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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

EVILLLLL~ Muahahaha ....

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Whoa, my posts are getting later and later hahaha, sorry, i was screenshooting Maria-sama ga Miteru Ep13~ Yay, and here it is now!~

Yumi: 'Sachiko Onee-sama's MINE!'Crazy Driver On Da Loose!Huh? It's Your First Time Driving?!
Do You Love Me?Ahhh Finally A 'Kiss Scene'?!Lol, I Can't Help But Say, Cheesy!!!

It's an ok-ok ending la, not particularly good or bad ... heh
Basically just Sachiko and Yumi made up. End.

Ok on with today's happenings, i had my FMGT test today, yep, it was an ok paper, i know most of the questions.. [duh i studied into the night!] I even woke up early to do the cash budget and all the calculations. Oh, my seat was located at a windy place, too windy in fact haha... but nevertheless my mood was rather good la... so it's a good paper yep.
Yeah i bought newpaper today! Know why? Cos YanZi's on da front page! Hahaha.. juz a two page article about her wanting to act and stuff... yep the pics were nice heh... yeah yeah yeah ...
Oh yeah, i wanna add in a new thingy, besides screenshots of animes i watch, i'm gona put in anime song of the day too! Yep.
I'm still reading Saiyuki Reload Volume 4 ... hahaha everyday i reach home, i read 10 pages for 3 days ... recapping Gojyo and Hakkai's past... yep.
Nice postcard~~~ Goku~~ He's juzzzz so cuteeeee hahaa..
Oh currently, i'm download this scanlation series call Devilman Lady, sounds bloody, yep it is a freaky series ... but i heard there is shoujo-ai in the anime, but i can't find the anime anywhere, so i figured i download the manga first before i wait for someone to upload the anime or something ... manz... plz someone upload~~~ Haha... abt this model named Jun, she's not human, and she can transform to a monster blah blah blah fight monsters blah blah ... *Goes straight to the shoujo-ai plz* hahaha..
Oh, i'm off to go watch Utena ... laptop no space le, hahaha gonna watch and delete da files and bring more animes! YEAH! Ohhhh yeah which reminds me, i'm gonna download the whole series of Kannazuki no Miko 1-12eps and burn it muahahaha, last time i juz watch and delete... i regret it now hahaha... After i download the series, i'm off to a week of screenshooting 12 eps of KnM during the Chinese New Year week! So look out for it if you haven't watch KnM yet, cos it's GREAT! YEAH, ok gtg watch Utena CYA~

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Ayashi no Ceres - One by DayBreak

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