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Monday, December 11, 2006

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep9

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=), Summary will be updated later. Going on a day cruise tomorrow ... so I'll update this on Wednesday I reckon.

=).Mizuho's All Grown Up ...LoL Kei's Funny.

The start of the School Festival, the students in school were getting excited over what their own classes were organizing. Mariya noticed that Mizuho has changed and has been getting more reliable each day. Mariya added that when they were young, Mizuho's been always hiding behind her back. 'I wonder who's the guy and who's the girl?', Mariya mused lol. Mizuho see Mariya to her class and left, leaving Mariya wondering in her mind that to see a person grown up, it's a good thing isn't it? Staring at Mizuho's back, Mariya looked a tact forlon and repeated, 'It's a good thing isn't it?' At the Student Council room, Takako's feeling a little bothered to learn from Kimie that based on the overwhelming votes from the students on what event the Student Council is organizing during the School Festival. Sighing, Takako told Kimie to leave the invitation of Mizuho to join them to her. Over lunch, Mizuho and the girls were talking about the Student Council organizing a play. Shion said that she had been invited to play a part in the play and asked if Mizuho had accepted his invitation to act in the play. Mizuho and the girls were stunned lol [Mizuho even dropped his piece of fried pork chops lol]. Shion continued that the students really wanted to see Mizuho and Takako acting on the same stage. Mizuho seemed a little hesitant but the other girls were supportive of him acting.

Blushing Mariya!?...I'm ... Juliet.

Suddenly, Kei slided towards their table and mumbled that she's responsible for the script and directing of the Student Council School Play and hoped to heard a favourable answer from Mizuho. After that, Kei just slided away LOL that was damn random! Shion said that it's up to Mizuho if he accepts it or not. Mariya lighten up the tension by adding, to accept or not to accept, that is the question lol. Mizuho's unsure if he's confident enough to act in a play, as a main character no less when he was already nervous as a small character back in kindergarden. Just then, Takako arrived to invite Mizuho to act in the play and too hope to heard a favourable answer from him. Takako then took her leave. Walking up the stairs and to the corridor, Takako met Mariya who was standing there as if waiting for her. Takako just ignored her however Mariya spoke, asking if the invitation's an mock of revenge to what happened in episode 7 was it not? Mariya added that to get Mizuho to act in the play and make him a fool of himself was the purpose was it not? Takako replied that she would not force Mizuho as she merely acted on behalf of the students to invite Mizuho to act in the play. Besides, Takako continued, what happened in episode 7, Mariya had nothing to be happy about wasn't it? Since she had done nothing at all, everything was done by Mizuho. Mariya seemed stunned by Takako's words. Takako told Mariya not to treat as if everything's like all credited to her or something and left, leaving Mariya speechless.

MOE!!!!~~~~.!? ...Shy.

Back in the dorm, Mariya darn pissed over Takako's recent 'K.O' over her lol and grumbled about Mizuho's makeup, actions, behaviours and the bra thingy was all taught by her. [Poor pillow] Meanwhile, at Mizuho's room, Kana's over at his room to pour her worries of her upcoming play to him. To encourge Kana, Mizuho decided to accept the Student Council School play, that way, he could share the worries of Kana. During the night, Mariya's still working on her the star gazing item her class's organizing, while musing over it, Mariya recalled to what happened earlier with Takako and wondered why she was speechless at that time. The next day, Mizuho went to the Student Council room and informed Takako of his decision. Takako then gave the play script to Mizuho, seemed like the play title's 'Romeo and Juliet'. Basically, Romeo's played by Mizuho due to votes by the students and ... Juliet by Takako also due to votes by students lol [How I love the power of the students held in Seioujo Gakuen] When Mizuho asked who's acting as Juliet, Takako went all shy and stuttered, 'Me ...' in a small meek voice lol. When Mizuho went 'Huh?' then Takako cringed and shivered for a moment before yelling, 'ME!!!' LOL. Mizuho even praised that Takako will make a beautiful Juliet before he took his leave. Flipping through the play script, Takako musing over how much work she had with the lines her roles had ... then, she noticed something in the script ... from then the more she flipped, the redder her face got from blushing lol.

Frankly, The SD Expressions Are Starting To Freak Me Out.Mariya Ignored Me ...Mariya Shrugged Me!

