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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Negima!? Ep10

[Posted @ 10:39 PM]
Bleh, the cruise sucks, the smell of smokers everywhere, it's disgusting.

Eva.3 Minutes Is Up.Growl!!
Ummmm.I'm Not Fit To Be Sasaki Makie!? ...LOL!
Otou-san? ...You Cheated!=).
Hehe.Puppy Eyes.!?.
They Are Possessed.Ah!Cosplay Twins.
Cosplay Kaede.LoL Four Botched Cards.Latest Evil.
DIE!What Happened?...

A brief summary;
Negi, Eva, Takahata-sensei and the Principal were discussing about the Star Crystal in the Astronomy room. They suspect that the Star Crystal might be the culprit which possessed a person's spirit which causes the rising of dark shadows around. In simple terms, it's like been possessed by a devil, losing one self control. Negi recalled the Black Rose Baron. Eva added that even the Thousand Master couldn't control the Star Crystal. Anyways, Mahora Gakuen's the target now so the Principal ordered Negi and Takahata-sensei to investigate. Eva said she don't want to do anything with it since there's probably no benefits to her. Negi's tempo pactio partners were a little unhappy that Negi's off to investigate on his own again. The girls then decided to go help him without him asking. Just then, Ayaka and Makie caught up with the Chupacabra club members. Both girls were wearing their Negi t-shirts lol, then the other started teasing about poor Makie who was 'forced' to wear the t-shirt since she's roomed with Ayaka. Anyways, Ayaka came to ask the girls about the camp they had with Negi last episode. The rest were shocked that Ayaka found out about it. Konoka confirmed Ayaka's statement lol to the horror of Asuna. Konoka added that well it's because it's their Chupacabra club camp. Ayaka thought about it and questioned that Negi has nothing to do with the Chupacabra club isn't it? The girls were like ... 'Ah. ah ha ha ha ... well it's that, you know, that ah ha ha ha ha.' LOL. Konoka then said ah, oh no it's three minutes already, oh no their cup noodles is going to turn soggy and the girls bolted off lol.

Ayaka was left, pissed and so not buying their excuse. Makie told Ayaka to relax, in a fit, Ayaka yelled at Makie that it's her relax attitude that she's no good. Makie was like, ehhhh I'm no good!? Ayaka even told Makie she's not fit to be called Sasaki Makie! LoL Makie was like 'Direct Hit' to her head haha. In the changing room, Ayaka then told Makie to help her find out about the camp the Chupacabra club members had but Makie was still too 'hurt' from before hahaha. Just then, Ku Fei entered the changing room, Ayaka took that moment to ask Ku Fei to help her find out information lol. After school, as Negi's going around investigating, Black Rose Baron arrived. Negi tried to asked who Black Rose Baron is, but he refused to answer. Negi then showed the Black Rose Baron the wrist chain thingy his father gave to him and asked him if he had any impression of it. Black Rose Baron seemed a little hesitant before answering that it's a beautiful wrist chain. Negi repeated that he knew it doesn't he? Black Rose Baron refused to answer and turned to leave. Negi called out to him, asking if he is Thousand Master, Nagi Springfield? Black Rose Baron didn't answer. Negi finally yelled, 'Father!' before Black Rose Baron dissappeared. This was witness by the Chupacabra club members who were looking from the window. Camo told Negi that even if Black Rose Baron was Negi's father ... he probably lost his memories because of the effects of the Star Crystal powers. The Chupacabra club members then went over to Negi's side and offered to learn their powers to him since they are his partners after all. As Asuna, Negi and Nodoka were investigating, Asuna told Negi to be careful as Ayaka seemed suspicious ever since the camp they had. Suddenly, Ku Fei dropped in front of them and asked what they are doing. From afar, Ayaka's spying on them, seemed like Ayaka made Ku Fei dig information from them.

Negi replied a lame excuse saying it's a beautiful day so they're strolling lol. With a smiling face, Ku Fei read out her lines, on Negi and the Chupacabra club members going on a camp and the reason behind that was an unspeakable secret. Well, that's what Ayaka told me to say, Ku Fei added LOL. Ayaka rushed in from no where and smashed Ku Fei away like a tennis ball LOL. Negi then apologized to Ayaka for not inviting her to the camp and lied to her that he will ask her on the next time. Suddenly, Negi's staff has a reaction, the dark shadow engulfed Ayaka, Makie, Mana and Natsumi in its darkness. It later too brought Negi and the Chupacabra club members to its illusion world in snowy Wales again. A new evil arises and possessed Ayaka, Makie, Mana and Natsumi. Asuna suggested that Negi activated the pactio at the same time. Negi managed to get Fuuka, Fumika and Kaede cosplay cards but botched cards for the 4 others lol. Ayaka, Makie, Mana and Natsumi then began attacking Negi, Fuuka, Fumika and Kaede, however Negi managed to block all their attacks and sealed the evil blue spirit with ease. Ayaka, Makie, Mana and Natsumi were returned back to the normal world without knowing anything. Now, Negi got two crystal thingys, the red crystal from before and now a silver crystal, Negi realized that the target's him ... what will happen with the Star Crystal, Illusion World and Black Rose Baron!? - END -

Haruna Next?!Wtf.End Of Baka Rangers!?.

LOL, a hilarious Baka Rangers episode once again, Makie proved herself to be useless once again lol. Is this the end of Baka Rangers!? NOOOOOOOOooOooo!

Art: 7.5/10 [As usual.]
Story: 7/10 [Yue's drinking ... this ]
Characters: 7/10 [Not much but there's action.]
Overall: 7/10

Ok talking about the cruise trip, well, it sucked, it was bad. I thought it's some leisure cruise trip or something but, no, it's some gambling trip and smokers just smoked IN the ship. The only hang outs we non gamblers could go was the arcade where there's like only less than 20 pathetic game machines. Oh, we had fun with the horse betting machine LOL, Benji played, won like S$30 and treated us ice-cream. We were shrieking so happily when we won S$30 lol, it's like ... wtf haha. Anyways Benji lost all the money cos his 'gambling habits' got the better of him.

Moral of the story? Don't gamble, even if it's against a god damn machine.

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