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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Busy day once again hahaha...

[Posted @ 10:37 PM]
Manz, i juz bathe and here i am blogging but i'm not toking anything abt anime but about my freaking FMGT project... kaoz really dammit lor hahaa.. Today my grp met for our FMGT project lor, then we were like rushing for our own parts and assigning everyone how many pages to write, then i was supposed to type like 4 whole pages and give it to my friend and combine lor, then my other friend from another grp came into the room in the library and told us to leave double line spacing.
We were like wat the freak?! We had typed the whole thing like in a single line format. The whole report thing wasn't supposed to exceed 15 pages lol, then in our single line format, we had already like 13 pages then if we still put it in double spacing i think we will get at least 25+pages hahaa.. we were like so freaked out that my friend kept like wat the freak what the freak tat no good freakin old hag ahaha he was like practically chanting like nuts while editing and cuttin out parts. We even called the teacher to confim abt the DUMB DOUBLE LINE SPACING thingy.. kaoz it was like so ugly lor, a report double line spacing???!

double line spacing is ...

like this lor ....

It's dumb right?...
anyways gotta go do my FMGT tutorial, then watch Last Exile! YAY debut tonight and watch Kiddy Grade wooo..~ then i dled quite a few animes, lol i didnt dl anything for the past few days and i still haven't even watched the ones i dled last time... then later i need to go print our FMGT report which we painshaking edited like hell. lol. man, like slept only 3-4hrs these few days, wanna die manz, tonight im gona sleep for 7hrs yay! hahaha, then friday i can sleep till 11.30am yay...k cya

Anime of Da Day:
Mai Hime - It's Only The Fairy Tale by Miyamura Yuuko, Seiyuu of Alissa Sears

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