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Saturday, March 26, 2005

School Rumble Ep15 ~

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Here's my timetable as usual;
1. Financial Management, 24 Mar, 9-11am, Sports Hall, Seat No 221
2. International Economics And Finance, 29 Mar, 2-4pm, Convention Centre, Seat No 651
3. Business Law, 30 Mar, 2-4pm, Blk 72, Seat No 248
4. Human Resource Management, 31 Mar, Sports Hall, Seat No 219
5. Cost & Managerial Accounting, 1 Apr, Blk 72, Seat No 334

Here's School Rumble Ep15's screenshots!

Eri's Way Of Showing Jealousy.10. 10. 10.Sexy.

Ok, basically School Rumble ep15 is about clearing well.. kinda cleared Mikoto and Eri's misunderstanding lol. Actually not really la, but they become friends again lor. Mikoto's crush already had a girlfriend ... so Mikoto's kinda sad then Eri also kinda confused with her feelings ... kinda comforted Mikoto ... kinda lol then Tenma and company came, and watched fireworks together yay.
Juz now we went out to have dinner then went to NTUC Fairprice for a little shopping so as to prepare for the battle tomorrow lol. Mum's gonna cook her famous prawn mee tomorrow for over twenty people ba, not including own members. That means hmmm kinda like thirty over people lor hahaha... Can go open shop le haha.
Argh, juz now my bro was asking me abt his sec2 maths homework... some algebra thingy.. i was like what the hell ... all i see was m+n n+m .. square? half? huh what the hell? lol My maths is going from bad to worse to hopeless. Who cares. I dun even know my eight times table! Hahahaha ... I really wonder how did i passed my maths in Os ... i was like failing my maths or C6 in my sec4 days ... and voila.. Os, i passed with C5 whoa even higher than my history... i was like. What the hell?! lol. Now my train of thought is gone ... ehhh i forgot what i wanna say juz now. Oh mum's famous prawn mee ... hahaha the best is in the soup itself ... there's a secret fomulae to it... i know but i dunno how to make it lol. I juz see my mum make it then add to the soup and blah. I was like hm hm good work hm hm, ok off to watch tv. LoL. Yeah i love to drink the soup, it's sweet and smells great, when you drink you can't stop lol i can drink 3-4 bowls at once lor then my mum will like, "How many bowls have you drunk?" "Uh. Let's see ..." "Enough la! Leave some for others!" "Ok *sneaky* scoop another bowl plz*" lol
~Come Here~ Lalala LoL i'm listening to Mai Hime's Vol1 OST -Ensei ... very nice.
Whoa im off to download Mai Hime Vol2 OST lol, tons of nice background songs in it! Kajiura Yuki is a great composer... Heh.
Hey, yes i juz remembered! I didn't study too either! LOL wat the hell, i doubt i could study tomorrow cos so many people are coming ... *Hides lappy in study rooms* Muahahaha... ok gtg cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Mai Hime Vol1 OST - Ensei by Kajiura Yuki

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PS: LoL I spent one hr typing these much words? LoL nope, i was switching my attention around, clicking here and there i got like 10 active windows in my lappy. LoL. Reading forum postings. Yep.

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