Hmm ... soso day.

[Posted @ 10:48 PM]
Finally, screenshots! Muahahaha, ok i juz watched Magister Negi Magi Ep5 and Ep6 ... and i already screenshot them, so i'll be puttin it up for the next two days yep then Mai Hime Ep16 and Ep17 ... after i watched those two of course... So tonight's screenshot is Jinki : Extend Ep5 Yay~

Butterfly Juice. LOL.Kissu~GOMEN! I Can't Accept Your Love!
Wah! Paint Spray!Wacha Lookin At!Plz Don't Smash My Home.

Ok, tat's all .. oh yeah my timetable...
Re-do~ too messy le haha...

1. Meet for Pop Cul 1-3pm to do up the project 2 slides on 8 Miles on tues. Then study hrm for retest.
2. HRM Retest, 5-6.30pm on wed.
3. Pop Cul Presentation 2 on thurs yay.
4. Print the Pop Cul PPT slides on thurs.
5. Practise the darn slides 19-24.
6. Maybe come early for, HRM Presentation on fri.
7. DL Bleach 1-17.
8. Watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep17 tomorrow, then delete and download Ep18 and Ep19!
9. Do CMA Tutorial On tomorrow.
10. Do FMGT/HRM tutorials on thurs.

ok done, watch Uta~Kata Ep11 and Ep12 time then DELETE YAY! Ok, i'll screenshot Ep12 k? lol

Anime Song of Da Day:
Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito - Hitomi no Naka no Meikyuu by Aiko Kayou

[Signing off @ 10:55 PM]


[Posted @ 5:49 PM]
Crossing Time again, manz, i'm so slack today.
1. HRM Slides -> Gender, Age, Martial Status, Skills, Creativity and Innovation by tonight!
2. BLaw Slides -> Conclusion by tonight!

3. Meet 9am for HRM and BLaw dicussion tomorrow. And rehearse BLaw presentation.
4. Watch 8 Miles, do all tutorials [Blaw, IEF, CMA, FMGT and HRM] and jap work on Sunday. ->Transferred Below 13.
5. Come early to rehearse for BLaw Presentation on mon. Then study hrm for retest.
6. Meet for Pop Cul 1-3pm to do up the project 2 slides on 8 Miles on tues. Then study hrm for retest.
7. HRM Retest, 5-6.30pm on wed.
8. Pop Cul Presentation 2 on thurs yay.
9. Print the Pop Cul PPT slides on thurs btw. Most probably going to rehearse for HRM presentation tomorrow.
10. HRM Presentation on fri.
11. DL Bleach 1-17.
12. Watch Mai Hime 16 and 17. Watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep17 and Mai Hime Ep16 Tonight! -> Didnt watch, changed to - Watch Magister Negi Magi Ep5 and Ep6. -> Haven't DL Finish, Watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep17 Then lol.
13. Do BLaw/IEF/FMGT Tutorials TONIGHT and Jap Work. -> Transferred Below.
14. Do HRM/CMA Tutorials and watch 8 Miles and the PPTs on sun. -> Transferred Below.
15. Do BLaw Script TONIGHT -> Transferred Below.
16. Do BLaw/CMA Tutorials and BLaw Script Tonight! -> Transferred Below.
17. Print HRM notes and BLaw Script Tonight!
18. Redo dumb Hrm ppt la.
19. Watch 8 Miles and do up PPT
20. Do FMGT/HRM tutorials on thurs.
21. Do CMA Tutorial On Mon.
cya, alot of things to do.

[Signing off @ 5:54 PM]

... Sad Next Week ...

[Posted @ 10:04 PM]
Hold on, let me write my timetable on paper for next week plan. It's sad.
Ok, i'm done muahahahaha, 12 things listed on my list;
First up!
1. HRM Slides -> Gender, Age, Martial Status, Skills, Creativity and Innovation by tonight!
2. BLaw Slides -> Conclusion by tonight!
3. Meet 9am for HRM and BLaw dicussion tomorrow. And rehearse BLaw presentation.

