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Monday, December 18, 2006

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep10

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Here it comes. Negima!? and Otoboku Ep11 tomorrow.

I Look Good.What? I Don't Look Good? ...I DO Look Good.

Episode started with Mariya prancing in front of her mirror then she recalled what happened the previous day with Takako asking her about the purposes of Mizuho. Mariya smirked and realized that Takako likes Mizuho. That morning, the girls were preparing to go to school, Yukari made a huge sigh as her Onee-sama, Mariya wasn’t her energetic self recently. Just then, Mariya came down the stairs and greeted everyone with energetically and even called Yukari, ‘Yuka-rin’ lol which brought a smile to Yukari’s face. The students in school were still busy preparing the props for the School Festival. Over at Mariya’s class, their star gazing item was finally competed and the students were amazed by the item they had placed up.

I Wanna Be Those Sandwiches ...*Shy* ...Onee-sama ...

During lunch, Mizuho couldn’t find any seats, Takako offered to share her sandwiches with him. Mizuho praised Takako’s homemade sandwiches which brought blushes in Takako’s cheeks lol. After that, in the Student Council room, Takako’s thinking to herself about Mizuho’s compliment earlier, smiled and blushed [Kawaii~~~]. Kimie seemed sadden by this. One of Mariya’s classmates invited Mizuho and Takako to view their class item. Mariya pushed a button to display the meteor shower background. Mariya teasingly wished good luck to Takako’s Student Council School play, Takako replied no need for you to worry, Mariya answered back with a ‘You’re really untruthful’ lol. Takako was like ‘Why is that!?’, luckily Mizuho cut in before they could carry on. Anyways, with the meteor shower background, Mizuho started wishing that the Student Council School play will be a success.

Hmph.Wish ...Hmph, I Don't Really Care.

Takako too started wishing with a blush on her face then glanced at Mizuho’s way. It’s the School Festival tomorrow, however the students in the Student Council School play were not really confident in themselves even though the practice was over. Kei, in a monotone voice told them not to worry … what am I saying, how can that be? LOL. Shion started giggling before everyone in the play started smiling and were more confident now. After the students were dismissed, Takako told Mizuho to take care of himself because it’s a cold night [Ohhh~] and blushed when Mizuho thanked her for her concern. Walking back to the dorm, Shion told Mizuho that after the play practices, Takako had changed to cuter than before lol. Shion stated that sure enough, there’s a high chance Takako likes Mizuho. Mizuho was like ah, this again? From one of the windows, Takako stared longingly at the walking Mizuho and Shion.

Pucker Up Baby.=O ...*Blush*

In the dorm, Mizuho was so engrossed in memorizing his script that he almost fell off a flight of stairs if not from the warning yell from Mariya. Mariya told Mizuho that she will practice with him and they started from scene five which was the kissing scene, the climax of the play lol. Mariya teased Mizuho that, well it’s okay if it’s Mizuho-chan LOL, then she leaned close to the expressionless Mizuho and made a kissy face hahaha. Mizuho just plainly stated that okay, let’s start LOL. Mariya was like wth. Mizuho started reciting his lines, Mariya was impressed with his acting and thought in her mind that the Romeo character seemed to be made just for Mizuho. With a determined and cool expression, Mizuho turned to face Mariya and started walking closer to her. Mariya, a little surprised, blushed and instinctively walked a few steps back. Mizuho then clasped Mariya’s hands to close to his chest and said, ‘Mariya.’ Mariya was stunned beyond words with a blush on her face.

Mizuho-chan Looks Cool.EH!? ...Kana Looks Good With Her Hair Down.

Mizuho then said, ‘Lines.’ LOL. Mariya fumbled and read the narrative parts instead of the speech parts LOL. Taking a deep breath, Mariya in a weird high pitched voice started reciting the lines LOL. [Kinda reminded me of how Nagisa from Strawberry Panic! did her lines in Episode 15] Mizuho just smiled and carried on by placing his hands on Mariya’s shoulders and started saying out his lines. Mizuho started leaning closer to Mariya’s face, at first Mariya blush harder, then closed her eyes seemingly accepting the closeness. At the last few moments, Mariya opened her eyes, saw Mizuho with his eyes closed and moving closer to her … Mariya blushed and her eyes went wided open with shock, screamed ‘No!’ and pushed Mizuho away. [Pheewwww~] Mariya was like, ‘How could you take it for real!’ and ran out of the room but not before slaming her face against the wall and taking off yelling ‘Ecchi~!’ [Pervert] LOL. Mariya ran back to her room and sank down on her feets, muttering, ‘It hurts.’ [It might be the physical pain or was it mentally? Brilliant!] And so, the day of the School Festival in Seioujo Gakuen, the students were very energetic in getting customers to their booth, but only one, who was surprisingly, Mariya who had a bandage on her nose.

I'll Help You.Onee-sama's Thinking What I'm Thinking!? ...Your Lips ...

