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Sunday, February 6, 2005

Sunday blues ...

[Posted @ 9:18 PM]
I surfed around and slacked around the whole day, except for 30 minutes where i was combining my friends and my IEF presentation slides and gotta practise presenting it tomorrow.
I think my Kannazuki no Miko screenshooting days can wait till next week ba ... i'm not sure.. maybe friday... or sat.. or sun, haiz... still got BLaw and HRM projects to submit next monday! Arghh... well but here's KnM AMV screenshoots anyways haha, i didn't watch any anime today too.


Oh yeah, i love the song, here are the lyrics ;

At The End by Lio

When you're away, I'm feeling empty
I lose my mind
But when you're around, I take for granted
Most of our time

Honey you say that I'm cold
And sometimes I'm out of control
Baby, you know how I am, at the end, you're always mine

I don't mean to when I hurt you
But I need you, I can show you
Just let me be when I'm crazy,
At the end you're still my only.
At the end [x3]

Right when you're gone, I really miss you
You got my heart.
When you come back, I just wanna kiss you
And it tears you apart.
Honey do make me stay,
Believe me it's better this way.
Baby I'm true and I'm real.
I'm giving you all that I feel.

[Chorus x2]

Sweety, I'm trying my best,
To give you the most and no less.
Darling, I'm true and I'm real,
I'm giving you all that I feel.

[Chorus x2]

Credits: http://www.technomoves.com/lyrics/lio_at_the_end.html

It's techno, quite cool heh. Ah, i still gotta prepare my IEF script thingy... haiz, then later it's The Apprentice time yay!
Ok, i better go update my web, lol i promise to write out The Celestial Zone II 21/22/23/24 reviews... arghh i think i'm gona break my promise =P, noone visits my website anyways. Bleh... think i'm juz gona write TCZII 21 review, heh. Better than nothing.
Ok, oh yeah visit my web if u like it anyways, the URL's at the side <--
I added a picture of my Idol, Stefanie Sun Yan Zi above yay, she's cuteeee huh, and she's kind too, the picture above is taken when she was raising money for the tsunami victims... yep at Singapore, Bishan, Junction 8 ... i donated 10 bucks. Muahaha right in front of her hehehehehe =) and i added some Chikane X Himeko pictures too, "I Desire Your Body" wooooo, damn cool muahahahahaha... My fave shoujo-ai/yuri pairing!!!~
Ok, enough crap Cya~

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Kannazuki no Miko - Agony By Kotoko

[Signing off @ 9:31 PM]

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