4. Watch 8 Miles, do all tutorials [Blaw, IEF, CMA, FMGT and HRM] and jap work on Sunday.
5. Come early to rehearse for BLaw Presentation on mon. Then study hrm for retest.
6. Meet for Pop Cul 1-3pm to do up the project 2 slides on 8 Miles on tues. Then study hrm for retest.
7. HRM Retest, 5-6.30pm on wed.
8. Pop Cul Presentation 2 on thurs yay.
9. Print the Pop Cul PPT slides on thurs btw. Most probably going to rehearse for HRM presentation tomorrow.
10. HRM Presentation on fri.
11. DL Bleach 1-17.
12. Watch Mai Hime 16 and 17.
Yes, i have't watch any anime clips i downloaded! lol. Manz, i'm like left with only 3.6gb.. =P
Shizuru and Natsuki~ yay!
I juz read the spoilers for ep21 and preview for ep22! Shizuru... kissed the sleepin Natsuki in ep22! YAY..~ muahahahha.. ok cya.
Gotta do blaw and hrm slides. heh then watch Last Exile!

Anime of Da Day:
2x2 = Shinobuden - Kurukururin by Kumano Kiyomi

[Signing off @ 10:22 PM]

Shity Day ...

[Posted 10:50 PM]
It's a really shitty day this morning, i missed two buses in 20mins! Manz, i was like so pissed off i was cursing and swearing for a whole min. First bus, i was walking towards the bus stop, then it juz zoom past it.. in this case, i was fine with it, it happens most of the time anyways. Then THE SECOND BUS, i was SITTING on the bench in the bus stop then the 171 bus came, i waved for the bus when i got up from the bench then my bag was kinda stuck to the bench corner, so i was juz going to get it out then the BUS juz ZOOMED PAST ME, i was like SO FREAKING MAD. Made me late manz! I was cursing and swearin the bus driver's family, the bus, the passengers and the bus driver himself of course. So freaking angry manz.
Then the Pop Cul Presentation is ok, not much. Yeah.
Then had Jap classes, then went to the cafe, had chicken chop then went to the library and did the FMGT slides. FMGT Presentation tomorrow... oh manz, must be creative, so we did a gameshow-cum-videoclip thingy, where in the game show we acted out the video clip in which how a company finances and then ask questions abt the video clips, fun huh. YEP.
ok cya gotta watch Last Exile..

Anime Song of Da Day:
Gundam Seed Destiny - Pride by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

[Signing off @ 10:56 PM]

CMA Test 2 ...

[Posted @ 9:47 PM]
Yeah, i was busy studying for CMA till i forgot to post yesterday ... sad. Yeah today is fine, i think can pass la.
ok timetable for today!
9am - HRM Lecture, 2 in my class went lol.
11am - CMA Tutorial, asked the tutor for tips and ask her to revise with us yep.
1pm - Went for quick lunch and went to level 6 for some peace and quiet to do CMA sales budget format again and again and again.
3pm - Did the freakin test.
4.45pm - Yay finished!

Reached home at around 5.30pm or so... dunno who cares, then played with my cousin, Jeriel.. then yeah online and do script for Pop Cul ppt.
Oh, i was juz looking through the slides of Pop Cul, did some changes, looked at the clips to be played yep.
ok cya
Time da bath

Anime Song of Da Day:
Hellsing - Shine by ??

[Signing off @ 10:11 PM]

Doing IEF - NTB ...

[Posed @ 10:09 PM]
It's going to be a damn busy week, tomorrow i got a full 9am-6pm sch day.
9am - IEF Tutorial On Non-Tariff Barriers ... i'm going to do it after i post this.
11am - BLaw Lecture, most probably on Company Law again.
1pm - 2hrs break! But i think my friends are going home to study cos we got CMA Test 2 on Wed ... kaoz then i have to study alone in sch ... manz....
3pm - FMGT Lecture, on wat capital budget ... think i'm going to sleep on tat lec haha.
5pm - HRM Re-Test Revision ... damnz i hate it period
6pm - HOME!
Then Wed,
As horrible as tomorrow, i'll tok abt my schedule tomorrow then.
Oh, i did my Blaw tutorial muahaha. lol

Anime Song of Da Day:
Gundam Seed Destiny - Fields of Hope By Rie Tanaka, Seiyuu of Lacus Clyne

[Signing off @ 10:13 PM]

Finally Screenshots ....!

