BLaw... Tons to memorize ...

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Early/fast post today cos i need to go study my Blaw, this one cannot play play de hahaa.. need to memorize the definations of each darn law. So here's the screenshots of Gakuen Alice Ep4~

Solar Bear Beam!DIRECT HIT! 50 For The Bear, 0 For Mikan!Lol, Look At Mikan's Head ...
Gimme A Hug~Tori Meets Boy ... LolAhhh! Shounen-Ai~

Lol, it's darn funny, i love the opening, it's cute~
Ahhh, guess i'm going to study into the night again ... it's sad, hope my efforts will pay off tomorrow.. [it better be] lol ...
ok cya

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Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - Kanashii Yokan By Marianne Amplifier Feat. Yuka

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