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Monday, December 11, 2006

Negima!? Ep9

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I'm back.

Oh yeah baby.Hehe, A Signed Chupacabra T-Shirt.Are You Sure?
Yummy.LoL ...Yay!
I'm Devastated.=).Double =).
God, Gimme Strength.!?L-O-V-E Yuuna, Go, Go, Go~.
LOL, The Ichijo-san In Konoka.Urk!Darn Duck.
Tell Onee-san Ne?Kissu.Kaboom.

Negi dreamt of his father, Nagi giving the magic staff to him. Negi then gave chase as Nagi slowly moved away, suddenly, Nagi became the Black Rose Baron. Negi woke up, not forgetting squeezing something and found himself on Asuna's bed lol. Unexpectedly, the something Negi's squeezing is just Motsu LOL, 'Something inside me is coming out' LOLLLLL! The girls were having their Chupacabra meeting, Konoka suggested that during their holidays that they go for a magic lesson trip with Negi as their teacher, everyone agreed. Asuna's busy forging a Chupacabra signature on her Chupacabra T-shirt lol, she even wrote the name wrongly hahaha. Negi's not really listening either. And so, the girls were at the training site a distance away from the Library Island, the twins explained that Kaede had told them of this place. The girls tried to build a tent but failed, in the end, Negi had to do it because he was in the boys' scouts back in Wales. Asuna, who was responsible for the food for the trip, actually assumed that they catch their food [fishes and stuff] from the river lol. Meanwhile, at Mahora Gakuen, the cheerleading girls, Madoka, Misa and Shiina noticed a sighing Yuuna seemingly looking intensely at Mana who was wiping her M-42 LOL.

The three girls then assumed that Yuuna's interested in Mana lol. Back to Negi and company, Takahata-sensei informed Negi about the dark shadows back again, the return of the school principal and Star Crystal. Negi went to find the girls and as expected, they caught no fish lol. When Asuna dropped her water bottle in the river, suddenly, Kaede's voice was heard about retrieving the water bottle. The girls began to catch fishes ... which were apparently impossible to find in a river LOL [Swordfish!?], I'm assuming Kaede had caught the fishes for them haha. In Ayaka and Makie's room, Ayaka's pissed that Negi and the others had gone on a camping trip without her LOL. Ayaka started making dramatic poses lol and introduced her latest Negi-sensei merchandise, 'A Gachapon' to Makie. As Ayaka turned the knob of the merchandise, out popped Motsu in the 'egg' lol. Makie and Motsu did 'Gasping expressions' and Makie started muttering, 'Father ...' LOL, Motsu was like ... 'Again?'.

At the training site, the girls were having a great meal with the catches they had, suddenly, Negi felt a presence and true enough, it was the dark shadow and Negi eliminated it. Just then, a laughter rang out, a black rose petal fell on the ground and Black Rose Baron appeared in front of them. Before Negi could ask the Black Rose Baron any questions, he gave them a riddle. 'Hot fire on the top, boiling water on the bottom.', what is it? The twins guessed a bathtub, [LOL I remembered this from Pani Poni Dash!, not sure which episode but I'm sure Ichijo-san asked this similar question to a member of the newspaper club lol. I forgot what's the answer though] but shouldn't it be the other way round? Konoka in Ichijo-san mode guessed, 'Ah, by a river, a fire had started' LOL. As the girls were guessing, Black Rose Baron leaped away lol. Back at Mahora Gakuen, Yuuna went to Mana and Zazie's room, Mana opened the door, before Yuuna could ask a favour, Mana promptly replied, no and slammed the door LOL. The cheerleading girls were watching from a distance and thought Yuuna had been rejected by Mana and went over to cheer her up but ... Yuuna just felt even more confused lol.

At the training site, Negi gave learning magic wands to the girls and teached them how to make a spark on fire appear on the wand. The girls all failed on the first try, seemed like they need more training =). As Negi's coaching the girls, Negi was exhausted and suddenly fainted. The girls left Negi to sleep in the tent while they went for a bath at the hot springs. [Darn duck] Negi awoke and in his haze, he saw Kaede as his older sister, Nekane beside him. It appeared that the training site they were in was Kaede's usual Ninja training grounds. Kaede then told Negi that she knew everything about him, him as a mage in training, him turned into a ferret if his magic status was exposed, the battle with Eva, the pactios with the students and Thousand Master. Kaede had been following them ever since they were there. Kaede then offered a lending hand to Negi to find his father, Thousand Master. Both of them then did the pactio as Camo activated the pactio circle.

Outside the tent, the other girls saw the pactio been done, another partner huh? At the other side, Takahata-sensei welcomed the school principal back from England, he brought news that the Star Crystal is indeed in Japan. However, they had no idea about the whereabouts and who got the Star Crystal. The next morning, Negi awoke on Asuna's bed as usual lol, Konoka called Negi over to see Asuna making ... breakfast for him. The other girls also went over to give Negi gifts that will cheer him up. Suddenly Asuna yelled for them to runnnn! 'Kaboom!' ... Asuna screwed up the breakfast and blasted the kitchen lol. - END -

Negima!? ED 1.Negima!? ED 2.Negima!? ED 3.

A new bunch of singers for the ED, 'A-LY-YA!', they are Shiraishi Ryoko [Seiyuu of Kaede], Koyama Kimiko [Seiyuu of Fuuka] & Kanou Mari [Seiyuu of Fumika]. Additionally, a chibi Setsuna was included in the ED too, lol. Setsuna snoring as she got bored of playing the same tune on her musical instrument then suddenly she woke up in a defensive posture and blushed as she realized she's making a fool of herself ahaha. Kawaii~

!? I'm Next?!Call Me Ku Sensei.Two Meat Buns. Sold.

Master Ku seemed to be losing because Chao had TWO niku [meat] buns!? Next, an Ayaka episode =).

It's just so weird to see Kaede doing the pactio with Negi so easily ... no, make that everyone doing the pactio with Negi so easily. The story's starting to move slowly now ... or was it faster!?

Art: 7.5/10 [As usual.]
Story: 6.5/10 [Funny, especially this ]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Not much.]
Overall: 6.5/10

Otoboku Ep9 later. One of my favourite episodes =) cos there's Takako and real angst! LoL.

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