[Posted @ 5:46 PM]
YES! The screenshots you all have been waiting for!! Or rather myself to be waiting for to post it up hahaha.. ok here's School Rumble Ep13 screenshots!

We Finally Swam Back ...WWE Mikoto VS Eri LoL~Do I Look Cool In Shades or What?
Don't Even Think About It.Sniff Sniff, I'm So Touched!Kawaii Yakumo~!!

Ok, i'm off to my uncle's house muahahaha, brought my BLaw tutorial along to do... will i do? will i not do? Stay tune tomorrow! Muahahaha cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Last Exile - Over The Sky by Hitomi Kurioshi

[Signing off @ 5:52 PM]

Doing Pop Cul Slides ...

[Posted on 11:10 PM]
Will be very busy this and next and next week for presentations, doing up slides and going for HRM retest next next week... damnz lol

Now doing pop cul slides... kinda boring, cos i dunno wat to say. k cya
PS: I'm lazy to put up screenshots, later k

Anime Song of Da Day:
Samurai X - Heart of Sword by T.M.Revolution

[Signing off @ 11:11 PM]

Speechless ....

[Posted @ 10:10 PM]
Got back my FMGT test paper today, it was ok. yeah. Passed up FMGT project. 4 presentations wait for us. sucks. Ok tat's all for tonight's feelings lol.

Anime of Da Day:
Gundam Seed - Invoke by T.M.Revolution

[Signing off @ 10:11 PM]

Busy day once again hahaha...

[Posted @ 10:37 PM]
Manz, i juz bathe and here i am blogging but i'm not toking anything abt anime but about my freaking FMGT project... kaoz really dammit lor hahaa.. Today my grp met for our FMGT project lor, then we were like rushing for our own parts and assigning everyone how many pages to write, then i was supposed to type like 4 whole pages and give it to my friend and combine lor, then my other friend from another grp came into the room in the library and told us to leave double line spacing.
We were like wat the freak?! We had typed the whole thing like in a single line format. The whole report thing wasn't supposed to exceed 15 pages lol, then in our single line format, we had already like 13 pages then if we still put it in double spacing i think we will get at least 25+pages hahaa.. we were like so freaked out that my friend kept like wat the freak what the freak tat no good freakin old hag ahaha he was like practically chanting like nuts while editing and cuttin out parts. We even called the teacher to confim abt the DUMB DOUBLE LINE SPACING thingy.. kaoz it was like so ugly lor, a report double line spacing???!

double line spacing is ...

like this lor ....

It's dumb right?...
anyways gotta go do my FMGT tutorial, then watch Last Exile! YAY debut tonight and watch Kiddy Grade wooo..~ then i dled quite a few animes, lol i didnt dl anything for the past few days and i still haven't even watched the ones i dled last time... then later i need to go print our FMGT report which we painshaking edited like hell. lol. man, like slept only 3-4hrs these few days, wanna die manz, tonight im gona sleep for 7hrs yay! hahaha, then friday i can sleep till 11.30am yay...k cya

Anime of Da Day:
Mai Hime - It's Only The Fairy Tale by Miyamura Yuuko, Seiyuu of Alissa Sears

[Signing off @ 10:46 PM]

Busy week...

[Posted @ 10:58 PM]
ok, i'm busy, i'm going to do my jap work, fmgt project and submit my dumb cma e tutorial work, cya.

[Signing off @ 10:59 PM]

Yo, sleeping early tonight ...

