also got ba ... LAM like dun have. Hm. Ok read fanfics cya!

[Signing off 10:01 PM]

PS: oh we're going to Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam tomorrow.