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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year 2nd Day lol~

[Posted @ 10:55 PM]
Hallo, i juz bathe after i came home from my uncle's home, then ok i'm off to watch 12 Kingdoms, i can't miss it again like last night kargghh, i was like "NOOoooOOoooooooo" lol for one whole minute till my mum was pissed off and said i was nuts. ok brb!

ok backs, but i need to go do my HRM tutorials for the class tomorrow hahaha.. and i still haven't do the HRM report for my part yet and da Blaw karrghh, i was juz slacking last night! So the screenshots will be posted tomorrow instead ok, cya.

Anime Song Of Da Day:
Kiddy Grade - Mirai No Kiyoku By Yuka

[Signing off @ 12:04 AM]

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