[Posted @ 9:53 PM]
Yay, i'm like finally sleeping at maybe 10.30pm tonight after i finish this and my IEF tutorial then wake up at 6.15am to practise my IEF presentation, and hope for the best.
Here's tonight's screenshots, Jinki : Extend Ep3~

Kawaii~~Dead Fish Floating ... Lol~Misleading Picture Part 1
Misleading Picture Part 2Misleading Picture Part 3Shining Eyes!!

ok cya. Have a nice day~

Anime Song of Da Day:
Full Metal Alchemist - Motherland by Crystal Kay

[Signing off @ 9:56 PM]

Missed a post Muahaha ....

[Posted @ 11:37 PM]
I missed a post cos i can't go into ... haha dunno wat happened.. so hell with it.

Manz, i'm so busy today/tonight i even had to MISS The Apprentice ... sob.. now i dunno wat happened to the girls haha.. they got bitchty alright yep. Anyways off to do BLaw tutorial or i need to sleep at 1am tonight... or am i? I am yep. I am cos i haven't bath yet. Woke up at like 6am in the morning.. wow almost cried when i got up haha then rush to school to do both BLaw and HRM project which we finished yay, then i went down to print yeah, then now i'm up and ready to uh go through my IEF presentation slides for tuesdays ahhhh.. noooo..~ ok cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Magister Negi Magi - Happy Material by Mahora Gakuen Chuutobu 2-A

[Signing off @ 11:40 PM]

.... *Speechless*

[Posted @ 8:35 PM]
...... i dunno wat to say today.
Here's Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep10 screenshots as i had promised.

Depression Part 1.Depression Part 2.With A Little Love From Mama.
A Little Hickey On Da Neck.Sob! Ya Alive!!!Get Ready For Battle Again!

ok cya, im off to depression for my failure in HRM test lol.. im still waitin for Blaw and CMA... wooo... im like so excited! I still got HRM project to do! YAY! I'm SO HAPPY! YAYAYA *sobs*

Anime Song Of Da Day:
School Rumble - Scramble By Yui Horie with UNSCANDAL

[Signing off @ 8:42 PM]

Happy Chinese New Year 2nd Day lol~

[Posted @ 10:55 PM]
Hallo, i juz bathe after i came home from my uncle's home, then ok i'm off to watch 12 Kingdoms, i can't miss it again like last night kargghh, i was like "NOOoooOOoooooooo" lol for one whole minute till my mum was pissed off and said i was nuts. ok brb!

ok backs, but i need to go do my HRM tutorials for the class tomorrow hahaha.. and i still haven't do the HRM report for my part yet and da Blaw karrghh, i was juz slacking last night! So the screenshots will be posted tomorrow instead ok, cya.

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Kiddy Grade - Mirai No Kiyoku By Yuka

[Signing off @ 12:04 AM]

Happy Chinese New Year!~

[Posted @ 10:29 PM]
Brb, i go bath lol, juz came home =P, collected quite abit of moneyyyyyy~ Muahahahahaha
Here are some pics of my eh home heh.

Chinese New Year Goodies 1!LAO YU SHENG! Muahahaha~Chinese New Year Goodies 2!
Flowers In Da Living Room.Chicken Hangers In Da Living Room.Uh, Dunno Wat Flowers Beside The Door. Lol.

