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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Negima!? Ep12

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I can't stop laughing lol.

Sleeping Konoka.Setsuna Beside Protecting.Chibi Setsuna.
Chibi Konoka.Wanna Kiss? ...Wth?
Ah! LOL ...Maa, Negi-sensei~!Dark Shadow Spotted.
Help!Kawaii, Ne?Heh. Heh. Heh.
=O, My XXX Slash!What Kind Of Kiss Are You Refering?Let's Go!!
Hmmm.Kiss ...Kissu.
Everyone Saw It.HEHE, WE SAW IT!Nooo, I'm Been Turned To A Chupacabra!?

A Konoka and Setsuna special moment in the beginning. As they lazied around on a sunny, sunday afternoon, Setsuna recalled how she and Konoka met when they were young. A little different from the manga as there's no Setsuna saving Konoka from rushing river memories lol. Just sweet memories of Setsuna playing this badminton with Konoka and not long after, Setsuna left for training. Unlike in the manga, Setsuna actually revealed her status in front of Konoka as her protector/body guard. Back to present, Konoka woke up from her light nap, as she stretched, she began to slip down, luckily Setsuna's there to hold her. In her haste, Setsuna accidentally exclaimed, 'Kono-chan'. [Kono-chan, a nickname Setsuna used to call Konoka when they were young. Meanwhile, Konoka continues to call Setsuna, Secchan.] Konoka was delighted to hear that but Setsuna kept apologizing and saying she can't do that. Konoka called Setsuna a meanie lol. Setsuna apologized again. Konoka then said, 'Naa, wanna kiss?' Setsuna was like 'EHHHHHHHHHHHH!!??' LOL. Giggling, Konoka added, 'Just joking ...' Setsuna smiled and in her mind she thought that she would protect Konoka Ojou-sama forever even if it takes her life to do so. [Aww~]

Picking up from the previous episode, Yue's running away from the Chupacabra club members and the inevitable kiss. Black Rose Baron appeared and asked Yue if she wanna kiss, then added that he's joking and left LOL. Suddenly, another voice called Yue, it's Motsu this time in this ... ugly mask outfit ... anyways, as Yue started to walk away, Motsu asked if Yue knows the secret of Negi. Yue was like 'Eh!?' 'Ah!' 'Iya~' 'Sono ...' 'Ah~~!' LOL while Motsu imitated her when suddenly Haruna stomped on Motsu. Yue ran away again while Negi, Haruna and Nodoka chasing after her. Motsu and Shichimi began to suspect if Yue saw Negi's magic and too chased after her. The Chupacabra club members then separated into teams to look for Yue. Haruna and Negi went to the Mahora pool who were occupied by Ako, Akira, Ayaka, Misora and Yuuna. Negi's embarrassed when he saw his face on Ayaka's swimsuit LOL. Haruna asked the girls if they saw Yue, when they got a negative answer, they left to search for other place. The girls were puzzled why they were looking for Yue. Meanwhile, Takahata-sensei's rather busy with eliminating the dark shadows. Camo, Negi and Haruna then parted ways to search for Yue, Negi's worried that his magic licensed might get revoked and asked his Nekane Onee-chan what he should do. Negi then revealed his true feelings by tearing a bit. Kaede called Negi on his mobile to inform him to hurry to where she's as they found Yue lol.

