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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny Ep19 ...

[Posted @ 11:20 PM]
Whoa, today is really "Watch DVD/VCD" day hahaha ... i watched Son of the Mask DVD, Meet the Fockers VCD and The Twins Effect I/II this afternoon, almost puked lol. After this will be watch anime night ... oh yeah i juz watched Gundam Seed Destiny Ep20 ... it's juz a little recap of what happened in Gundam Seed then abit of Shinn angst ... here and there, whoa next preview looks great lol Shinn and Stellar action finally -.-||| ... do Shinn really deserve Stellar? I wonder so myself .... and besides GSD is licensed lol ... *I might dl it....* I didn't screenshot Ep20 cos it's juz recap, it's boring so here's tonight's screenshots anyways, Gundam Seed Destiny Ep19 ... aha

LOL I Laughed When I Saw This.Cute 1.Cute 2.
Cute 3.Group Shot.Cute Couple.

Basically, lol this ep is juz about the start of the war of eyeing for Athrun's attention
between the sisters ... Lunamaria Hawke and Meyrin Hawke, then later Lunamaria and the "fake" Lacus Clyne heh heh, cat fight .. meoowwww~ lol
Ok offta watch Devilman Lady Ep7-11 ... and School Rumble and Tsukuyomi!~ heh cya

Anime Song of Da Day:
Gundam Seed - Anna ni Isshodattanoni by See-Saw

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