Will be back~ ok back, lol, ok wat did i do today.. let's see, ok first i slept till 10am cos i slept at 3am... so 7hrs is not enough, kinda sleepy, i watched tv, some cartoon, till 11am then i went ta eat breakfast which is uh, some glutinous rice made by my grandma, which is yum! Then, watch tv again till 1pm and i had a little nap till 3pm then we went to my uncle's home in some place lol, got some hongbaos, had mushrooms braised with scallops, sea cucumbers and dunno wat lol. It was nice though. Then, i went to the second floor and read the chinese mangas in the book shelves!!! Wow, so many, haha, every year during CNY i go there juz to read mangas hahaa.. today i read GANTZ wow, they only had book 1-8, i juz downloaded Volume 16, Chapter 189.. muahahaha, so i juz flipped through the books and recap wat happened b4 yep. It was nice too muahaha. Nothing much, the rest don't really had my interest... [The collectors are boys..] they dun have shoujo mangas haha.. dun even mention shoujo-ai nor shounen-ai mangas... -.-|||| they had naruto, samurai x, deathnote, oh yeah deathnote, it was nice! I dun have much time to read it though, i stayed there for 3hrs only haha we went home at 6+pm and then we went to sembawang seaside and walk around till 9pm+ then we went to have dinner and yep. Ok tat's all for tonight, i need to do finish.. at least, no not at least MUST, my BLaw and research for HRM by tonight! Cos tomorrow we are hopping over to 2 places, muahaha first my aunt's condo, then my uncle's bungalow, so maybe no time to do tomorrow la.. haiz.. ok ganbatte ne! BLaw TIME! Cya then! Tomorrow would be Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep10 Screenshots!

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Gakuen Alice - Pikapika no Taiyo By Ueda Kana

[Signing off @ 11:18 PM]

Happy Chinese New Year EVE!~

[Posted @ 9:51 PM]
Actually, i'm juz here to post some screenshots for my steamboat feast lol hahahahahaa..

MY FAVEEE!! MUSHROOMS!Dumplings My Bros and I Made Ourselves.[Right to Left] Abalone, Mushrooms,Fishballs and Meatballs.
The Steamboat's Stock.[Right to Left] Scallops, Fishcakes, Prawns and Fish.Itadakimasu!!!!

Ohhh yeahhh, i'm so loving it! Muahahhaha, ok off ta eat my mushrooms! Yay!
Happy Chinese New Year Eve!

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Mai Hime - Shining Days By Kuribayashi Minami

[Signing off @ 9:58 PM]


[Posted @ 10:34 PM]
Ok, tomorrow's Chinese New Year Eve! Yay, CNY=Chinese New Year.
Lol, i'm still listening to At The End ~ techno techno.. move it~ juz let me be when i'm crazy~
Here's tonight's screenshots, Clamp In Wonderland MV Yay, it's not bad la, a short 3 mins +, the song is nice yep.

Clamp In WonderlandFebruary Boy~Neko? Meow?
Karghhh! Help Us!Angels Dropping From Heaven?End. Domo.

Ok, my grp is not presenting IEF presentation tomorrow cos one of my grp mates lost her voice lol. ok private joke =P. [Hint: Use Mandarin to say lost voice]
Lol, then in my grp, ok there are three of us, two girls, one guy, then my friend kena misunderstood by the IEF tutor that she is in a relationship with the guy in my grp... and i'm the lightbulb lol....
Brb, write a note to HRM tutor.
Oh sorry back, lol i was writing how much i like TCZI/II in the TCZ forum muahahahahaha...
oh where was i, oh i was the lightbulb in the grp yeah and hahaa, then when we went up to tell the tutor abt my friend's lost of her voice, she turned to the guy and went like, "Oh my god, XXX, wat did u did to YYY?!" Lol, we were laughing so hard at her comment.. but we know they are innocent de la.. lol...
Well, it's a funny day, need to research for HRM and do up the BLaw summary of facts and i'm off to watch Utena, then deleted for more KnM lovinnngggg, i'm dling ep1-6 now muahahaha, i can't wait to rewatch them again!!! Kyaaahhh~ Hahaha..~ ok cya

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu - Sore Ga, Ai Deshou By Shimokawa Mikuni

[Signing off @ 11:30 PM]

Sunday blues ...

[Posted @ 9:18 PM]
I surfed around and slacked around the whole day, except for 30 minutes where i was combining my friends and my IEF presentation slides and gotta practise presenting it tomorrow.
I think my Kannazuki no Miko screenshooting days can wait till next week ba ... i'm not sure.. maybe friday... or sat.. or sun, haiz... still got BLaw and HRM projects to submit next monday! Arghh... well but here's KnM AMV screenshoots anyways haha, i didn't watch any anime today too.


