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Monday, February 7, 2005


[Posted @ 10:34 PM]
Ok, tomorrow's Chinese New Year Eve! Yay, CNY=Chinese New Year.
Lol, i'm still listening to At The End ~ techno techno.. move it~ juz let me be when i'm crazy~
Here's tonight's screenshots, Clamp In Wonderland MV Yay, it's not bad la, a short 3 mins +, the song is nice yep.

Clamp In WonderlandFebruary Boy~Neko? Meow?
Karghhh! Help Us!Angels Dropping From Heaven?End. Domo.

Ok, my grp is not presenting IEF presentation tomorrow cos one of my grp mates lost her voice lol. ok private joke =P. [Hint: Use Mandarin to say lost voice]
Lol, then in my grp, ok there are three of us, two girls, one guy, then my friend kena misunderstood by the IEF tutor that she is in a relationship with the guy in my grp... and i'm the lightbulb lol....
Brb, write a note to HRM tutor.
Oh sorry back, lol i was writing how much i like TCZI/II in the TCZ forum muahahahahaha...
oh where was i, oh i was the lightbulb in the grp yeah and hahaa, then when we went up to tell the tutor abt my friend's lost of her voice, she turned to the guy and went like, "Oh my god, XXX, wat did u did to YYY?!" Lol, we were laughing so hard at her comment.. but we know they are innocent de la.. lol...
Well, it's a funny day, need to research for HRM and do up the BLaw summary of facts and i'm off to watch Utena, then deleted for more KnM lovinnngggg, i'm dling ep1-6 now muahahaha, i can't wait to rewatch them again!!! Kyaaahhh~ Hahaha..~ ok cya

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu - Sore Ga, Ai Deshou By Shimokawa Mikuni

[Signing off @ 11:30 PM]

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