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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

CMA Test 2 ...

[Posted @ 9:47 PM]
Yeah, i was busy studying for CMA till i forgot to post yesterday ... sad. Yeah today is fine, i think can pass la.
ok timetable for today!
9am - HRM Lecture, 2 in my class went lol.
11am - CMA Tutorial, asked the tutor for tips and ask her to revise with us yep.
1pm - Went for quick lunch and went to level 6 for some peace and quiet to do CMA sales budget format again and again and again.
3pm - Did the freakin test.
4.45pm - Yay finished!

Reached home at around 5.30pm or so... dunno who cares, then played with my cousin, Jeriel.. then yeah online and do script for Pop Cul ppt.
Oh, i was juz looking through the slides of Pop Cul, did some changes, looked at the clips to be played yep.
ok cya
Time da bath

Anime Song of Da Day:
Hellsing - Shine by ??

[Signing off @ 10:11 PM]

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