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Friday, March 25, 2005

Mai HiME Ep 18 ~ ...

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Ahhhhh! It's Mai Hime Ep 18 today!

Bubbly Mai.Awww... Mikoto On Mai's Lap.What? My Pizza's Here?
There's ... Pineapple In It ...BURN! Chucky In The Making!Gone With Nao's Right Eye.

Kayyyyaaahhh!~ It's friday night!!! And you know what? It means Mai Hime's Raw is out! LoL. Actually it was like out 20hrs+ ago ... i read the spoilers of Ep25 ... well my assumption of the ending of Shizuru X Natsuki is right, double K.O lol.
That's all i have to say. Argh it's already a BIGGGG spoiler le lol.
Ok talking abt Mai Hime ep18, ehhh i guess there's really nothing much ... basically Mai and Mikoto are still friends ... with Mai still upset that her brother's gay [oops did i said that? *cancel* LoL] Mai still upset that her brother thinks she's a burden ... The plot deepens as the Himes starts to attack each other starting with Yukariko's [Nun/Sister] screams and her lying on the ground claiming she got attacked by Nao. Natsuki pissed off, rushed to locate Nao. Natsuki attacked Nao, Nao attacked back. Julia [Nao's child] got summoned out, Dhuran [Natsuki's child] got summoned out, both attack each other. [Wat the LoL] So they fight, then Mai comes along and tried to stop them. Dhuran suddenly shot one of Julia's legs and one of the pieces hit Nao's right eye, hence the last screenshot above. [Ouch] Nao swears revenge and so the Nao and Natsuki hate-hate battle begins. End. LoL i watched this ep like a week ago. So, i hope it's right, it should be. Heh, i have gooooooood memory. [yeah right.]
Hmmm, let's see, i slacked around today too, reading Mai Hime ep25 spoilers lol. Currently downloading Yesy's version of Mai Hime although i preferred Static's version ... but i can't waitttttttttt! I wanna see the ... sad sad scene ... double K.O ... argh. whhyyyy whyyyy!
Ok that's all.
Let's move on to what i did today again. Ok, nothing lol aiya i didn't study, i got no mood, i'm like in a hoollliiidddaayyy mood! I wannna go play! I wannna sleep! I wannnaaa play! play play play! Ok, i gotta study tomorrow ... which i DOUBT i would. dammit. Oh yeah, i read Love for Venus and Slam Dunk this afternoon. It was nice yep. Saving Tsubasa and Fruits Basket later. I still gotta watch Devilman Lady! I haven't screenshot ep23 lol. Argh. Yay, i downloaded a yuri scanlation from otenba today, it's called uh Shoujo-Sect, it's weird, i don't quite understand the relationships around them. Who cares lol. I'll know sooner or later anyways. Ahhh and yes! I downloaded Shinjo Mayu's Lavish Love Strip from ShoujoMagic. A continuation from Pure Love Strip and Doting Love Strip!!! Kayyaahh it was nice, sweet and hahaha damn funny. ShoujoMagic provided alot of nice Love Celeb Special pics in it ... wanna know it? Go grab it la lol. If you want can add me at MSN, i can send it to you heh.
LoL, sorry i went to on my MiRC to download Itadakimasu ch10! Yay. LoL, the art's nice, good humour + bishiieees lol.
Ah, let's see ok, nothing more cya lol.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Devilman lady - Rebirth by Megami Tensei

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