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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Anime Titles To Blog This 2007

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I'm not a one who always keep her promises so I'm not going to waste a post to list my whatever Resolution for 2007 lol. Instead, I'm going to talk what anime titles I'm going to blog this coming 2007 =). Well, there's only two and needless to say, there's some shoujo-ai in both titles.

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora.

First up, Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora. Basically, I'm watching this cos there's a Chikane look-alike and Himeko look-alike and they seemed to be a angsty couple in this anime LOL. Besides, the main character, Kyoshiro for the main straight couple's kinda hot too ... ohhh his seiyuu's also the seiyuu for Soubi in Loveless ... + 50 hotness XD.

I read skim through the RAW of volume 1 of kyoshiro-sora and there's quite a bit of references from Kannazuki no Miko ... mainly character style wise. Seemed like Chikane look-alike .. OKAY OKAY her name's Kaon, alright, geez, she's the reluctant baddie here. Himeko look-alike ... geez, her name's Himiko, seemed to be Kaon's mana source or something. Anyways, I'm not really sure, I'm just guessing here and there, so I'm awaiting Episode 1 which is coming out on Jan 5th 2007. The synopsis of Episode 1 and some screenshots were out in the offical website, so check it out.

Venus Versus Virus.

The second title would be Venus Versus Virus. I read the manga, there's some subtle hints of shoujo-ai at first between Rucia [I really prefer using 'R' then 'L', cos 'R' gives a ... sensual feeling to the name LOL] and Sumire. BUT ... from Volume 2 onwards ... my hopes are getting dimmer and dimmer lol. Well, I hope the anime's different.

And, sadly, the seiyuu of Rucia's not Nabatame Hitomi ... *sob sob* however I'm still giving this title a shot ... so if I'm happy with episode 1, I will continue blogging this.

Oh yes, I was watching Negima!? Seiyuu Christmas Party Special just now, the seiyuus in the special were, Satou Rina [Seiyuu of Negi], Kanda Akemi [Seiyuu of Asuna], Nonaka Ai [Seiyuu of Konoka] and Kobayashi You [Seiyuu of Setsuna]. It was freaking hell funny, especially at the scene when the main event's Kobayashi Yuu's version + drawing of the story of the girl who sells matchsticks. See the screenshots I made for yourself before you say anything lol.

Kobayashi Yuu Debut LOL.

Pure ... evil lol. The other seiyuus were like laughing their guts out lol. Especially the seiyuu of Asuna, Kanda Akemi-san. The rest were doing well till they saw scene 5 and 6 lol. The girls kept laughing and giggling as Yuu-chan dutifully narrates the story for them lol, I think she's just occupied with reading the words pasted behind the board than looking at the girls' reactions and laughters lol. The big question of the scene was ... who's the matchstick girl!? LOL Yuu-chan seriously pointed out that it's the ... um stick figure with the red scarf on lol. When Yuu-chan brought the drawing closer to the cam screen twice, Akemi-chan was shrieking 'Don't put it so near!!' twice LoL, poor Yuu-chan was so ... embarrassed.

Besides that, they had presents which the seiyuu prepared themselves to give to the audience [I think] and they decorated christmas cakes. Ai-chan did a great job with the Secchan cake she made lol so did Rina-chan who did a Negi cake.

Anyways, gotta do finish up blogging Otoboku ... so cya later.

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  1. hey what's up?

    where did you get the seiyuu special for negima?! ? did you dl it?

  2. Kobayashi Yu reminds me of Setsuna so much xD

  3. can you put the link here?
    i'm... too lazy to look for it lol... <_<;; XD


  4. http://www.yamibo.com/thread-41714-1-1.html

    here it is.

  5. Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora sound very interesting n_n I've read the prewiew of this manga, it seem like 'Himiko' is 'Kaon's source of energy. When she's injure or hurt, Himiko save her by 'kissing her'!!! =^-^= I hope the anime version keep this part. And I can't believe Kaon is one of the baddie, it seem like she work for someone. Anyway, can't wait ^o^

  6. Not Nabatame Hitomi?!! Damn what happened?! I can;t believe this

  7. to rikka, yeah I read that too lol, going by the trailer I posted a while ago, mana part will be kept, as I remembered Kuu's friend was sucked of mana from this neko like looking character. Yes, i think Kaon worked for this character called Mika-sama haha.

    to anonymous, ah well, maybe she's busy or something ... I mean it's not confirmed that the seiyuu who did the characters in the Drama CDs should voice for the anime too. So I'll juz wait for the episode to be aired before i comment anything haha.

  8. I think you're worrying too much about Venus Versus Virus - the writing appears to be on the wall for Sumire's, er, "other interests" as of Volume 3...