Takako demanded from Kimie who was the writer of the script, Kimie said it was Kei LOL, as expected, I could imagine Kei doing the peace sign in my mind. Takako blushed and shuttered about the many 'K-k-k--k-k-k-k-k-kiss scenes!?'. Kimie was surprised and too read the script before blushing. Finally, Takako burst out about the 'B-b-b-b-b-b-b-bbb-b--bed scenes!?' too lol. [LOL Dammmnnn kawaii~] Anyways, the girls went for their play practice. Seemed like Takako had no choice but to go with the script as there's no time to change it. Takako then stole a glance at Mizuho who was standing beside her before turning around and blushed XD. Mariya passed by the room and saw Mizuho in mist of practicing his lines, fumed and left. After school, Mizuho seemed to be waiting for Mariya to finish her preparations to tell her about his decision to act in the Student Council School play. Mariya added that she knew and she was surprised about Mizuho's decision. Mizuho looked confused as he said that Mariya had told him to make his own decision wasn't it? Mariya looked stunned, turned back and forced a smile to Mizuho before excusing herself and left. That night, Mariya busied herself with the star gazing item for her class but seemed frustrated somehow. Mizuho and Kana were up too, to practice their play lines. In school, the students were all busy with their class items for the up coming School Festival. Mizuho and Yukari were having their running together when Mizuho saw Mariya on the second floor of the dorm balcony and called out her name. Mariya just ignored Mizuho and went in the room.

What Am I Doing? ...My Notebook ...Thanks And Bye.

The next morning, the girls were about to leave for school but Mariya's not around. Mizuho went to Mariya's room to check and found that Mariya had already left for school and she seemed to forgot the star gazing item script on the table. Mizuho told the girls he will be going off first and ran out of the dorm. Running towards Mariya's direction, Mizuho tried to talk to Mariya but Mariya kept avoiding talking to him. When Mariya turned to walk away, Mizuho grabbed Mariya's hand to stop her from going. In a fit, Mariya snatched her hand back, the girls around were shocked. Mariya herself was shocked by her action too and ran away. In class, Mizuho's still thinking over the earlier incident and wanted to give the star gazing script to Mariya. During lunch, Mizuho went to Mariya's class but she wasn't there, at the cafeteria, Mariya hid herself when she saw Mizuho looking for her. Mariya thought to herself, what was she doing ... Later that day, the students were busy setting up the booths, props and placing up banners. Mariya then remembered she forgot her star gazing script and intend to run back to her room to get it. Just then, Mariya met Mizuho at the staircase, Mizuho's relieved that he finally found Mariya and gave the star gazing script to Mariya. Mariya then thanked Mizuho for it. Mizuho then walked to leave for his play practice. Mariya blurted out that the feeling's a little opposite isn't it? 'Opposite?', Mizuho repeated. Mariya added, 'Mizuho-chan and I ...' Mizuho looked confused and asked what's the matter. Mariya blushed and said nothing and left. That night, Mariya was looking at the photos of her and Mizuho when they were young. In the photos, Mizuho had always been walking behind Mariya's back but now, it seemed to be the opposite way? ...

That's Way Out For Kids To Do That.Takako-san ...*Stare*.

At the Student Council room, Takako's sighing over the fact that the day has arrived lol. In the practice room, the girls were practicing the scene where Romeo kisses Juliet. Mizuho had his hands placed on Takako's shoulders but they were not moving an inch. Kei then asked, is there a matter? really casually LOL. Takako asked Kei if they really had to kiss during the performance? Kei was like, what's the matter, it's not like it's between a guy and a girl isn't it? In Mizuho's mind, he was like 'YES, it's between a guy and a girl!' LOL. Takako continued to protest, saying she's minds. Kei went, well then, during practice, you may kiss on the cheek. Alright, there's no time, get on with it lol. Leaving with no choice, Takako agreed to the kiss on the cheek. Mizuho seemed surprised but goes on with it anyways. Placing his hands on Takako's shoulders, Mizuho stared intensely into Takako's eyes, read out his lines, leaned towards Takako's cheeks, murmured, 'Sorry' before laying a soft kiss on it. Takako's face went red when she felt the contact. Mizuho closed his eyes and leaned back after that kiss. When he opened his eyes, he saw Takako's blush as red as a monkey's butt um I mean lobster before Takako fainted LOL. The onlookers cringed in sympathy at the loud fall Takako had LOL before they went over to help Takako. Shion merely giggled LOL. After that, Mizuho and Shion walked home together, Shion said that Mizuho's really great lol. Mizuho replied that he almost had a heart attack. Takako's a poor thing too, Mizuho couldn't just leaving her in such a state.

