Doing IEF - NTB ...

[Posed @ 10:09 PM]
It's going to be a damn busy week, tomorrow i got a full 9am-6pm sch day.
9am - IEF Tutorial On Non-Tariff Barriers ... i'm going to do it after i post this.
11am - BLaw Lecture, most probably on Company Law again.
1pm - 2hrs break! But i think my friends are going home to study cos we got CMA Test 2 on Wed ... kaoz then i have to study alone in sch ... manz....
3pm - FMGT Lecture, on wat capital budget ... think i'm going to sleep on tat lec haha.

5pm - HRM Re-Test Revision ... damnz i hate it period
6pm - HOME!
Then Wed,
As horrible as tomorrow, i'll tok abt my schedule tomorrow then.
Oh, i did my Blaw tutorial muahaha. lol

Anime Song of Da Day:
Gundam Seed Destiny - Fields of Hope By Rie Tanaka, Seiyuu of Lacus Clyne

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