With her super fast speed, Kaede caught up with Yue, but lost her when Yue threw her BANANA drink on the floor and made Kaede slipped LOL. Yue hid in the toilet, regreting about knowing Negi's secret as a mage and debating about kissing. Meanwhile, Chiu um I mean Chisame's busy recording a line for her Chiu persona when suddenly Asuna arrived and asked if she saw Yue. Chisame quickly covered her computer screen, replied no and told Asuna to get out, feeling a little suspicious, Asuna wanted to see what Chisame's hiding in her computer screen lol. Before Asuna could see, Nodoka told her that Yue's hiding in school and they rushed off. Relieved that Asuna didn't see it, Chisame turned and saw Makie and Ku Fei looking at her computer screen with Makie reading the line of her Chiu persona LOL. Yue's in the astronomy club room with Chizuru and Natsumi. Seemed like Yue's there to consult with Chizuru about the kissing thing. Chizuru merely replied to just do it already lol and even asked what kind of level of kissing Yue's refering LOL. Natsumi and Yue were shocked by Chizuru's forwardness. As they were talking, Camo, Haruna and Negi's voices were heard from outside the room. Yue then escaped from the backdoor which Chizuru provided lol. Asuna and Nodoka then met up with Konoka and Setsuna who were enjoying ice-cream lol and told them about finding Yue. Camo, Haruna and Negi lost sight of Yue again. Haruna suggested to use magic to search for Yue or something, Camo then realized that they could probably use Haruna's artifact powers to locate Yue.

However, Haruna's artifact, a sketch book could only bring what she drew on it to life which was ... practically useless in finding Yue lol. Yue seemed to be in the building's rooftop thinking about a kiss with Negi and felt that although she doesn't dislike Negi, she had to think of Nodoka's feelings for Negi. As Yue's musing over her decision, Motsu and Shimichi heard her and forced her to say it out. Yue distracted them by telling them that, 'Ah, Sammo Hung's there!' LOL, and they actually fell for it. [What's up with Sammo Hung here, is one of the Negima!? producers a Sammo Hung fan? LoL] With that, Yue made her decision. Takahata-sensei's having trouble eliminating the dark shadows and Black Rose Baron got the upper hand to him. [!? Takahata-sensei's that WEAK!? God.] As the Chupacabra club members were gathered in the same spot, worried about not finding Yue, Yue suddenly ran towards them and rushed forward to kiss Negi. Camo activated the pactio. Negi thanked Yue for it, Yue glanced at Nodoka's reaction and she smiled. Yue felt relieved. As they thought that Negi's secret's been saved, they looked around them and realized that the WHOLE class had witness the pactio scene LOL. Motsu and Shichimi had already reported to the magic academy, revoked Negi's license and turned Negi into … Chupacabra! Just then, the dark shadow took over the whole school, engulfing the whole class in the illusion! What will happen with Negi’s powers gone!? - END -

Negima!? ED 1.Negima!? ED 2.Negima!? ED 3.

Chibi Nodoka's been added to the ED XD.

Chachamaru Next.Weird Swimsuits LoL.Yamamoto Swimsuit!?

Chachamaru's next!? I seriously laughed really hard at Motsu's imitations of Yue's expressions LOL.

'Eh!?' 'Ah!' 'Iya~' 'Sono ...' 'Ah~~!'


LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I repeated that probably ten over times lol.

Ah, it was kinda amusing to see 'fluffy toys censors' in Haruna's transformation scene ... lol since Negima!? aired in the evening slot. If only Negima!? series is more like the Spring and Summer OVAs ... oh yeah.

Love the first part about Konoka and Setsuna, especially when Konoka asked if Setsuna wanna kiss lol. Konoka's such a teaser XD.

Nothing serious in the episode that is till the end where Negi got turned to Chupacabra haha. It's more about Yue's short I mean SHORT struggle over her feelings whether to kiss Negi or not because of Nodoka's feelings. I was thinking of more angst like in the manga, whoa, it's like so well developed but it feels kinda rushed in the anime. Basically, I can see that Yue had decided so easily was due to two things, one, according to The Expert Chizuru, kiss [as in lips to lips] is pretty normal and common in some countries. Negi's a foreigner so, maybe kiss is something like bread and butter? LoL. Secondly, pressure from Motsu and Shichimi LOL, I'm beginning to love the duo, damn funny.

Art: 7.5/10 [As usual.]
Story: 7/10 [Ohhh, it's building up, Negi's been turn to a Chupacabra!]
Characters: 7/10 [+10 to Motsu LOL.]
Overall: 7/10

[Signing off @ 10:52 PM]

PS: 28/12/2006 - FINALLY I CAN LOG IN~~~~!!!

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