*Blush*.Kiss ...*Major Blush* ... *Faint*.

Shion giggled, saying that it's the first time she saw Takako that cute. Shion added that in truth, Takako likes Mizuho hm? Mizuho was like, ehhh!? Shion continued that normal girls don't faint or become that nervous when been kissed on the cheek by another girl isn't it? Mizuho was like, please stop joking ... lol. Meanwhile, Mariya's venting her frustrations by running. In her mind, Mariya thinking about the Mizuho who could do nothing without her as she flashed back to the earlier episodes where Mizuho hid behind Mariya when Shion found out his secret. However, after the episode where he carried Shion in bridal style, became the school's 'Elder' and comforted Ichiko. Mizuho will always treat anyone kindly. Everyone's concerned about Mizuho ... as she flashbacked to the episode where Yukari's confidence was slightly wavered. Mizuho cherished the people around him, flashbacked to the episode where her saved Kana from the bullies. Mariya too, even though she's keeping a distance from Mizuho, she still cared about him. 'Mizuho, who has always been walking behind me. I don't know from when, has started to overtake me ... My heart somehow feels lonely towards the grown up and kind Mizuho ...' Suddenly, Takako's voice interrupted Mariya from her musings. Mariya told Takako that she's in no mood to talk to her. Takako hits bull's eye when she said that Mariya's not in a good mood isn't it? Mariya stopped, turned and sarcastically said that it's surprising that Takako's concerned about her. Takako ignored that comment and said she had a question about Mizuho. 'Is she [he] my friend or foe? Helping me but at the same time lowering my guards, I seriously can't understand her [him] at all ... I wish to know her [his] real purpose.' Mariya doesn't seem to have an answer ... - END -

You Must Be Blind Not To See That Takako Had A Crush On You.Mizuho Don't Need Me Anymore? ...Tell Me, Who IS Mizuho.

I really enjoyed this episode, mainly because there's angst and Mariya starting to realize her deep feelings for Mizuho. Not to mention Takako's in her full blushing mode with Mizuho as Romeo and her as Juilet in the Student Council School Play. Lots of blushes in this episode, if I'm not wrong, I've never seen Mariya blushed in the previous episodes ... regarding Mizuho heh. Mariya gave me this impression that she's like a mother who watched her son all grown up with wings and wanted him to fly off. However, she's still caught on the past of him under her wings for him to fly off and currently she's now confused about her feelings. To let go or not to let go, that is the question. Mariya did mentioned this similar statement in the episode =) when Mizuho's wondering if he should accept the role in the Student Council School Play.

As a Takako fangirl, I'm delighted to see substantial number of Takako blushing XD XD. Takako's seiyuu did a great job as Takako, a high and mighty tone of voice when she's Student Council President and averting eye contacts, meek, shy and hesitant expressions when she's blushing XD. Oh I love the part where Takako's reading the play script and the blush on her face got redder as she flipped lol. Finally at the 'K-k-k--k-k-k-k-k-kiss scenes!?' and 'B-b-b-b-b-b-b-bbb-b--bed scenes!?' stuttering moments lol, just so priceless XD. Not to forget the last bit where Takako fainted when Mizuho kissed her on the cheek lol, I was even expecting her top to blow up or something before fainting hahahhaa.

Oh btw, the 'Yuri?' track in the Otoboku OST was found in this episode where Mizuho pecked Takako on the cheek during play rehearsal.

Art: 8/10 [As usual.]
Story: 8/10 [Oh yeah it's my fave.]
Characters: 8.5/10 [Takako Stuttering, Win.]
Overall: 9/10

I watched Otoboku Ep10 already ... reckon Otoboku's at its climax! Two more episodes to go.

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  1. Looks like everything is going to Takako's way but now enters Mariya who found out that she is actually in love with Mizuho all along.

    When is Shion coming into the scene!!! More Shion pls!!!

    Isn't this anime 13 episode?

  2. lol I'm thinking Shion's going to play a 'Chikaru' role in Otoboku, like making up and stuff. Afterall, she seemed to oversee the relationships here heh.

    It's a 12 episode, but i heard somewhere there's a ep13/OVA in the DVDs.