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Sunday, February 27, 2005


[Posted @ 5:49 PM]
Crossing Time again, manz, i'm so slack today.
1. HRM Slides -> Gender, Age, Martial Status, Skills, Creativity and Innovation by tonight!
2. BLaw Slides -> Conclusion by tonight!

3. Meet 9am for HRM and BLaw dicussion tomorrow. And rehearse BLaw presentation.
4. Watch 8 Miles, do all tutorials [Blaw, IEF, CMA, FMGT and HRM] and jap work on Sunday. ->Transferred Below 13.
5. Come early to rehearse for BLaw Presentation on mon. Then study hrm for retest.
6. Meet for Pop Cul 1-3pm to do up the project 2 slides on 8 Miles on tues. Then study hrm for retest.
7. HRM Retest, 5-6.30pm on wed.
8. Pop Cul Presentation 2 on thurs yay.
9. Print the Pop Cul PPT slides on thurs btw. Most probably going to rehearse for HRM presentation tomorrow.
10. HRM Presentation on fri.
11. DL Bleach 1-17.
12. Watch Mai Hime 16 and 17. Watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep17 and Mai Hime Ep16 Tonight! -> Didnt watch, changed to - Watch Magister Negi Magi Ep5 and Ep6. -> Haven't DL Finish, Watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep17 Then lol.
13. Do BLaw/IEF/FMGT Tutorials TONIGHT and Jap Work. -> Transferred Below.
14. Do HRM/CMA Tutorials and watch 8 Miles and the PPTs on sun. -> Transferred Below.
15. Do BLaw Script TONIGHT -> Transferred Below.
16. Do BLaw/CMA Tutorials and BLaw Script Tonight! -> Transferred Below.
17. Print HRM notes and BLaw Script Tonight!
18. Redo dumb Hrm ppt la.
19. Watch 8 Miles and do up PPT
20. Do FMGT/HRM tutorials on thurs.
21. Do CMA Tutorial On Mon.
cya, alot of things to do.

[Signing off @ 5:54 PM]

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