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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Shity Day ...

[Posted 10:50 PM]
It's a really shitty day this morning, i missed two buses in 20mins! Manz, i was like so pissed off i was cursing and swearing for a whole min. First bus, i was walking towards the bus stop, then it juz zoom past it.. in this case, i was fine with it, it happens most of the time anyways. Then THE SECOND BUS, i was SITTING on the bench in the bus stop then the 171 bus came, i waved for the bus when i got up from the bench then my bag was kinda stuck to the bench corner, so i was juz going to get it out then the BUS juz ZOOMED PAST ME, i was like SO FREAKING MAD. Made me late manz! I was cursing and swearin the bus driver's family, the bus, the passengers and the bus driver himself of course. So freaking angry manz.
Then the Pop Cul Presentation is ok, not much. Yeah.
Then had Jap classes, then went to the cafe, had chicken chop then went to the library and did the FMGT slides. FMGT Presentation tomorrow... oh manz, must be creative, so we did a gameshow-cum-videoclip thingy, where in the game show we acted out the video clip in which how a company finances and then ask questions abt the video clips, fun huh. YEP.
ok cya gotta watch Last Exile..

Anime Song of Da Day:
Gundam Seed Destiny - Pride by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR

[Signing off @ 10:56 PM]

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