Oh yeah, i love the song, here are the lyrics ;

At The End by Lio

When you're away, I'm feeling empty
I lose my mind
But when you're around, I take for granted
Most of our time

Honey you say that I'm cold
And sometimes I'm out of control
Baby, you know how I am, at the end, you're always mine

I don't mean to when I hurt you
But I need you, I can show you
Just let me be when I'm crazy,
At the end you're still my only.
At the end [x3]

Right when you're gone, I really miss you
You got my heart.
When you come back, I just wanna kiss you
And it tears you apart.
Honey do make me stay,
Believe me it's better this way.
Baby I'm true and I'm real.
I'm giving you all that I feel.

[Chorus x2]

Sweety, I'm trying my best,
To give you the most and no less.
Darling, I'm true and I'm real,
I'm giving you all that I feel.

[Chorus x2]


It's techno, quite cool heh. Ah, i still gotta prepare my IEF script thingy... haiz, then later it's The Apprentice time yay!
Ok, i better go update my web, lol i promise to write out The Celestial Zone II 21/22/23/24 reviews... arghh i think i'm gona break my promise =P, noone visits my website anyways. Bleh... think i'm juz gona write TCZII 21 review, heh. Better than nothing.
Ok, oh yeah visit my web if u like it anyways, the URL's at the side <--
I added a picture of my Idol, Stefanie Sun Yan Zi above yay, she's cuteeee huh, and she's kind too, the picture above is taken when she was raising money for the tsunami victims... yep at Singapore, Bishan, Junction 8 ... i donated 10 bucks. Muahaha right in front of her hehehehehe =) and i added some Chikane X Himeko pictures too, "I Desire Your Body" wooooo, damn cool muahahahahaha... My fave shoujo-ai/yuri pairing!!!~
Ok, enough crap Cya~

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Kannazuki no Miko - Agony By Kotoko

[Signing off @ 9:31 PM]

Quick post...

[Posted @ 11:55 PM]
Quick post tonight, i got no time, i need to arrange the IEF presentations slides by tonight, so i didn't watch any animes today, no screenshots today! Tomorrow maybe have, hahaa see la, i'm very busy with project cos CNY is next week and we got no time! Arghhh, ok cya

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Uta~Kata - Itsuka Tokeru Namida By Savage Genius

[Signing off @ 11:59 PM]

Actually CMA paper not bad la ...

[Posted @ 12:34 AM]
Ha, i was watching and screenshooting School Rumble Ep12 at around 10pm then half way through i went to bath, after that, i continued to screenshoot and watch till around 10.50pm, then i went, oh my god, i rushed to my fave sit and wait for 12 Kingdoms to show haha. Hence, i posted this entry today.
Here's School Rumble Ep12 screenshots!

Wat Time Is It? Ku Ji!Get Your Grubby Hands Off My Bento.Eri! Mikoto!
Akira! Tenma!Wat The Hell R Ya Doing To Me?!They Forgot All About Us.

Basically, juz abt them going to the beach, sparks around Nara, Tenma and Harima. Next ep will be fun too haha, when Mikoto and Imadoki swam back to shore. Hahaa, i read the manga already, so i roughly know wat's in store for me.
Oh yeah, received mail from tutor saying the whole class passed IEF YAY, am i supposed to be happy? Dunno Haha. YAY.
Kiddy Grade show aint tat bad, nice art. Downloaded some Kannazuki no Miko AMVs.. oh yeah abt KnM, i dunno whether my download can be completed by CNY week or not hahaha.. ahhh still gotta do my IEF slides for presentation on tuesday... ok wat more did i do today, oh yeah i did my CMA test, yep last one muahahahahahahahaha...
Haiz, CNY is coming but i don't feel happy at all, why?! TONS OF PROJECTS TO DO LA!... wah sianz
i think i go sleep le.. cries...

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Mai Hime - Kimi ga Sora Datta By Misato Aki

[Signing off @ 12:58 AM]