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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Two Diff Series Eps of Screenshots! ...

[Posted @ 6:53 PM]
Whoa, first time, two different series eps of screenshots lol, too many screenshots in my folder le.. after watching Devilman Lady till Ep11... then downloaded Mai Hime till 21 ... so gotta put everything out heh ...
Ok, first up, Devilman Lady Ep4!

Kinda Sexy Hate Look.How Could You Hate Me?Yeah, I'm So Cute.
I'm Cuter.Yeah Right.Heh I'm The Cutest.

Bascially about Kazumi-chan living in with Jun and Jun's angst as usual.
Second up, Mai Hime Ep16!

Mai wa Doko?Boo.Karaoke?! *Sparking*
A Tic ...For A Tac.Heh I'm Cute.

This ep rocks, never expected it to be so twisted at the end of the ep and later in the eps ... it's like everyone is so happy, making promises to be friends and fight the orphans together later to know they have to kill each other's childs!
So, I'm gona watch Mai Hime Ep18 and Ep19 later ... heh then maybe Naruto Ep124? I'm downloading Ep125 now. Let's see, ok i changed my mind about dropping Jinki : Extend lol, cos the series only 13eps ... and i'm already up to Ep6 ... so why not, so i'm downloading Ep7/8/9 now heh. As well as Devilman Lady Ep12-15 ... Yay ...
Talking about Mai Hime .. oh yeah Shizuru rocks lol. Ok, gonna have dinner .. then bath! So, cya.

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