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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

[Drama CD] Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric III, Lulim Compilation

[Posted @ 9:51 PM]
Going to Malaysia, Genting Highlands. So I'll be away from 7/12/2006 to 9/12/2006.

Blogging on AAD-chan, ... getting used to it ... here's your friendly amazon link.

Japanese Title : TVアニメ「ストロベリー・パニック」ドラマCD ル・リム編 ~お姉さまとメイドそうどう~
English Title : TV Anime 'Strawberry Panic!' Drama CD Lulim Compilation ~Onee-sama and Temple Of Maids~ [!? Not sure if my translation's correct lol ...]

Strawberry Panic! Lulim Drama CD 1. Strawberry Panic! Lulim Drama CD 2.

CD Tracks;

01. プロローグ [Prologue]
02.『変身部』で、メイド服大作戦![Transformation Club, The Battle Of Maid Uniforms]
03.『メイド探検部』、活動開始![Maid Exploration Club, Start Of Activity!]
04. 溫室のエトワール様 [Etoile-sama In The Greenhouse]
05. お禦堂の二人 [Two Of Them In The Public Hall]
06. いちご舎大浴場 [Ichigo-sha's Big Bathroom]
07.『戀愛部』の発足 [Creation Of The Love Club]
08. 千華留、想い出のアストラエアの丘 [Chikaru, Memories Of Astraea Hill]
09. 明日、會えばわかるのかな? [Do You Know We Are Meeting Tomorrow?]
10. 涙の訳 [The Reason For The Tears]
11. エンディング [Ending]
12. キャストコメント [Casts' Comments]
13. ミアトル編予告 (BONUS TRACK) [Miator Compilation Notice]

Argh, I don't even have time to listen to Strawberry Panic! Spica Drama CD ... and Lulim's version is out already!? -.-||| ... Check out the tagboard, Fern provided some teasers for the Lulim Drama CD =) Amane x Chikaru pairing? That's a first lol.

In case you haven't notice, I changed the Song of the Month to Strawberry Panic! OP1, Berry's Maturing Version, 'Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete' taken from Misato Aki's latest album, 'Sincerely'. Not the slow version in the last episode of Strawberry Panic! though, kinda disappointing ...

I'll blog Negima!?, Otoboku Ep9/10 when I return ... not really feeling well now, alrighty cya!!!

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  1. it's been out already?? that's just so fast! i wonder which album is the best seller among these three.

  2. As SP fan, I bought every album but IMO after listen all of them, I think the best is Miator album coz I'm Shizuma-sama fan and next should be Lulim coz it's so funny and interesting but still sad. However the bonus track is return to Miator again and the situation among Miator's student still so funny. It's quite disapoint that these Lulim seem to be the last Album.

  3. how sure you guys that this is the last CD???

  4. Will you be providing summary for this?