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Thursday, February 3, 2005

Last Paper, CMA, Three Words - ZETTAI GONE CASE

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Lol, it's strange to put an angel face beside the subject ... hahaha i don't have suitable icon to shooowww my mood now, so damn lackyy and slackky.. manz.. i juz wanna go to bed and sleep ... but i can't... i got EIGHT chapters of CMA to study wah kaoz, i'm so dead le la... but to the hell, i juz watched Gundam Seed Destiny EDITED lol... here are da screenshots!

Intro On Da Mobile SuitsDammit! He Ate My Banana!A Snapped Shinn
Finally Da Freedom!How Dare Tat Yuna Make My Cagalli-sama Cry!Ahhh!! King Kong!

Basically juz a short re-cap of what happened between ep 1-15 yep, tat's all. Oh i love ep15 lol i love tat jerk, Yuna's face when Cagalli got snatched away by Kira ... oh yeah oh yeah baby~
Ok, hmm hmm this is becoming more like a everyday anime screenshot review than a blog.. hey, wat does it matter anyways, i love it haha.. i'm doing wat i like, watching wat i like and saying uh i mean typing wat i like.
Manz, my Devilman Lady RAW manga is still downloading with 1 seed, 1 peer, speed of 1-3k/bs, god...
Lol.. raw manga, i wonder how am i gonna read it... [I can't read/write jap] The animes i watch are all fansubs yep, in english, chinese juz can't flow in my little head. I bought the Neon Genesis Evangelion VCD with Chinese subtitle and Japanese Audio, and boy, i didn't understand most of the terms, story and watever crap hahaha... maybe that's why i was so freaked up pissed off with EVA Rebirth, Death and watever. Actually i only bought two anime titles, Eva, Fushigi Yuugi and Fushigi Yuugi - Eikouden ... hahaha no money, too expensive for me, but my mangas ought to make up for it, 200+ of them wooo, all in english, most of them at S$7 and above ok mind ya... haha...
Wish i could buy VCDs and DVDs too, but moi budget don't allow me... sad.
Oh yeah, Hellsing ended on Arts Central last night, yep i bet they cut and censored quite some stuff .. sigh wat is cult anime without da GOORREE??! Anyways new anime, Kiddy Grade replaces Hellsing at 11.30pm yep, never watched it before but the art looks nice and it's 24eps woot~ Haha.. it sounds kiddy but it aint ha.
Ok, now slack around, ~~~~ ok wat did i do today, oh yeah, i SAT ON DA CHAIR LIKE A MORON FOR FOUR HOURS this morning juz to study my BLaw hahaha... and it didn't really pay off, cos i forgot the points of the darn exclusion clause... darrrrrrrrnnnnn...
Think i'm going to do it tonight too heh, after i watch 12 Kingdoms and Kiddy Grade, i'll go sleep then wake up at ... uh 5am to study my butt off. Actually i'm kinda scared that 3hrs is not enough.. manz,... 8 chapters le.. no kiddin.. damn damn damnz..
Oh.. yeah i downloaded some yuri scanlations from Lillicious today yay, it was a nice story, Expressions of Love haha cute. Abt this boob groping friend haha, looks innocent on the outside, but is a lecherous old man on da inside hahaa..
Tomorrow's anime screenshot review would probably either be School Rumble or Magister Negi Magi ... or even Prince of Tennis.
Speaking of POT, i watched till ep118 only haa.. woo Fuji is juz so darn cool, u know i'm juz wasting my time by crapping here for the time to reach 11pm lol...
ok it's around time... 2 more minutes to crap, then i'll go~
Oh, i downloaded two uh shoujo-ai AMV today, Devilman Lady's AMV yepz, woo a kiss at the end, muahahaha ... ahhh ok it's almost time cyaaa~

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Jinki : Extend - Fly Away By Unicorn Table

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