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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year!~

[Posted @ 10:29 PM]
Brb, i go bath lol, juz came home =P, collected quite abit of moneyyyyyy~ Muahahahahaha
Here are some pics of my eh home heh.

Chinese New Year Goodies 1!LAO YU SHENG! Muahahaha~Chinese New Year Goodies 2!
Flowers In Da Living Room.Chicken Hangers In Da Living Room.Uh, Dunno Wat Flowers Beside The Door. Lol.

Will be back~ ok back, lol, ok wat did i do today.. let's see, ok first i slept till 10am cos i slept at 3am... so 7hrs is not enough, kinda sleepy, i watched tv, some cartoon, till 11am then i went ta eat breakfast which is uh, some glutinous rice made by my grandma, which is yum! Then, watch tv again till 1pm and i had a little nap till 3pm then we went to my uncle's home in some place lol, got some hongbaos, had mushrooms braised with scallops, sea cucumbers and dunno wat lol. It was nice though. Then, i went to the second floor and read the chinese mangas in the book shelves!!! Wow, so many, haha, every year during CNY i go there juz to read mangas hahaa.. today i read GANTZ wow, they only had book 1-8, i juz downloaded Volume 16, Chapter 189.. muahahaha, so i juz flipped through the books and recap wat happened b4 yep. It was nice too muahaha. Nothing much, the rest don't really had my interest... [The collectors are boys..] they dun have shoujo mangas haha.. dun even mention shoujo-ai nor shounen-ai mangas... -.-|||| they had naruto, samurai x, deathnote, oh yeah deathnote, it was nice! I dun have much time to read it though, i stayed there for 3hrs only haha we went home at 6+pm and then we went to sembawang seaside and walk around till 9pm+ then we went to have dinner and yep. Ok tat's all for tonight, i need to do finish.. at least, no not at least MUST, my BLaw and research for HRM by tonight! Cos tomorrow we are hopping over to 2 places, muahaha first my aunt's condo, then my uncle's bungalow, so maybe no time to do tomorrow la.. haiz.. ok ganbatte ne! BLaw TIME! Cya then! Tomorrow would be Tsukuyomi Moon Phase Ep10 Screenshots!

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Gakuen Alice - Pikapika no Taiyo By Ueda Kana

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