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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Negima!? Ep11

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Black Rose Baron.My Chupa T~!It's Ugly.
Sammo Hung!?Don't Tell ...Itadakimasu!
Awwww~ ...Yummy!=).
Hi, Zazie Desu.=O.Waaaattttt!!
Kissu.Saturday Night Fever!?Eh?

Asuna's disappointed that she still couldn't sell off her Chupacabra merchandises even from the help of Negi, Konoka and Setsuna lol. As they return to their room, they noticed the light still on and saw Black Rose Baron having dinner [Which he made himself] in their room LOL. When they tried to chase after Black Rose Baron, he leaped out of the window not before giving them an education tip, 'Do you know that hippos are omnivorous?' LOL. Asuna's pissed because Black Rose Baron used her Chupacabra T-shirt as luncheon mat lol. In the next Chupacabra club meeting, Asuna declared war against Black Rose Baron lol and proclaimed to defeat him. Konoka pointed out that Black Rose Baron might be Negi's father which brought a sorrow expression from him. When the Chupacabra club members went out to search, they were seen by Haruna and she wanted to join them. Konoka smartly baited Haruna away by telling her that there's a famous martial arts actor named Sammo Hung having an autograph session at the school hall LOL. The rest felt kinda bad because Haruna's the one who drew Chupacabra out and was at several Chupacabra meetings before. Meanwhile, Takahata-sensei was having a chat with Eva and Chachamaru in a tradtional tea ceremony setting. Seemed like Eva knows who Black Rose Baron was as she said that he smelt like him [I'm guessing him refered to Thousand Master]

They suspect that the Star Crystal and the recent incidents of the dark shadows were done by him. Takahata-sensei wanted to inform the Principal but Eva told him not yet as it might alert the enemy. Takahata-sensei protested, Eva then reminded that even that he couldn't not control the Star Crystal. Chachamaru then served tea to both of them, Takahata-sensei said he doesn't know much about having tea. Eva told him to eat. 'Eat?' Seemed like Chachamaru prepared ramen for them LOL, even had 'Enter The Dragon', background music. On the other side, the Chupacabra club members had no luck in their search and were tired out. Nodoka went to get some snacks from her room, Negi offered his help. In Haruna and Ku Fei's room, Haruna's pissed that she got cheated and complained to Yue who was in her room. Both of them were waiting for Ku Fei but she was having a whale of a time munching niku [meat] buns in Rinshen and Satsuki's room LOL. As Haruna's about to search for Ku Fei, they heard Negi and Nodoka's voices from the other room. Nodoka showed Negi's her collection of books and blushed when Negi praised her collection. Suddenly, she tripped, Negi used his magic to prevent Nodoka from hitting the floor. This was witnessed by Haruna and Yue who were watching from holes they made through the poster LOL. When Nodoka return to her room, Haruna and Yue told her that they saw it.

The next day, the Chupacabra club members stopped Black Rose Baron in a distance, Asuna had a plan to capture him with the trap she made. However, the rest were uncertain if Asuna's simple bird catching trap could capture Black Rose Baron lol. Suddenly, something rushed in the trap, they thought they had the Black Rose Baron but it's just Zazie. Later, Nodoka brought Negi to the church and asked him to do the pactio with her. A little surprised why, Negi went with it with no questions. It seemed like Nodoka told Haruna and Yue that Negi's a mage and told him to keep it a secret. Nodoka told both of them that she's Negi's partner, the girls mistaken as in the married partner, so Nodoka had to show them what she meant by 'partner'. Amazed by the magic, Haruna and Yue revealed themselves to Negi and Nodoka. Nodoka felt bed about lying to Negi but Negi's forgiving about it as he knew that Nodoka went so far to protect his secret. Camo suggested that Haruna and Yue do the pactio with Negi since they knew about the secret. Camo activated the pactio circle, Haruna didn't know what to do as Nodoka didn't tell her what to do during a pactio lol. Haruna easily agreed to kiss Negi for the pactio to be activated, however Yue had ran away in embarrassment. As Camo was worrying about Motsu and Shichimi discovering that Yue knew about the secret, both of them appeared and left with evil grins to find Yue to confirm their suspicions. Meanwhile, Yue was stopped by the Black Rose Baron's invitation to have kiss with him, Yue was stunned lol. What will happen, will Negi's secret be revealed, will he be turned to a small animal!? I doubt so. - END -

It Screams.Weird?Hehe.

Next episode's probably a continuation, as it's a Yue episode lol. The whatever crap Yue's introducing seemed to be like the ugly shrieking sweet potato-like crap in Harry Potter. A short scene with Akira's pet arowana, Yamamoto, nothing much I guess. Akira didn't have much scenes in the manga but she's having quite a bit here in the anime.

A kinda boring episode, Haruna easily agreed to be Negi's partner, and the number increases ... where's the action?

Art: 7.5/10 [As usual.]
Story: 6.5/10 [Not much, there seemed to be a build up]
Characters: 6/10 [No action.]
Overall: 6/10

Otoboku Ep11 later =O.

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