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Friday, February 4, 2005

Actually CMA paper not bad la ...

[Posted @ 12:34 AM]
Ha, i was watching and screenshooting School Rumble Ep12 at around 10pm then half way through i went to bath, after that, i continued to screenshoot and watch till around 10.50pm, then i went, oh my god, i rushed to my fave sit and wait for 12 Kingdoms to show haha. Hence, i posted this entry today.
Here's School Rumble Ep12 screenshots!

Wat Time Is It? Ku Ji!Get Your Grubby Hands Off My Bento.Eri! Mikoto!
Akira! Tenma!Wat The Hell R Ya Doing To Me?!They Forgot All About Us.

Basically, juz abt them going to the beach, sparks around Nara, Tenma and Harima. Next ep will be fun too haha, when Mikoto and Imadoki swam back to shore. Hahaa, i read the manga already, so i roughly know wat's in store for me.
Oh yeah, received mail from tutor saying the whole class passed IEF YAY, am i supposed to be happy? Dunno Haha. YAY.
Kiddy Grade show aint tat bad, nice art. Downloaded some Kannazuki no Miko AMVs.. oh yeah abt KnM, i dunno whether my download can be completed by CNY week or not hahaha.. ahhh still gotta do my IEF slides for presentation on tuesday... ok wat more did i do today, oh yeah i did my CMA test, yep last one muahahahahahahahaha...
Haiz, CNY is coming but i don't feel happy at all, why?! TONS OF PROJECTS TO DO LA!... wah sianz
i think i go sleep le.. cries...

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Mai Hime - Kimi ga Sora Datta By Misato Aki

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