Hisako-sensei told Mariya to how some spirit as their class was not a having a Haunted House item lol. Mariya immediately bolted up and started yelling uncharacteristically energetically for people to come to her class LOL. Mizuho then went to both Kana and Yukari’s classes for their items. Over at the auditorium, it’s the theater club’s turn to put up their play, the whole place was crowded with people. Kana the main character was acting as a sakura tree who had been magically turned into a girl by a moon spirit LOL [Shouldn’t it logically be the other way round, guess that’s Kei for you lol]. Kei’s acting as the male character who’s gonna be Kana’s lover. [Kana seriously looked better with her hair down and in that kimono lol] When the play was going on, Mariya seemed not to be watching it, as she was flashbacking what happened with Mizuho in episode 9. When the play ended, Mizuho noticed Mariya was not in her seat. It seemed that Mariya was avoiding Mizuho as she had agreed to take the slot for her friend who was delighted that she could see the Romeo and Juliet play.

Kyaaah! ...Great Scene ...!?

Before the play starts, Kimie told the participants to check their stuff, after the girls left, Kimie stared at the bed which was going to be used in the play in a suspicious way. [I’m guessing she did something to the bed …] As Mizuho gearing himself to the play, Kei told him that the climax kiss scene, the decision will be let to him. [Meaning she wouldn’t mind if he really didn’t kiss Takako] However, Kei added, but, don’t forget what the students are asking for LOL. [In the end, Kei’s beating about the bush and wants him to do the kiss lol] Mizuho noticed Takako and went to comfort her as she’s getting really nervous. Mizuho then did a little ‘Do away nervousness spell’ to Takako, which was just pushing Takako meaning pushing the nervousness away lol. At Mizuho’s smile, Takako can’t help but blush and we could hear the rapid beating of her heartbeat. Meanwhile, Mariya’s introducing her class item to the customers there but seemed really restless. At the auditorium, it was at the Scene 5 where Mizuho had to kiss Takako, in the end, Mizuho didn’t do it. Both Mizuho and Takako were relieved. However the students thought they really did it lol.

Detail Enough LoL.Goodbye My Love ...Sigh, Onee-sama Kissed Me.

Mariya looked at the time and it seemed like the play was about to end and she seemed a little unsure, when Hisako-sensei arrived, Mariya told her to take over and she ran to the auditorium. Back in the auditorium, it’s at the bed scene, as Takako got up to recite her lines, the hem of her dress was caught on a nail on the side of the bed and slowly began to tear as she walked. By the time Takako realized, the front part of her dress was revealed, instinctively, Takako squatted down to cover her chest. Mizuho ran forward and used his cape to cover Takako. Just then, Mariya arrived in the auditorium. Takako was tearing and starting to shriek however, Mizuho managed to mum her up by kissing her. Kimie was like shocked, while Kei went nicely protected haha. Takako was stunned to the spot. Mariya, with bad timing, saw everything. Mizuho delivered the last line to the scene which everyone clapped and cheered. Mariya left the auditorium.

Takako?*Gasp* *Pant* ...I'm Jealous? ...

After the play, Takako was resting against the table as she blushed and recalled the kiss between Mizuho and her. Just then, Mizuho knocked the door and from outside the door, Mizuho asked Takako for her forgiveness for the kiss. Takako opened the door and told Mizuho that she’s the one to ask for forgiveness as without Mizuho, she could have embarrassed everyone. Calmly, Takako told Mizuho that she’s not angry and walked to the Student Council room. In the room, Takako’s true feelings were revealed as she was blushing and panting hard from her rapid beating heart. On the other hand, Mariya’s thinking about her own real feelings towards Mizuho, does she really not like the Mizuho who’s overtaking her? Does she really not like the Mizuho who’s kind to everyone? ‘It’s not it. I only wish Mizuho to be only gentle/kind to me. Do I … like Mizuho-chan? … ’, Mariya asked herself. - END -

Ohh, finally a kiss scene XD, between Mizuho and Takako no less~ Yay. However, it doesn’t mean it’ll be a Mizuho x Takako in the end, because it’s like only one-sided. So far, Mizuho had shown no romantic concerns to anyone yet, maybe except Mariya who was his childhood friend. The last few episodes are so going to focus on Mariya’s real feelings and I can’t wait to see how the whole thing will turn out. Finally, there some plot and character development in this series and I’m glad it’s Mariya =). Loved the scene where Mariya and Mizuho were practicing the Scene 5, lol Mariya’s just so cute XD but not cuter than Takako as we see a lot of her rapid heart beating actions in this episode. I like the design of Takako’s dress, very … revealing hahaha. Mizuho looked pretty smart in his costume too =). Seriously, they looked AWESOME together.

Art: 8/10 [As usual.]
Story: 8.5/10 [You go.]
Characters: 8.5/10 [For evil Mariya]
Overall: 8.5/10

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